15 thoughts on “WA lawmakers consider gun control bills

  1. What a bunch of idiots, how important do they think they are? They are hobbyist who think they are saving the republic from tyranny.

  2. Am I supposed to change my mind because they keep calling something “common sense” Gosh that gets on my nerves! Lol

  3. Well, FIGHT!!! Globalists push gun controls!!! Just like communist, who killed millions!!!! Just because people had no guns to protect themselves!!

  4. Hope Bloomterd gets caught for what he's doing and pays the price that his actions deserve, this fake news is full of 🐂💩

  5. I like this news that doing their job that report new they're not bias they're reporting the news as see it not trying swing you vote like big fake news

  6. The democrats are communists!!! We’re going to end up like China. No freedom thanks to them. 1984 is really coming true, wake up America!!!!! 🇺🇸

  7. 2018 death Stats (most recent available) :

    Rifles – 297
    Note this is all rifles bolt action, lever action, single shot. Not just the dreaded "assault rifle".
    Knives – 1,515

    hands, fists, feet – 672

    Blunt objects – 443

    Clearly this "assault rifle" ban will not have much impact. Will you ban knives, hands and feet, and blunt objects too?

  8. Notice how these current gun control laws only attack legal gun owners, and do nothing to punish the criminals that use guns in their crimes?

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