10 thoughts on “Virginia increases security ahead of gun rights rally

  1. I'm in 🇬🇧. It's a TRAPl. Don't go. You can't take your guns inside the rally event and there is only one way in. This is the same way out. You'll be trapped when Antifa and Bernie Sanders fascists turn up to fight and cause mayhem. The police will be powerless as they will be outnumbered

  2. All these year, all the gun rallys, all the laws, fences, hype, patriotic slogans, the right, the left, the politics, the guns, no guns, police, national guard, militias, antifa, etc….all that and not a shot fired in anger by anyone except 1 criminal black lives matter supporter in TX and 1 white supremacist with a car in NC. My point? Aint no revolution/civil war guna happen. The laws are going to get passed and then everyone is going back to bed. Mark my words, thats exactly how this will play out.

  3. Blackface didnt suggests taking guns from rathole gang infested naborhood from gang members whom aren't allowed to own firearms

  4. Travel in groups , Know each other's blood type and allergies , Carry first aid as EMS might not get to you due to crowds or God forbid active shooter

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