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Warcraft Movie Props, Weapons, and Armor!

hey everybody norm from tested here and
once again we’re welcoming Matt from prop store in our studio Matt how you
doing good good how are you know doing really well now while ago last year you
guys had this incredible option from the movie Warcraft mm-hmm this is a Duncan
Jones film yes and obviously based on World of Warcraft been the online
role-playing game forever kind of like the one that started it’s all in a big
way but then the the stuff from the movie is just kind of unreal when you
when you look at it in person so it was so like this is the armor that Adam put
on yes in that first video and it wasn’t just armor it was weapons hand prom yup
set decoration pieces even all the armor pieces down to the underpinnings all
that very accurate but still very armor especially really comfortable more
mobile and lightweight than you would and you know an actual suit of armor
they made it usable you know most of this stuff’s very cool beautiful stuff
that did really well I was following the auction along and you had lots of like a
dozen spear yeah and sword ride yeah we’ve got some more of that stuff coming
out at big groups of how birds and racks on those and stuff like that it’s really
like if you wanted to you could recreate storm wind in here in your man cave well
that’s the thing we’re talking about today because there is this new auction
going on right now yes right now from July 1st to July 12th so anybody
interested take a look and we want to talk about some of these pieces because
it’s amazing that you brought this up to our studio let’s let’s start off with
the orc here happily the orc of the film was there were four CG yes you of course
a Paul Patton played the half-orc a human character but what is something
like this useful so this was just an on-set reference now it kinda sounds
crazy somebody came in before I thought it was a mask you know cuz it’s painted
up and ready to go but literally there’s there’s handles on
the back of it here even if you look it was brought on set to get lighting
references for what the actual skin would be and then used later on for the
CG artists to make the characters that is silicone right yeah this yeah must
have been so must have either sculpted by hand or digitally sculpt
they must have made a mold cast it in silicone you have actual hair punching
not a lot of actual physical work yep and paint it up so beautifully too you
know amazingly painted it’s actually the same kind of thought behind the big orc
weapons like the axe here to which we’ve got a lot of axes and and stuff like
that but the idea would be that no actors really use this on set if it’s on
set reference lighting reference and then redone later you see in the auction
we have some big like foam versions of swords and stuff oh yeah big al are
pretty type things that’s what they used on set but this is definitely you know
bring the world to life here with this type of thing I know what do all the
costumes and armor get for this and I remember visiting them a couple years
ago and they did some work on like thor ragnarok and they made like hopes you
know helmet and his big big hammer and that was also for CG reference because
the digital artists would then recreate that and of course that’s what they’re
doing here it also most very fun to make – yeah you know like you want to be on
this movie and make this big giant axon with it you know Wow okay physical
reference things that were on set yep but things are also in set set
decoration and yes you have a tapestry here yeah actually this tablecloth is
tapestry from the throne room from King lanes throne room which has the the lion
logo on it which you’ll see that as a theme throughout a lot of this stuff a
lot of the humans stop with the lion logo and then from the from the war room
kind of not this map necessarily but there was a lot of maps in the movie and
this is of course Azeroth here and they have the little like war room figurines
to set up where all the armies and forces are going to be going to I
remember the scene right there they’re planning their big confrontation you
have almost like the hex you know they got to go back to the RTS origins of
Warcraft and they had these figurines on the table planning out their battles but
even stuff like this I’m trying to see you know yeah okay I can see it was
originally maybe a design computer yeah but then hand-painted and very beautiful
but just kind of goes to the the theme of the movie where everything had to be
made you know you’ve been down too late they couldn’t just get like a little
figure with a knight it had to be accurate like that is the this is the
costume that’s standing right behind you yeah that’s absolutely right very cool
and even the edges of this map here oh yeah the ring
i staged up and modeled nice parchment paper to begin with and then just print
it really really nicely super cool when they went into battle of course more
weapons on human side you have something that you know it’s a fantasy films had
they had their boomstick yes and cannon this is Lothar’s boomstick from the film
you can actually see a little dwarf symbol over here so the dwarfs made all
the weaponry same with you’ve got a boomstick I got the hand cannon don’t be
jealous but a little bit bigger over here
now what’s super interesting to me these are both stunning yes some props so this
is a foam casting I can see the seam line down here seemingly solid yeah very
solid it’s you know good weight yeah – but it’s not gonna hurt you if it’s
bangs against someone this is hand painted so you see it all this detail
here like they’re probably stencils that went on and then some type of painting
some sort of cover over right and then what’s interesting here
and it look close this almost looks like a vinyl application here oh you’re right
it’s a good there’s a little bit of relief little straight to it yeah yeah
and so they controlled different applications to get that detail but when
you’re reading at this distance when what you’re reviewing it reads like red
gold unstoppable that’s so cool and this also goes with that yes that goes with
the Lothar’s hand boom stick over there fulfilled exactly awesome and getting a
look at the foam props here this is a great opportunity talk about the
progression of just different materials used for four problems yes yes and
that’s what you’ve brought these three swords totally exemplified in these
swords exactly so I’ve got we’ve got foam we’ve got usable you know foam
sword anytime you see people running into battle and movies wielding big
swords like this it’s this somewhat safe Ian oh-ho I mean I’ve heard stories that
onset sometimes the the stunt props the phone props or what causes the most
scuffs in and maybe by injuries on set because people just like to swing the
stuff around and you want to play with it especially if you’re wearing this
thing exactly you know like I get that but so these are even like even on
camera they look pretty good they look very real and the super angers out yeah
because I can compare this to what you have down the line here yes
this looks like it’s real matter right this is King lanes stunt sword so it
looks really good you know it goes along with this shield over here but these are
both resin these are both painted up beautifully you know oh yeah okay I feel
it’s urethane yep and yeah it is a testament to the paint
job the paint application here because whatever one is doing to make this resin
look super shiny that reflective shine yeah this this is Wow and it holds up
and it’s weather in a way so it’s shiny but looks like it’s seen action –
exactly exactly it’s not his first battle you know and same with the lion
the sculpt here so beautiful yeah all the tiny etchings in here
tiny inscriptions you got a jewel in here that is a beautiful sculpt and even
the handle Wow yeah yeah the top here almost have the
crown effect you know for the King and all that that is incredible oh gosh it
looks like a ruler sword here now and even though it’s still technically a
stunt sword it has has a good have some heft yeah yeah some heft to it all the
heft is in the third story okay this okay whoa yeah what’s this so this was used for the
Knights and movie but this is one of the steel swords that they made they made a
steel version of all the different swords in the movie we sold like King
lanes and Lothar’s last time but this is in this auction now it’s just like you
can tell the difference right this is holding it if you’re not prepared for it
you can’t even pick it up sometimes I mean this must have come out of Peter
Lyons workshop and I know even carved out here to reduce some of the white
it’s still so yeah ft and again with the details with the filigree with all the
different symbols going yeah blade here and of course leading into the lion and
similar handle up there too and and this is like really a characteristic of the
aesthetic style that was chosen for the film yes right like what a made swords
for they made sorts or a bunch of films or fantasy films historical films the
Rings laurel rings of course but the sorcerer laura larae are very different
than the swords for war crafts but whether this
cereal is so different too you know we’re coming from World of Warcraft
which has a very cartoony look to it you got big giant van braces and all this
stuff and how do you translate that that card to meanness into a more real world
feel and I think they captured it kind of throughout even with the design of
the orcs to their weapons down to down to the more human more recognizable
stuff you can tell that it’s it’s just a bit heightened you know oh I mean just
having this on our studio table right here feels a little bit like set
decorating yeah that is so cool Matt thank you so much for bringing this
stuff in so every piece here isn’t part of the auction everything is a part of
the auction which is going till July 12th so please log in and bid and check
out the rest of it we’ve got over 400 Lots from Warcraft in there and all
original like this all built for the movie and like I said it was
unfathomable the number of pieces yeah made for the film so even though you
know there might not be a ton of you know these or characters just one of
these they’re ton of swords ton of spear if you’re a fan we hope that you can get
something you know whether it’s gonna be a steel sword or down to the foam swords
yeah and who knows if they’ll make another warcraft movie anytime soon so
this might be your only chance get a piece of Azeroth you

