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Wat doen ons as hulle ons vuurwapens wil afneem?

Concerning your question to me whether it’s wise to obey the law if they would decide to enact and enforce the the firearms control and expropriation act It’s actually very simple answer to give in a country like ours where we have about 20,000 murders a year We also have to live with thousands of the most violent farm murders since 1994 Additionally we have this extreme polarization, where we are described as “colonialists” As… excuse me… described as “colonialists” & “immigrants” as “settlers” by senior politicians it’s… we can not give our firearms up… there is no way we can not Suidlanders have always maintained law abidance, and we always will but when the government, in reality or de facto the ANC puts a law into place that is against the constitution, because the constitution determines that you are allowed to defend yourself & that you’re not supposed to be called a settler, a colonialist, or to be told by senior governmental leadership that “We won’t kill you at least for now.” I can quote endless ministers and even presidents the past 5 to 10 years… So, it would very simply be foolishness to give your firearm up… and the government needs to be careful it could be the first time that Suidlanders on the basis of the constitution on the basis of international law, to defend your life and on the grounds of all the evidence we have, that all these “bad guys”, because that’s what they are, a person that wants to call you a cockroach, as was the case in Rwanda and so I can give many more examples in the world where people were called these names, and after that – genocides happened. and that is what is happening in this country, crime, semi – “cleansing” all that said, there is no way that we can hand in any firearms and this can come to a point where we say: “We won’t” Here we’ve drawn the line we don’t want to be in conflict with anyone we don’t want to fight with anyone we want to defend ourselves… & if they want to take away that right from us in the future, then it could mean that the Suidlanders would for the first time say: “WE WILL NOT” “We will not.” Even if I stood alone. Even if I get thrown in prison alone I’ve been there, I’ll go again if I have to because we have to stand up for our next generation, or there won’t be one. and the whole Suidlander Emergency plan is according international law, international rights to defend yourself, in the face of violence during a “cleansing” and we put ourselves on the sideline out of this situation, we’re not a party to the conflict but we need to defend ourselves and for that, we need our legal, licenced firearms to be able to defend ourselves That’s number one, Number two: Try and show me a Suidlander, that has commited a murder in the last 20 years or a Suidlander that commited assualt so with such a clean record for the last 20 years now you want to take that group’s only medium of self defence away un-constitutionally against international law There is no way end of story, the line is drawn

75 thoughts on “Wat doen ons as hulle ons vuurwapens wil afneem?

  1. Never give up your guns! If you going to hand your guns to the ANC, you might just as well shoot yourself in the head as you doing it..

  2. Agreed, we will never surrender our weapons to a criminal ANC government who are creating the lawless society in SA, they are declaring war on law abiding citizens when they want to disarm us, we should answer appropriately when they do that….

  3. South Africa has become another Zimbabwe Like the rest of Africa The only thing Black leaders have done is give the world REFUGEES Which of course the white nations of the world have to care for.I say Fiik them Let the Suidlanders stay firm ONS VIR JOU SUID AFRIKA

  4. As a German I an even understand your language to a degree. I feel so connected to your plight. I hope you guys pull through!

  5. So "roep" die "Stem" van Suid Afrika, en in n ander land…teen PRESIES dieselfde aanslag…"second amendment" PASSOP!!! vir die linkse slingstes…

  6. Wees blij dat de regering inziet dat die 92 % van de bevolking te veel wapens heeft en dat ze erkennen dat die 99,9 % van het geweld veroorzaken Daarom zullen ze ook zeker niet bij de blanken komen controleren . Geen angst houd je verstand erbij wat je doet en zegt dus.

