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VISIBLE WEAPONS – Fallout 4 Mods – Week 19

Hi everybody, welcome to Week 19 of Fallout 4 Mods Weekly. I understand that my audio is a bit echoey, ya know I just moved into a new apartment. It’s really empty and guys, I’ve been trying my best to anti-echo my room. I even have my freakin’ blanket on the floor goddammit. That’s not even a clean floor. I’m sleepin’ in a dirty blanket tonight just so you guys can enjoy slightly less echoey audio, and I hope you guys can appreciate that. Roll the intro! Are you ready for the newest and trendiest eyewear to ever hit the Boston Wasteland? Rad-Bans? Ha, please, those are so 2012. I’m talking about the “Scouter” because Vegeta, what does the Scouter say about the slooty levels? It’s over nine thous-okay I’m gonna stop right there. If you don’t know what a Scouter is, it’s like a piece of Google Glass that measures somebodies power levels. Alright, you know what? If I had to explain this to you: you had no childhood. So you can mod these Scouters to be several different colors. We have pink, we have green, we have blue, we have red, and the frames come in white or black. But wait, is the design not lore friendly enough? Have no fear friend. AGodComplexPikachu has made his own retexture, and my god is it lore friendly, right, the blue is the Institute, and the red is the Brotherhood of Steel etc. Now you might be wondering: what else do the Scouters do other than look sexy as fuck? Not only do they give you +2 Perception, but they also can be modded to have a targeting hud, night vision, a tracking module, and a focus enhancer that slows time when you’re aiming. And if that hasn’t sold you yet, buy now and you also get a pair of Dogmeat Scouters. Holy shit. This is a deal that you cannot possibly pass up. Look at Dogmeat’s eyes. You are officially the Devil if you do not give Dogmeat the pleasure of rockin’ these Scouters. Not downloading this for Dogmeat wearing a Scouter is pretty much a sin, so download it today or I’ll kill you. I-I’m sorry w-was that a little too forceful? Are you sick and tired of your Sanctuary Hills lookin’ like shit? Are you tired of all the post-apocalypticness? What if you could unpost-apocalypticize your Sanctuary Hills, that-that’s definitely a word, and make your Sanctuary Hills beautiful again? Well then start a new game, I mean it’s not that har-This is “Beautiful Sanctuary Prewar Town”, a mod that pre apocalypiciticizes your Sanctuary Hills. But MxR, this is so unlore friendly. You know what? Your mom is unlore friendly, alright. Does that make her a terrible mod? No it doesn’t and just like your mom, this mod is beautiful. That’s right, tell your mom that a nerd online just called her beautiful. I’m going to stop talking about your mom now. So when you step back into your house, you’re going to feel all kinds of emotions, right, you’re gonna feel nostalgic seeing your old home again. You’re gonna feel sad when you see Shawn’s crib and you realize he’s now an old white man and not the little black baby I shoot out of Fat Man’s, no racist. You’re gonna feel excitement when you realize that lots of items here have been turned into actual items that you can pick up. All the fancy brand new kitchen ware you can pick up and put in your home. Look at that shiny bread box and toaster, holy shit, you can’t find this anywhere else. Are you kidding me? Saddle Up Salisbury Steak? No Radioactiveness? My friends, this will be the most tasty salisbury steak you’ve ever had in your life. Brand new Nuka Cola, you can even get your goddamn law degree. The mod author also mentioned some things are now destructible. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the most realistic destruction effects you’ve ever seen. It got destroyed so hard, it warped into another dimension. But is this mod immersive? The first thing I thought was: No way, this can’t be immersive. But then I thought about it for a second and I realized: What if this was the most immersive mod ever made? We’ve already covered that by this time, everything would grow back. Lots of mods add green back, but that doesn’t make any sense because if it were to grow back, wouldn’t it look exactly like it looked pre war? Mind. Annihilated. So one of the things that ruins Fallout 4 for me is inventory management. Ain’t nobody got the time for that shit. I want junk to build dope shit in my settlement. I don’t want it bad enough to the point where I spend 15 minutes staring at my Pip-Boy. That’s not gameplay to me. But what if there was an immersive way to take your junk and bring it back to a settlement? You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking about how adorable Dogmeat looks right now. This is “Personal Pack Brahmin”, a mod that allows you to become an owner of Brahmins, something I’ve always aspired to do. I mean, who hasn’t dreamed of those voluptuous cow tits. Am I right boys? So to get your Brahmins, create a Brahmin Manager which is basically a tub. This tub will magically and non immersively spawn a randomly generated Brahmin. It decides what horns they have, what color they come out, what stats they have. This tub is basically the god of Brahmins. You can have up to 4 Brahmins at a time, you can decide the size of their load, ya know small or large. Obviously large is gonna make them slower, but carry more. You can also attach lamps to them in which case they will illuminate the area once it gets dark enough. And then just make sure to set them to follow, they will proceed to form a neat and orderly line. And then proceed to collide into cars. Lots and lots of cars. It’s okay though, they know how to teleport, but lemme tell you, if you looked up the dictionary definition of struggle, Brahmins would be the definition. They’re taking the Struggle Bus to Struggles Ville where they will struggle for the rest of