14 thoughts on “Walmart no longer selling handgun ammunition or allowing open-carry

  1. Walmart is under attack because of the rich Waltons who own the most stock. Learn why Walmart is top on the list for staging massacre hoaxes at the leak in my name. NO BS. You will not be disappointed.

  2. Yep I'm done with Walmart they can keep their so-called savings and what's with all the automative cash-outs I should be getting 10% off my bill for doing their job

  3. Add Kroger's to the list too.
    Texas will be blue real soon. And these pansy anti gunners rather stay targets than be armed – prepared.
    Amazon is already hurting sales ; now this .

  4. Went to my local Walmart yesterday afternoon….Sporting goods sales associates were not briefed by store management about the new policy….The young lady behind the counter said she was told by a customer…

  5. Well Walmart doesn't have to worry about me open carrying in their stores because I won't be shopping there anymore. This is a smack in the face to responsible gun owners and more ammo gifted to the leftist gun haters in the world in their feeble attempts to violate our second amendment rights. Well this is good news for the gun shops now that Walmart's not stealing all their business with Guns & Ammo and good news for other retailers because a lot of people ain't going to be shopping at Walmart anymore. Boycott Walmart!

  6. Maybe if there were more law abiding citizens in the store who were armed like me. The gunner could of been stopped and those lives could of been saved. The answer isn't to disarm but to arm more people to allow them to protect their self in situations like this. The criminals will get guns regardless. I'm not even upset about their decision though. Cause#1 I don't buy ammo from Wal-Mart #2 they aren't stopping legal concealed carry. So we can still carry concealed as long as we are legal concealed permit carriers.

  7. customers will still be allowed to open carry. walmart just asked that they not, but didn't say they couldn't. there is a difference.

  8. Just G wow, look at all those middle-age guys with open carry, they are such a threat to everybody, oh watch out for the guy in the motorized cart carrying, he will run you over and shoot you🙄

  9. Are they retarded? El paso Walmart shooter didn’t kill those people with a handgun…. And they’re also preventing people from protecting themselves.

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