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Virginia Lawmakers reject assault weapons ban

32 thoughts on “Virginia Lawmakers reject assault weapons ban

  1. It's just too bad that governor blackface baby-killer didn't get his way with attempting to disarm the working and middle class of Virginia this time around…just so sad.

  2. This is great. NEVER give away your 2A rights. And come next election, he will be voted out of office for pulling this crap. His other bills will fail too.

  3. Racist Northam and his Socialist Liberals are awaiting a call from Racist Bloomberg and his explanation of what happened and what is next. Yes good ole Racist Bloomberg has made promises to the socialist liberals in Virginia; nevertheless, they should begin a search for employment just prior to their next term. Perhaps they should work for Racist Bloomberg's company

  4. This a victory in a battle, yet the war will continue to rage on guns and gun owners.  Us Virginians were on the cusp of losing or restricting the right that most of the other rights hinge upon.  Gun owners had better heed this as a wake up call, get out and vote, and lose these socialists come election time.  Start with Drunk Driving Chris Hurst, for those in his district, a self proclaimed advocate for public safety, who has proven he will get behind the wheel of a vehicle under the influence.  He needs to be out!  Mark Levine..OUT.  Eventually, Gov. Blackface….OUT!

  5. Bloomberg will be the Democrat Nominee to face Trump and you better believe the Democrats will come out in DROVES to put him in the white house and begin taking our rights away, not just abolish ICE and make America "Open Borders."

    America cannot feel COMPLACENT that Trump will win by millions of votes and that we don't need to go out and vote in November.

    WE ALL need to get our friends, relatives and co-workers and VOTE in November.

    America doesn't want to become a Socialist/Communist country, ONLY the Democrats want that.

    Trillions of dollars in tax increases will be ordered by whoever the Democrat president is.

    They want to CRASH the economy.

    Please don't be Complacent in November.

    America is counting on all of us.

  6. Did the NRA fight this, or was it the GOA? The 2nd amendment haters in the Virginia legislature will just sit back and wait for the next whacko. Then they will use it as an opportunity to "unshelve" the legislation.

  7. If it feels good do it! That about sums up them demons. After the fact city cops will have to enforce this crazy law ! A lot of cops and law abiding citizens will die.

  8. Vote to remove this, and all others who SWEAR an OATH to the US CONSTITUTION, and then pull this crap.

  9. Gov. “blaKKKface baby killer confiscate your guns protect the illegals” northam. how did this scum get into office?

  10. According to a study hundreds of years ago, a bunch of men got together and decided and wrote down that we have a right to protect ourselves, is this current government high??? As citizen's, it's our responsibility to make sure we follow that law that was written over two hundred years ago. If we don't, well… ignorance is bliss

  11. I will buy an AR-type pistol tomorrow , to celebrate and commemorate this stand for the most important Amendment of The Constitution.

  12. To the Modern American Sheep When a Criminal Obtains ANY Gun , Ammo , and Magazine Type Built or Bought Leagal or Illegally and they are about to Kill you and your Friends or Family and the Police haven't arrived yet what are you going to do? Wait while you and everyone dies as Victims?

  13. WHY would anyone need a Gun?? Or a magazine that holds more than 10 Rounds?? To Defend against Criminals who can obtain any Gun , Ammo ,and Magazine type either way Built or Bought Leagal or Illegal : : It is 100% okay if you the Modern American want to leave the House a Defenseless Sheep remember the Police CANNOT be ANYWHERE at ANYTIME thats why Citizens NEED Automatic Guns and 30 round Mags because Criminals ARE going to obtain Weapons either way..

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