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Vocal Coach Reacts To In This Moment | Maria Brink | Forever | Live | Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome to Ken Tamplin Vocal
Academy where the proof is in the singing. I got quite a few requests for this one It is a band In This Moment and the
singer is Maria Brink. Now Maria sings really really heavy and
this is an acoustic performance so I haven’t ever heard her do anything acoustic
so this would be interesting. Now this is also gonna be really cool because it’s
just coming off the tails of me doing Matt Sanders M Shadows from Avenged
Sevenfold and we discussed how singing really heavy can hurt your ability to
sing clean and what it does is it you know you lose range you know. We talked
about Matt having his you know drummer sings a lot of high parts. Now that’s
been going on for some time but Matt’s voice has definitely changed a lot over
the years and Maria also is the queen of heavy right. So she’s a lot like Jinjer
with Tatiana from Jinjer and even Lauren Hart who guest for Camelot and she’s
from a band Once Human and so forth. So anyway but um my point is is that if you
sing really heavy and you don’t come back daily and clean up the voice with a
clean sound, you not only lose resiliency and flexibility in the chords but you
forfeit some intonation which is pitch, you lose range you know and you get a
lot of bad cord closure or what’s called dysphonia which is the lack of sound. So
I don’t know if that’s gonna be the case here so let’s take a listen and fire..
dive right in. I have not heard this yet so we’re doing this for the first time
together. Again this is I think this is live at EMG. I’m not sure and we just
randomly picked one of the songs. I think she does three or four songs here so. We
just picked I think the last song or something so. Yeah last song. Cool. Little pitchy but it’s alright. Okay it’s a little pitchy but it’s kind of her style too and I don’t know if she
can’t hear herself and I don’t want to make this a let’s bash Maria Brink kind
of thing. I’m just for my singing friends out there it’s really important that we
go through some of this stuff. So you heard some dysphonia coming in off that
last phrase. I’m gonna back it up just a little bit so we can take a listen to it
again and I don’t want a hyper criticize or hyper analyze her you know what she
is or isn’t doing but again it’s important because you can hear some of
the pitch go like I said. Now one of the other things that starts to go also is
your head voice or falsetto so (sings) Now remember me talking about the overuse of
air is the arch enemy to the voice so. One of the last things you want to do is
start you know shoving a bunch of air through the vocal folds because it dries them out even more.
They become kind of leathery and they lose their resiliency and then it
becomes very difficult to hold together any phonation at all and any sound at
all. So I’m gonna back it up just a tiny bit here. Let’s listen to that phrase again. See she’s starting to lose it there a little bit. It’s gotten almost completely gone there. Hear that. Now one of the things that you can do
when you lose your range like that is you can sing in a lower register like
she’s doing and you can maintain some phonation some sound but you again you
lose your upper mid voice altogether and then the higher up you g,o the more
separation you get and inability to be able to sing in the that registration
okay. The outfit that she’s wearing is quite
distracting I’m sitting here trying to listen to her voice and oh yeah Ken
you’re supposed to be listened to the voice. Oh yeah Ken you’re supposed to be listening to the voice. I’m not a pervert it’s just like come on guys. Wow they’re out there. They’re just hanging out you know. There goes that dysphonia again. Little painful. Ok I want you guys to do me a favor okay and again I
don’t I’m not bashing on Maria. She’s.. in fact she’s got one of the most gnarly
distorted sounds of any especially the chick singers that are out there, she’s
the queen of scream when it comes to that so she certainly has her schtick and
if she forfeited you know this part of her voice as a result that’s you know
whatever. It is what it is but two things. First thing is is that you don’t have to
lose your voice your your clean tone voice like I said when you distort and
like I said about screaming at a football game or baseball game or soccer
match or whatever you know if I do my vocal lesson before I go you know
scream at a soccer match for three or four hours or two hours or whatever I
can come back the very next day and I can sing just like I hadn’t lost my
voice at all. If I don’t do a workout and I scream at a soccer match like I said
and I come back the next day I might you know take me a day or so to get my stuff
back together. If I haven’t understood how to compress the air and scream at a
soccer match and don’t do any vocal warm-ups at all or I just go out and do
you know streets sing so to speak, I might lose my voice for a week or even
get laryngitis. Now I hate to do this guys but I really want you to do me a
favor okay she’s a beautiful girl and she’s dressed very you know flamboyantly
but maybe a moment scantily but I want you guys to do me a favor. I
want you to close your eyes really, truly. Close your eyes and listen to only her
voice so we’re not distracted by a lot of visuals for a second and then you
guys decide if it’s you know if what I’m saying is true okay. So let’s check it
out I’m gonna close my eyes here I go. Okay so the point is is that if we take
away the visual and all we’re listening to is the raw vocal and whatnot, you guys
can see what I’m talking about about you know the pitch, losing phonation and
again that’s her style so she kind of sings like that anyway so you know we’ve got to take that in consideration but there is definitely some issues
going on vocally and over time you know we’ll get separation all together and
she may not even have those notes if she doesn’t take better care of her voice. Now one thing I do want to give her
kudos to. I do get a lot of passion and I do get a lot of intensity out of even
the soft side, not not even.. I know when she does her screaming stuff it’s like wow
your’e just like (sounds). You’re like wow that comes out of her mouth but even here still she has a lot of
really great soul and passion and and I believe she believes what she’s singing
which is is like two thumbs way up for that so. Cool. Okay and you know the cool thing is
too we’re hearing it in an acoustic setting like I said. So it really exposes
everything so and that is her shtick again I want to go back to this. She’s
the queen of scream so like let’s start there first cause that is her shtick is
like blowing people’s minds with you know her roaring lion kind of a sound
and then you know she does this stuff but but like I said even even guys like
Chester Bennington and and and whatnot when you hear some of their clean tone
stuff you know he’s kind of on the edge a little bit about kind of holding
together and he sings really soft in the clean tone stuff he doesn’t really belt
because it’s hard to maintain a good belting register for that. We just talked
about Tatianna, we talked about Lauren Hart. So if you listen to you know their belting registers or their upper
register you can really hear how that takes a toll on your singing voice and
your your strong belting tones or your call register if you don’t know how
to take care of it. I have a singing course it’s called How to Sing Better
Than Anyone Else. We discuss all this stuff. If you guys want to check out some
of my free tutorials I’ll put some of my scream stuff in there too you can check
out you know me going through some growl and some scream, I’ll put that in the
description tag and stop by my singing forms you know we got 7,000 people in
they’re talking about the stuff with some great moderators and a lot of great
free tutorials for you guys that just want to you know dabble in it a little
bit and get your feet wet so. Anyway with that said thank you for joining me you
guys and God bless you and until next time peace out. Hey guys if you like what you heard please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE
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notifications from me, every time I have a cool video come out. Okay thanks guys peace out.

