100 thoughts on “Virginia House advances gun control measures after protest

  1. It's not that they didnt listen. They just plain dont care about our rights. Thier wants are more important than our rights!!

  2. Initiate a recall! If that doesn't work, the Virginians have the power to remove them. That's what the 2nd Amendment is for

  3. Violence is the only answer. The final end all be all. When all else fails violence is all that’s left. Forcefully remove your local politician from this world. Take our country back for the people by the people.

  4. The people must be stupid there going to start a united states crisis.. If they start banning our guns they are going to be causing the next civil war…

  5. Virginians voted him in, that means they wanted this. We live in a republic that uses democracy as a form of government, majority rules. Deal with it.

  6. The right to bear arms is not absolute, it can be limited. There are more rules to drive a care for crying out loud.

    This woman is Chicken Little crying the sky is falling.

  7. Virginia 2nd amendment rally utter failure. They gated you off like cattle and told you ahead of time no guns would be allowed on capital grounds. And what did you all do but comply. In other words this Governor and his cronies just made you all go lay down by your dish like good boys and girls.

  8. Virginians better be ready for what non-compliance actually means…

    Showing up and standing around is the easy part.

  9. Governor racist… "the issues before us evoke strong emotions, and progress is often difficult." Listen to what he is saying! The progress he is speaking of is disarmament and he isn't going to budge. And please don't think Republicans much better. Both parties want the same things just believe in different timing.

  10. China says no guns for Americans and will payoff whomever it takes to disarm America. All of the Divided United States need to fight this together or state by state will fall. This guy clearly took the money.

  11. So he still did it. All I hear is talk talk talk from the gun owners. "Come take them" "Don't tread on me" blah blah.
    Just bend over and take it again

  12. Virginia Legislators have long forgotten they have been elected by the people to represent the people’s wishes. Tyranny in its purest form, throw the Commies in the street!

  13. Where is the Federal Governments safeguarding of Our Constitutional Rights? If they were violating an Illegal Immigrants Rights they would be ALL OVER THIS…The U.S. Constitution is the Law of the Land and NO ONE'S Rights should be violated…Even Illegal Aliens.

  14. This is moronic. Virginia has gone through a massive demographic shift, and brought huge amounts of immigrants to their state which has shifted the balance of power to liberals and anti gunners.

    Add to that, the reality that gun owners in the USA and for the most part all over the world, are pretty lazy, effeminized, emasculated, infantilized and pathologically cowardly, so no one really worries about a back lash. Gun owners in Virginia will whine like little four year olds, but in the end, they will accept whatever the state tells them to do.

    So I really don't understand what all the whining and crying and hand wringing is all about.

    The Bible says: "….You Reap What You Sow…" Virginia Gun owners created this condition for themselves, so they should accept what they created.

  15. Every legal citizen over the age of 18 in Virginia needs to carry 2 things a voters registration card and a unregistered firearm just because asking permission for your constitutional rights was done by your forfathers in blood

  16. we already know that you will back down cause you did when you accepted their gun free zone at your rally that was fucken stupid

  17. wow
    Virginia is behind the curve, not leading

    I live in California
    1 a month, background checks for gun and AMMO purchases all standard

    Here too an area can ban guns, SF has this and should I carry even concealed with my permit in SF I will be tossed in jail

  18. I think these laws will cause more violence. If it does we should start suing the Virginia government, Ralf Northam and Michael Bloomberg!

  19. 2nd amendment the right to bear arms is in force to protect ourselves! The government attempts to take it away after hearing us saying No ! They are begging for real trouble we have given the government way too much power. Time to take it back. God bless America 🇺🇸 this is our country!

  20. Remember, there are more of "us" than of "them"(politicians). No use for the politicians to 'force' the military to do and handle their dirty laundry because over 80% of retired and active military folks are 2nd pro amendment and will not follow the orders to start arresting people if the politicians tells them to do so; even if the politicians made it against the law for active military civilians to follow their orders !! Combine this with the vast majority of Sheriffs who will combine their power with local military folks and that will be a recipe for 2nd amendment folks to start doing 'citizens arrest' on politicians. Politicians will have to start sleeping in underground bunkers in order to avoid civilians who vote for these silly gun control laws. Politicians should be very afraid of the citizens now…..VERY afraid….