  7. We fight my friends we fight. At bloodriver we didn't have to ask any son of bitch's permission…..To defend themselves… And defend themselves they did good… A life a is never negotiable… Never may heaven and hell forbid… The bible says, U'll be known or judged by your actions… Look at the whole of Africa. They have a abominable record for the Reverence to life. I am at time fond of quoting my mother….She was a real Angel…She suffered much.. But being very nieve or innocent. She'd say, 'n ander mense se genade is 'n Hellse genade.' Why I am quiting this to-day. The Western nations England, France, Australia, New Zealand etc…. Are all willing to play us rugby etc. While our family and Friends back home are being butchered left, right and center.! No body turns a hair… No body will come to our aid… Especially now in the hour of need… But, what really pisses me off…Is during the 2nd World War…. We gave our husbands, sons, daughters. To fight the cause….And we did pretty well in North Africa And in Italy… Even Jannie Smuts said so. Give me a band of South Africa soldiers as the are formidable force to be reckon with…any where in the World… Now the West, Europeans especially turn their backs on us… There is no such thing as Human Rights…Democracy… doesn't work in reality… No body cares a fuck… Shame on You World, shame on you… But we were good enough at that time to fight your Ist and Second World Wars… Sick indeed…😱

  8. We should not be prepared to surrender our weapons to " ANY GOVERNMENT " , even if they can 100 % guarantee the citizens are safe from violence , murder , robberies , attacks etc etc. We own firearms for various reasons besides self protection and all those reasons are valid and sacred to us culturally and historically. When any government starts dictating to its citizens those citizens have lost their freedom.

  9. Amen. If we all stand together and resist this, then there will be nothing they can do about it. I would rather die with my rifle in my hand defending myself, family and my property than be hacked up by a machete and become an African statistic.

  10. "Daar is nie n manier nie ,die lyn is getrek" . Dis hoe n man moet praat . Hierdie klomp bees neuse het ons nou genoeg rondgejaag tyd dat hulle op hulle plek gesit word en dat ons ophou toelaat dat hulle oor ons loop.

  11. This is why the framers of the American constitution put in the second amendment.
    Look at what happened in the USSR, Cambodia, Venezuela etc.

  12. The situation you folks in South Africa are in now is the situation that we here in the States will be in come the 2040s or 2050s. God be with you all.

  13. A message every South African across the spectrum should listen to…….this is why and what is happening and what will happen soon.

  14. You are one hundred percent right they are going to push and push us once too much and then there will be turmoil

  15. Mense moet baie mooi dink waarom will die regering mense ontwapen wat nie i bedreiging vir hulle is nie? en dit juis wanner die onteinings wet amper deurgevoer is dink mooi.

  16. The law handed down from God gives the right to effectively defend your life. The law of God supersedes laws of man. God instructed the Isralites to take weapons during the exodus. Why? Because he knew they were going to need them.

  17. The Irish buried their firearms in PVC pipes after coating heavy with oil and wrapped them in plastic. The English couldn't find them in that small area so ….

  18. Goeie vertoning van leierskap. Voorspoed aan die Suidlander leiers wat altyd eers hul howe buig voor Hom voordat hulle die uitdagings van SA aanpak.

  19. This is what will happen, they stole/bankrupted the country knowing full well the West would not hand them a lifeline. Then they will tap the pension funds & while doing this, they begin quickly to disarm us. Then when the pension funds collapse, Rand has no value, then they come for your possessions – not the farms, YOUR LAND – your house, your possessions, car etc etc – Fight even if your backs are against the wall! Unite, wake up, make a plan – stand together.

  20. As Cele wil wapens afneem, kan hy begin by die stapels wat die EFF insmokkel via Botswana en Mozambiek. Dit word vervoer in water tenks om nie agterdog te skep nie, oorgelaai i weermag trokke en versprei met taxi's na alle dorpe. Ons wittes is ver van dom, die groot dag kom nader, ek dink baie sien uit daarna

  21. Stem saam 100 percent. Thank you Gustav. Appreciate the wise words. There is no going back once you give up your legal firearms. Most whites don't own firearms in SA as it stands currently. What will happen then, if even less, own firearms?

  22. "No formality just truth" says: You will comply pure and simple or else..