89 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reacts To In This Moment | Maria Brink | Forever | Live | Ken Tamplin

  1. Yes. Her vocal was unbelievable. The way she mixes scream with clean voice was epic. She was straining so much here tho.
    Her vocal was way better in blood (acoustic) or whore. It was a few years after, she got vocal training probably

  2. She's pretty good Ken like you said she is a little pitchy I can tell with someone is pitchy also but so far she's pretty good not to bad I never heard of her but she's not the best but she's descent Ken but you can't sound great all the time live but I'm not saying she's terrible but she can sing but a lot of pitchyness so she's pretty good she's attractive but maybe she sounds better in other live performances but this one aint the best I'm not hating on her so I don't want you to think that Ken so yea she does have some rasp I like that but still a pretty good performance ken👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Sorry ken but, I didn't like this. I haven't heard of this before. I appreciate your kindness though. You're such a sweetheart! Pass it on folks. You really know how to educate people on how to do it correctly. ✌❤

  4. I got a little change in my voice that I feel from your daily exercise, thank you always keep the informative video for us .. God bless you, if you want to be a singer then sing and do exercises that I feel indeed.

  5. Youre hilarious ken, i was thinking the same about her outfit as well right before u said something. Great video as always!

  6. I'm no singer..but after you said close your eyes and listen.. I would swear she's forcing herself to go out and perform even though it sounds like she has laryngitis and she's pushing her way through in hopes of some lemon water waiting for her when she goes backstage… just my .02

  7. Good advice Ken, had a listen to one of her heavier songs likes to scream and it shows the issues in her Forever performance and hopefully she can recover her voice.

  8. That was excruciating. Sounded like my 16 year old cat with a urinary tract infection. I'm sure she's lovely though. I'll try listening to some of her other work.

  9. I LOVE MARIA BRINK!!! ITM ROCKS!! sounds awesome in concert!! What a show. I don't like the acustic stuff much at all. ITM not meant for acustic. I seen her do blood acustic didn't like it at all. I agree what your saying she has her own style of singing. I can't listen to this I don't like ITM acustic!! Alice in chains acustic do "down in a hole" PLEASE. Oh Maria Why stop acustic!! YES her outfits are the best!! One hot mamma

  10. Wow, that was painful to listen too, lol
    A resurrection of Janis Joplin?
    This reminds me of the verse that says “ Make a joyful NOISE “.
    But there is no joy here, lol

