Vortex StrikeFire Red/Green Dot Scope –

Hi this is Chase from Optics Planet and
today I’ve got the Vortex StrikeFire. The coolest feature of the StrikeFire
is the red or green dot that you can achieve
with this model with press of a button. Green some people like for brighter
lighting conditions. You know green is more easily picked
up by the human eye they can see the contrast between green
colors more easily. There’s also red which is you know
people grew up with red. You know I personally like red,
that’s what I had in the army was a red dot sight. I like red but green is also really cool and its kinda been growing on
me. You can easily switch between those two colors.
This will have a 4 MOA dot, good size, perfect for quick target acquisition. You know you you get up and get on target really easy. It comes with flip caps for objective an ocular. All the adjustments
are buttons so it’s really easy to press, there’s
no dials that are gonna break up or anything like that. This one is also night vision compatible and what that does is brings down the brightness of the
reticle to a level where you can use it with the night vision device mounted
directly behind. Kind of a cool feature. To extend the range a little bit, it comes
with this doubler it will kind of extend your effective range, make it a little more precise. The
StrikeFire can come with two different ring heights. This particular one is the AR height, pretty
much it gives you a absolute co-witness. You can also get
this model with a low ring, which is good for you
shotguns, 10-22. They call that they’re hunting model. Again, it’s the Vortex StrikeFire. It’s available at
This is Chase, thanks for watching!

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