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WANTED Long Range Sniper Bullet Build Plan

So for my next project I’m going to be tackling
the long range sniper bullet from the WANTED movie. So I thought I would let you guys in
on the method I used to reference the information I need to work out this sort of project. Giving
you a greater insight on how I break down the project and work out what the scale of
it should be and how many individual parts I need to break in down into to get it back
to the finish piece. Thankfully there are 2 sequences in the film that provide really
good reference material. In both sequences the bullets are done with a CGI effect, which
can be a little bit tricky at times because Hollywood likes to slip in little bits of
something from nothing type elements. There is a little bit of that going on with the
bullet sequence, it does appear for the most part that the elements of the bullet will
all fit together which hopefully means I should be able to create a practical piece that does
justice to the one seen in the film. The most complicated element of it seems to be the
tip part of the bullet but by breaking it down into it’s separate components I am pretty
sure that I’ll be able to reassemble it back into one piece. Working out the surface detail
should be fairly easy as the movie sequence allows for a 360 degree view, as far as working
out the scale dimensions, thankfully there is a scene in the film where the bullet passes
through a drink can and knowing the dimensions of the can I can allow for a little bit of
image blurr on the bullet and going frame by frame I can work out that the bullet in
it’s current configuration is about 6.5cm long and using those measurements I can work
out the diametre and over all length once it is fully assembled. From there I have my
reference pictures and dimensions I need and it’s just a matter of starting to work on
it. In the next video I will be starting up the casting process for the individual components
and hopefully because it is a relatively small piece it should come together fairly quickly.Anyway
that’s what I’ve been doing lately, hope you like it, talk to you next time.

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