  11. Hmm, I'll be honest this was a bit hard to go through. Your input and observations should be very helpful to all the young (and not that young) singers out there. One thing that I always wondered about is when you are sing professionally how difficult is to admit that your voice is not up to par? I mean we all warm up before going on stage and should be able to notice that something is off. Is it just stupid pride? Is it about the money or is it just simple denial? Many great singers have fallen into the trap of not scrapping a tour date or at least not modifying the set to avoid these obviously difficult moments on stage. They know it's not right, we know it's not right, so why go through the pain? I'm just a simple choir singer and I understand that there is a lot of money and time invested all in it, but simple honesty would go a long way. I wish that one day a very famous singer would go on stage in a huge sold out arena and tell his/her fans that it will be a low-key event because his/her voice is just not there that evening. Then he/she would sing a limited repertoire, encouraging the audience to help with singing along (which we are all do in a concert anyway), telling some interesting or funny stories about the tour or the life of a professional musician between the songs. This way the fans would never be let down and no singer would be booed or ridiculed ever again. But I digress. Sorry for the long winded take on this, but I think it's an important issue.

  12. Funny thing is. People, the listeners usually like to hear this type of sound, dysphonic. Not a clean one. Proof to this is the amount of schooled singers with a clean sound who got their studies on point, day in and day out practicing. Then there are the people who lose their clean voice indefinitely and are left with a natural or unnatural raspy voice like Lemmy for example. Maria is amazing, but I bet that rasp tickles her vocal chords when she sings. I always wondered what Beth Hart feels in her throat when she sings or Steven Tyler if we are at that!

  13. It hurt. ( I had to mute it to type). I've been losing my voice too for whatever reason I cannot comprehend. I need help, Ken. Please. It's like I cannot sing high notes from my chest register at all anymore. I use t be able to project my voice and sing loud without screaming. Cannot do that anymore.

  14. Please be honest with me or I won't feel comfortable using you as an expert witness in court anymore. The outfit didn't save this. Please offer her free lessons I know you can help her.

  15. I’m still waiting for a review on Cinderella Tom Keifer “Don’t know what you got” or “Heartbreak Station” 😎😎😎😎

  16. Kind of reminds me of Melissa ethridge feel but I bet I can see this definitely being a song from Amy Lee from evanescence other than her being off pitch a little and scratchy she didn't do so bad

  17. Yuck sorry but she’s horrible. I tried to listen but my sisters and I were as good as the Andrew sisters if not better and I sing all harmonies as well, play instruments by ear. This person is just too off to listen to. I’m on YouTube …practicing…why don’t you critique me LOL. I was just practicing and reading the words.

  18. Ken, Hope you are having a great new year. Just joined your channel! I just recently discovered this amazing vocalist, Giorgia. Her cover of Who Wants to Live Forever blew me away and thought I would share. Hope you enjoy!, And another more "rock" vocalist, Jennifer Rush who was the original recording artist of The Power of Love with her cover as well.

  19. Hi Ken, Happy New Year!
    Vocal coach Margaret Gordon explains that the rib cage should always remain expanded even during exhale and this is an important physical effort to do.
    She's a classical singer. I wonder if it is true for rock as well.
    Thank you.

  20. Can’t say this ticked the boxes for me. Interesting outfit. Best saying no more. Thanks ken. Happy new year my friend. Keep rockin 🎸

  21. It’s hard for metal singers to tone it down for acoustic performances, so kudos to her for even trying. It’s really not her style, but she did the best she could👍 I mean, what if Jack Johnson attempted to perform his songs in the screamo style she dominates? It would be equally difficult on his voice as this was on hers.

  22. She may usually be better, I’ve not heard her before, but the fact that she chose to “sing” like that ( to me it sounded ridiculous and it was very annoying) makes me not going to bother to look her up. Be well Ken ✌️

  23. She is sexy ,hot ,beautiful,but judging on this song ,not a fan,maybe in other songs I would have a different idea abut her voice ,sorry is even worse with the eyes shut ,all sort of thoughts pass through my head 😂😂

  24. Hey Ken, I highly recommend you do a vocal reaction to any of Hironobu Kageyama's live performances of the Dragon Ball Z theme song "CHA LA HEAD" I know, it's super nerdy and most people in America don'tknow who Hironobu is outside of anime fams, but I am an anime nerd lol. And regardless of if you speak japanese, (I don't currently) Hironobu is such a great live performer and singer. Though it would take listening to the TV cut of the opening theme first to judge if he hit the notes right on stage. The clearest highest quality cut of that is the opening for the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot video game.

  25. I love Maria Brink. You can totally feel her soul through the songs even when it sounds shity. Definitely not for everybody and not performable to a general audience because by closing the eyes and focusing just on the vocals not even on the text and emotions, it seemed like a dying cat 🤣.