their life. This is also why he’s made them all trackable. That way if you lose them or one of them dies in battle, you know where exactly they are, and then you can go loot your stuff off of his dead body. Sounds a little fucked up, but that’s life son. Brahmins die. Or do they? There’s actually a setting to make them essential so they never die, but if you ask me that’s unimmersive as shit. That’s right, even shit is more immersive than Brahmins not dying. Anyways, so now whenever your inventory is full, just pack ’em all on the Brahmin, send them back to one of your settlements, and they will unload their load in your workshop. That’s what sh-wait a minute, that doesn’t work. Unfortunately, when I did this my Brahmin ended up inside my house and sanctuary. I don’t really know why. Needless to say, he never got out of there. This mod is cute, it’s lore friendly, it makes a lot of sense. BUT, and this is a huge but, I experienced lots of bugs. It could just be my game, but why the fuck is Mama Murphy on my roof. I get it, she takes some serious acid trips. Actually, no that actually kinda makes a little sense. Okay, okay, explain to me why, alright, Dogmeat is on that wire up there. This didn’t used to happen. I’m pretty sure my Dogmeat got potatoed. Look at this scene right here. There’s so much wrong with it, alright, ignore the Brahmin stuck in my house. Dogmeat is in my crotch. I’m not sure how I feel about that. But other than that, this is a great mod. You know what’s really weird? Did anybody else notice that Bethesda got rid of holstering on Fallout 4? Bethesda, I think you have some s’plainin’ to do. But in the meantime, moders to the rescue. This is “Visible Weapons 3rd Person Holster” by registrator2000. So how this mod works is it attaches a weapon with a piece of apparel. Whenever you draw that weapon that apparel is equipped. That apparel is basically a holstered version of that weapon that another moder created in his armor mod, so right now we’re still limited to whatever is available on the Nexus right now which includes a katana, a pistol, a sniper rifle, a shotgun, and an MK14. The mod has severally different modes. You have the strict mode where only currently equipped weapons will show on your body. This is how Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas worked. Then there’s the always mode, which I prefer, where the weapon stays on you even when unequipped. But in this mode, right, you can have a sniper rifle on your back while you’re using a pistol whereas the other mode: if you’re using a pistol, that’s the only weapon that’s gonna show up. This mode will make you look like you’re armed to the teeth, like you’re a complete badass ready to go Rambo. Next up we have a mod called “Basement Living” and we’re not talking about living in your parents basement, eating Cheetos, and playing video games. We’re talking about living in your parents basement, eating Cheetos, playing Fallout 4, and living in a basement in Fallout 4. Basementception. So this mod allows you to create 10 new bunkers and basements. The interiors are copies of vanilla cells as well as some cells that Bethesda never used. He then modified these cells to be able to be used as functional homes, kind of like Home Plate. Each of these basements come with a power box that supplies 100 volts of energy. He’s also reduced the size of workshops by turning them in toolboxes or one of these things to save some space. There are also some things you can toggle here such as the default lights. Right, if you don’t like them, you can turn them off and do your own lighting. Don’t like the fog? You can take that out. Don’t like the scrap? You can scrap that shit out as well. I’d have to say a lot of these basements are surprisingly very homely looking. Ya know, they just look really cozy, you just wanna settle in, make your own man cave. Others are just like, eh, yeah I’m not really feeling this place. It’s all about customization and creating your own custom basement and making it feel homely. And what better way to make a new place feel homely than Elianora-fying it with the mod “Crafting Fury 9000 GTX” by Elianora. We may not be getting any more Elianora house mods, but she’s given us the tools to Elianora-ify our own house mods. This mod adds about 50 new handpicked decorations and furniture for your settlements. This includes armor stands, showcasing pretty much all of your followers unique armors, ya know, not creepy at all. Totally doesn’t look like you’ve chopped their heads off and mounted them. DLC posters to get you hyped for Far Harbor, Automatron, and that other one. Potted plants to bring some liveliness and fung shui to your new crib, yo. Beautiful clean carpets and rugs. Beds that don’t look like crap. And of course, Elianora’s signature item arrangement skills. Ya know, nobody arranges items as nicely as Elianora does. Right, you have shelves of ammunition, crates of medical supplies, and refreshments as well as cups filled with writing utensils, baskets full of produce, cute little coffee sets. I’ll be the first to tell you I can’t decorate a home for shit, but unless you’re a potato, pretty much anybody is gonna be able to make something half decent with what Elianora has given us here. And that is it for this week guys. Hope you enjoyed all the mods featured in this episode and I’ll see you guys next time. Peace! Looking for some cheap games? Check out, use my code “MXR” for 3% off. Link down below.

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    homey = pleasantly comfortable and cozy.
    homely = unattractive in appearance.

    You kept saying the basements are ugly when you obviously meant they felt like a home.

    Any yes I know this video is over a year old, but welcome to the internet where nothing dies or goes away.

    /Grammar Nazi

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