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Walther PPQ Q5 Match – Review and Testing

Hey everybody, it’s Mister Guns. We’re here to check out the Walther PPQ Q5
Match. Let’s see what’s in the box. “Merica! So you get the nice hard case. That’s always cool to kind of get a little
extra with the gun. When you open it up, it’s got this really
nice cut foam that fits the gun itself. You get the obligatory federal law ATF lock
that comes with it. You get the keys, of course, to get it open. Then you have all the little tools to deal
with the RMR bases and that kind of thing. You do have 3 RMR bases that come with this. There’s one for a Trijicon, there’s one for
a Docter, I think that’s how you say that, and then there’s one with the Leupold Deltapoint. It also comes with two nice backs and there’s
of course one on the gun itself. This will help you change the way that the
gun feels in your hand, depending on if you have big hands or small hands, or you just
want it to feel a bit different. It does come with three magazines. One comes mounted in the gun, and then you
have the two extras. Also, it comes with a nice speed loader. These things are handier than you may think. And then last, there is the manual of course. So that’s what comes in the box. It’s a pretty solid kit, comes with a lot
of stuff. So let’s take a look at the gun itself. First, obviously, we’re going to clear it
so that we can be safe and not feed the internet trolls. So the first thing about this gun that’s obvious
is it’s a little bit longer than some of the others. They call it a match gun, it’s supposed to
be a little more accurate, it has a 5” barrel on it. That’s gonna help you with that accuracy. So it’s for people that really care about
a good accurate pistol and that may try to be competitive with it. If you look, the slide itself has got some
serrations cut out in it that go through and you can see to the barrel. The barrel is not ported or anything like
that, but it’s just there to look cool and I think also you might say it takes a little
bit of weight out of the slide. You have your fiber optic sight in the front,
you have your adjustable sight in the rear. And it has a long sight radius. That allows you to help a little bit with
accuracy as well because the length of the gun allows you to keep it a little bit straighter. Last, there’s an RMR cut and that allows us
to put different RMR sights in there using the different bases like we talked about in
the what’s in the box video. The lower part of the gun has a lot of features
as well. We have ambidextrous slide releases on both
sides so that we have left and right control of it for the lefties and the right handed
shooters. We have the ambi mag release is actually reversible
to go on either side. The back straps are replaceable which is pretty
cool. That will allow you to fatten it or make it
smaller. The grip is a really nice feature of the gun. It has real good ergonomics on it and feels
really great in your hand. Additionally, there’s this cool trigger; they
make it blue. It’s 5.6 pounds but it certainly doesn’t feel
like that. So obviously this gun is all about accuracy. So the first thing we do with it is I’m just
gonna run it through the Texas concealed handgun license course or now it’s called license
to carry. They require you to shoot at 3, 7, and 15
yards. We’re not gonna run the full 50 round course,
but I will work at those distances just to see sort of a practical application of how
it’s done and supposedly that’s supposed to replicate defensive distances. So, if we go that route, it will at least
give us an idea of kind of how it performs in general. So we’re shooting at 3 yards. All right, so now we are at seven yards, which
is about 21 feet. So now we’re out at 15 yards, which is about
45 feet. That’s always a long shot for a pistol. It’s a little bit tough. The first couple sets were really accurate. It tore the bulls eye up with the first ones. The next ones, I shot at the 9 in the 9 ring. That was really accurate as well. So now I’m gonna move up to the 7 and we’re
gonna see what happens there. So I’m not the best shooter in the world,
but I do believe that it did pretty well. It’s kinda hard to see at that distance so
we’ll see how it turned out. So you can see this was the first set. Now granted this was pretty close, but it’s
basically one big ragged hole. It’s a really clean shooting gun, especially
at those distances. The second set is up here around the 9. It looks like, I don’t know if it was me or
the gun, probably me that it was shooting kind of high and to the right. They did group really well. I pulled one down around the 9 so I’m not
really sure exactly what caused that other than probably me as the shooter. As we move up, I was aiming for the 7. At that distance, it’s kind of hard to get
your sight exactly on what you want to shoot at so you can only get relatively close. Again, I’m not the best shooter in the world,
but I would say at 15 yards, which is a really long shot for a handgun in every case. Keeping it inside of a hand basically is a
pretty good deal for a gun. So let’s make sure she’s clear. No magazine, the chamber is open, no round. So all in all, I was really happy with the
Q5 match. It shot really well, the trigger was really
nice, it was really smooth and had a nice wall. It wasn’t gummy or muddy and hard to shoot. The grip was great. I like the sights, I like the nice bright
sight in the front. I usually like a little bit smaller sight,
but that’s a small complaint to make. All in all, it was really good. I think the gun as a whole. I like it, I wouldn’t mind owning one myself
so you may want to check one out too. Hey guys, it’s Mister Guns. Thanks for watching our video. If you thought it was cool, go ahead and like
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26 thoughts on “Walther PPQ Q5 Match – Review and Testing

  1. Like my PPQ 5. In fact I used it to qualify with for my LTC here in Texas. I should have broken it in more before the class I had a couple of malfunctions in the qualification run. I still shot a 232 out of 250 in spite of that. It has a really nice trigger! Now you need to do a review on a CZ P10C.

  2. My wife just recently used you guys to transfer a lower for ar pistol build I'm helping her with. Her first gun. You guys were great in the shop, super nice and helpful. She normally hates guns stores. The guys usually working at typical gun places intimidate her I guess. So keep up the friendly service. Anyway, I'm in the market for one of these walthers. Do you guys have any available?

  3. Have the ppqm2 4”, the 5” and the Q5 match. Absolutely excellent handguns. I shot the exact equivalent of the 300 round FBI qualifying course with the 5” new out of box. You have to score a 70 to become an agent, an 80 to qualify as a fbi firearm instructor and a 90 to qualify as an expert instructor. I shot a 96 with it with zero malfunctions. At the time I I didn’t have the Q5 but purchased soon after. By far my favorite striker fired pistols.

  4. Amazing how you kept your wife so quiet throughout the video! I can never get mine to shut up.

    Haha, it was a really good video though! Subbed.

  5. I recently bought one with a vortex venom installed, haven't shot it at the range yet, but been practicing at home on my laserlyte target, feels good in the hand and love the trigger.

  6. Great video, you need to work on your stance, leaning too far back, lean into it alot more, lean forward it will make a lot of difference, thankyou for making this video, really well presented,

  7. Well here in Bulgaria(EU of course) we are required to hit 4/6 on a target at 25 meters, to be even considered for a handgun permit. And you are given a 9mm Makarov. I guess politicians haven't managed to ruin your fun over there, yet…

  8. What’s up with the dummy ? 😂 I don’t think this is actually the PPQ . Yes , they share the same M2 mags . But are their two separate models , a PPQ 5 inch and the match five? The difference is the blue trigger and a few other subtle differences .

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