100 thoughts on “Warcraft Movie Props, Weapons, and Armor!

  1. I hope there will be a second one. The first one made huge profits (counting the international box-office too)

  2. I guess this confirms that they're not making a Warcraft 2 movie and trying to recoup more money by selling off props

  3. Dude why couldn’t u guys do this for Power Rangers? Those costumes were all next level and made by ur friends WETA

  4. I love Norm. He's a smart awesome guy, but he always makes assumptions and acts like he is the expert or interrupts and doesn't let the actual expert talk.

  5. Warcraft was a huge franchise before WoW released. Warcraft 3 had the title of the fastest selling game of all time when it released and sold 4.4 million copies. Yes WoW did grow to 12 million players, but that was only like 7 years ago now. Warcraft 2 is the game that made Warcraft a hit.

  6. Norm.. I know you are excited and I am too. Please let the guest talk and don't interrupt him all the time. Watching this made me really uncomfortable.

  7. I got 3 of the lions head Halberds mounted on my wall right now. I only wanted 2 of them but the Warcraft auction was my first ever auction I participated in. So I bid on 3 of the Halberds thinking someone would outbid me on one of them and I would at least get 2. Well surprise I won 3…….well at least they all look really nice ;p

  8. Thanks, Norm, but in the future could you get The Prop Store to come up a few weeks BEFORE an auction starts, in order to give us time to get an auction catalog and save up for the auctions? It would be nice to be able to plan in advance. In the middle of the auction, we are stuck with a credit card balance and online pictures.

  9. Is it just me or is anyone else bothered by the fact that this guy seems to think Wow is the extent of warcraft? I have a problem with collectors who don't even know or understand why something they are holding has value and I believe it's what separates someone like Adam Savage and these guys.

  10. Based on the fact that they are selling the props, does that mean that a sequel to Warcraft is out of the question now?

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  12. I'm really gonna miss watching this channel, Adam is my hero, I've been watching him since I was a kid, I'm gonna miss him. I'm having some really bad money troubles right now and will probably be homeless by the end of the month.

  13. I miss playing WoW. I only play for a very short period of time but it was one of the best experiences I've had.

  14. Thank you so much for the opportunity to see that wonderful workmanship. I know the folks that win the auctions will be overwhelmed when they see them up close.

  15. I love this movie. Too bad we won't see a sequel 😕. I'll just drown my sorrows in Warcraft 2, now on gog 😉.

  16. before you get too excited about the props they are auctioning…check shipping rates….400$ for a small keg and 2 mugs…yeah, sure.

  17. Amazing stuff in the auction. I was really interested in purchasing something for myself.
    shame they take the complete piss with shipping. 200 dollars for a shield and 500 dollars shipping it is just a complete joke

  18. I watched Warcraft for shits and giggles the other night and have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the movie and will watch again for sure. The CG artists put a ton of work in to little things like muscle twitches, tiny facial expressions and eye movements, gave the orcs serious weight. I dare say it looks better put together and better visually than many of the big title movies. The blending of real actors/elements and CG was flawless as far as I saw on my first viewing.

  19. Merchandising is killing games. Slowly. That's a fact! How many of you would trade your toys, books and any of that stuff for game content and replayability?

  20. Please stop with the 24fps recordings, it is not benificial for showing of detail while moving the object or camera.

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