  26. Hi Ken;
    I think it would be really fitting to react to Linda Ronstadt. She has been inducted into the HOF this year. “ You’re No Good “ would be a great choice. She is an absolute legend with amazing crossover appeal. If it wasn’t for her the Eagles may not have existed. She even opened for Jim Morrison, and The Doors.

    Thanks, and love your reaction vids.

  27. Suggestion Udo dirkschneider live at rockpalast 2018 or any other udo live singing either accept or u.d.o songs. His singing style is so special and has not aged at all

  28. So I just discovered you yesterday and, I've started singing Karaoke with my family a few weeks ago and she sorta sounded like me at times and I'm not completely familiar with your vocabulary but she kinda sounded as if she was like horsed or perhaps winded of course I think I've had strep throat for the past few weeks so I'm just taking it easy studying some of your instructionals here on YouTube I very much appreciate the knowledge you are sharing! God bless, have a nice night!

  29. Hi Ken! Maria Brink needs your singing course as soon as possible. This is a code red situation. Someone needs to get her to your vocal academy this minute. With that said, I would be lying if I didn't admit that I did enjoy her whole carefree, free wheeling, braless attitude that made her performance a feast for the eyes if not necessarily the ears. Thanks for all the outstanding videos.

  30. I was looking at a few "vocal coaches" videos and jeez listening to you Ken talk about ACTUAL singing techniques and terms with actual examples of you singing shows just how real you are as a vocal coach.

  31. Hey Ken, would you react to Even Flow by Pearl Jam live on MTV Unplugged? Always loved Eddie’s sound and would be interested in your analysis. Thanks!

  32. So far, went through the Basic Pitch lessons, just to hear where I was at. Never hurts to go back to the basics. Really enjoyed "Seven Bridges Road" by the Eagles. Felt really good after 3 attempts, got the main melody down. Had some fun with Ken doing the guitar track. That was a lot of fun. I struggled a little with some of the advanced licks and trills in the last lesson, but I'll revisit again tomorrow.

  33. I'll be honest, that was not a very good performance by Maria. She was definitely pitchy in a lot of places throughout the song, and I could hear she was pushing a lot of air. Now to be fair, she may have been on the road for a while and that definitely can take its toll on the voice.

  34. She got vocal training probably but not with you for sure. She would be much better.

    Please your advice about : DON WILLIAMS – You're my best friend (Live)

  35. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE ITM and Maria Brink is the icing on the cake! A ton of attitood, passion and intensity. A perfect marriage of heaviness and melody altogether. Haven’t had the opportunity to catch them live but yeah i see what some of you mean by their ‘unplugged’ sets. Maria’s vocals and screams can cut thru your soul like a blade and hold her ground very well among the blistering guitars.

  36. It would be cool to see a reaction to Tom Keifer singing back in the early days vs now after all that has happened with his voice. He should be the cautionary tale for every singer

  37. Ken, have you reacted to anything live by Miley Cyrus? She has a very unique voice and certainly doesn't need AutoTune. Her performance of Slide Away at the MTV VMA's is good, and plenty more of her songs. She's talented for sure (much unlike her dad IMHO).

  38. Hi.
    I'm with you on this
    (I know,,,ooopsies🤭.
    You're the Pro here Mr. Tamplin. Soo, I'm playin' this one safe).
    p.s. ~
    lol,,, if you want, I'll send you a cool, flamboyant Blindfold.
    Thanks for the video.
    ♡have a
    good one!♡

  39. Ten jej początek zabrzmiał jak by była na jakimś kacu ……zdecydowanie ma jakiś zniszczony ten wokal….ja mam taki jak się obudzę rano ,ale heh cały nieestetyczny wokal ginie w nie skromnym dekolcie 😉 A tak na poważnie jeżeli to dysfonia to jej postawa siedząca nie jest wskazana do śpiewania ..chyba powinna iść do Ciebie na lekcje śpiewu 🙂

  40. Man double tracked pulled pressed and sweeted its in there like all the other radio songs. And a little more " normal" voic8ng

  41. Yeah man,that's definitely a fact,you know your shit ,when it comes to vocalist,and fashion,like those shirts Ken,carry on my friend,another great vid…

  42. I adore Maria. I didn't like this song as much as the acoustic "Lost At Sea". I really see your points in this song. She even seems like she's straining in this song which is wild because I don't hear the strain in her metal voice. In any case I do find Maria to be a wonderful artist.

  43. Ken, please react to MATCHBOX TWENTY ''Bright Lights'' (MTV Hard Rock) :

  44. Ken, it was SO funny when you shut your eyes to listen 😂😂 I've got to be truthful…when she was singing it made me tense up and I thought of the same word as you…"painful". Have you ever had a sound run through you like an electric current? That's about the best way I can describe this performance. I have heard her singing on other videos and she sounded great, though. Hope you & your family have a Happy New Year 💙

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