    My response:

    And then what do you intend to do? Slaughter us? But armed we are and this will not be another Mau Mau in Africa fiasco, or the Rwandan slaughter. We are ready for you. Now go play in your sandpit and let the adults talk.

  23. Proud to be a member of Suidlanders. The killers of my uncle on his farm and the killers of my best friend in Alice (Fort Hare University) all have one thing in common with our Minister of Police. We, unlike you are peace loving, but the time will come when you push us too far.

  24. My vraag sal wees, op watter oomblik van tyd sal die Egte Boer en Suidlanders dan wel optree, en tot n optrede oorgaan, en watter optrede sal eerste volg. Want daars baie optree metodes. Die video is klaar een. Die werklike optrede wat die Bal aan die rol sit om fisiek te oorlewe. Dit is die ware oomblik. Dit mag dalk te laat kom vir honderde van ons as Egte Boere Volk.

  25. Daai reg gaan weggeneem word. Die BOER gaan heel gestroop word. Gaan niks he nie, nie grond nie, nie n huis nie, nie n kar nie, nie n gesin nie, nie n kerk nie, nie n skool nie, nie n kultuur nie. Dan kom die nuwe Mausers. Dan wanneer ons fokkol het, net die Mausers sal ons ons grong terug vat tot Suid van Soedan. No questions ask, no mercy given, just as simple as that. Ons sal al the opgehoopte [email protected] dan ontlaai en ons sal nie ophou tot dit klaar is nie. Daarna sal jy 3 dae te perd moet ry om n verskaffers van moeilikheid te sien. Hulle gaan heel met die BANVLOEK geslaan word. Siener van Rensburg.

  26. That's why the American Constitution has the 2nd Amendment – The Right to bear arms – against government tyranny.

  27. When the Law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know your nation is DOOMED.

  28. Absolutely correct 1000%.
    No matter what do not give in any firearm no matter how they change the law to their favour. If you have a firearm no doubt you acquired it legally.
    Criminals will never give in their firearms so why should we who have acquired them legally in the first place. Anyone in the world has a legal right to defend oneself by lethal retaliation if lethal force is used in the first place against you.
    We must never no matter what hand in or give up our rights for defence or freedom to defend. Never ever.

  29. They are trying to dispossess us of firearms then the land expropriation so we cant defend ourselves.
    If they come to take my property they will have to break my door down. And if that happens I will do an Oscar on the door.

  30. They will disarm you, close down the Settlers Gun license shops and confiscate all these materials for there own use. The strategy is to hand in your weapon/s that will make you weak and vulnerable for a quick wipe out and full control of lives. There is three vey important pieces in a Boer's life and history that you never ever give up and fight for:
    01) Your Bible…. 02) Your Family……03) Your gun.
    They will not destroy these guns but distribute these items amongs the criminals to reach their goals as per their manifest. The so called weapons that they show for destroying to the public is old damaged weapons from the Military, SAPS, EMPD, Security and old weapons that come across the borders which were confiscated. Is any citizens ever present to identify his firearm and ensure it gets destroyed "No" I don't thinks so.
    Your own weapon will be used against you should you hand it in. It is my right as a citizen to protect myself and my family and our posessions.

  31. I don't have a lot of money since we are basically living on Social Security after my husband's pension fund was stolen, but we do send a bit along every month. For those of you who would like to send a money order, here is the address for Suidlanders in the US: Wells Fargo Bank, Great Falls East, 2215 10th Ave. S, Great Falls MT 59405. Money orders should be made out to Suidlanders US. I don't know if you want me to post your account number here, so I'll wait before doing so.

  32. As an American who strongly values peace and freedom, I encourage you South Africans to keep and maintain your firearms for the defense of yourselves and your families. I follow the happenings in South Africa daily. My son is a dual US and SA citizen. I have lived in Port Elizabeth and loved your country, the people and the food and cultures. If war breaks out and it appears inevitable, I will stand with you in your fight for liberation. You MUST standup for yourselves and band together when the time comes. Our mighty special forces and military can assist however you must stand up as well.

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