  21. United Nations, International bankers, corporate interests, the many quintillions spent on the space programs which are classified… Tell me… What do they have in plan for the surface population? It is simple. They want you to die and to be replaced with a superior race. They think they are that race ladies and gentlemen.

  22. Of course law makers didn't listen they never listen! But yet you voted them in! Now it's your job to get the out ! They will take all your rights away soon if you let them! Welcome to socialism! A new kind of slavery! and doesn't matter on skin color! Wake up people!

  23. Of course law makers didn't listen they never listen! But yet you voted them in! Now it's your job to get the out ! They will take all your rights away soon if you let them! Welcome to socialism! A new kind of slavery! and doesn't matter on skin color! Wake up people!

  24. Of course law makers didn't listen they never listen! But yet you voted them in! Now it's your job to get the out ! They will take all your rights away soon if you let them! Welcome to socialism! A new kind of slavery! and doesn't matter on skin color! Wake up people!

  25. Tyrents don't obey the construction. Down with tyrants. Starting a declaration of war against the American people

  26. "When the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears it's people there is liberty" Thomas Jefferson.

  27. I have always wondered why public hangings kinda fizzled out. Should bring it back, might straighten up a lot of the riffraff. I bet mofuggers will either get right or get dead.

  28. I will leave my state, go down there, and join the armed rebellion if it starts. There is a reason we have the second amendment and these evil assholes are exactly why.

  29. All these so-called bad gun laws – which are not laws because they do not come close to meeting the requirements of the bill of Right and the US Constitution relating to bearing arms and the DUE PROCESS required for removing that right – and this Federal Congressional DUE PROCESS is required before removing inalienable Rights which are documented in the US Constitution and bill of Rights – and our Founding Fathers drafted our bill of Rights to provide a clarity of our inalienable Rights – in order to identify and target any Tyranny within the American Government who might attempt to skirt the necessary Due Process of removing our Constitutional Right to bear arms – by using Cabal Money to place Tyrannical Democrat or and other nasty tyrannical ilk in office AT THE STATE LEVEL for the sole purpose of attempting a simple illegal majority vote AT THE STATE LEVEL rather than the REQUIRED and necessary Congressional Vote to Amend our bill of Rights – and thesse Democrat ilk know full well that this Due Process path is not probable for them to disarm the American People – so the bribe seeking Dems and their FEP (Financially Elite Psychopaths)…the Cabal attempted to use money to place Tyrannical Governors, Senators, and high level Judges throughout the USA in order to skirt the required Due Process of Amending the bill of Rights by the required Congressional Vote.

    This was a REAL COUP ATTEMPT – And We The American People – shall vote in unison to Decimate the Democrat Party of Governors, Senators, Women in White Dems on the Hill, and the so called Fraud Squad in Congress…..to include all politicians who voted for Red Flag Bills, and Gun Lists – as they Historically are used for gun confiscation.

    Vote in November and replace all Democrat Politicians in 2020 !!!!

    A quote by Cicero in the year (43 B.C) while he was addressing the Roman Senate:

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot

    survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable,

    for he is known and carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves

    amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling

    through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

    For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar

    to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he

    appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He

    rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night

    to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so

    that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared."

  30. Of course they would advance their agenda!? Why would you think any different? Dems DON'T LISTEN!! Only 1 way to fix it, VOTE THEM OUT!

  31. We should Red Flag these Commie Politicians with the same Red Flag laws they pass on Innocent Americans, politicians are a danger to the public and we need to confiscate all their Guns!

  32. This is exactly why States need electoral colleges, so that the large population centers cannot disenfranchise the rural population.

  33. Your state government has made it stance known,Virginia. It does NOT value your opinion,but only its own. Nor does it value your Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights either. So,I would like to know something. Where the HELL is your line drawn in the sand Virginians? You tried to resolve this gun control issue peacefully and civilly and you failed. Are you just going to just give up,roll over and accept the government infringing on your Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights that are NOT supposed to be infringed on? Or are you all actually going to grow some damned balls and DO something about it. And protect your damned Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights like you are SUPPOSED to when they are under attack by the equivalent of domestic traitors? That you actually have a DUTY to protect yourself,your rights and weed out these traitors. Even if that means that you do unfortunately have to resort to force/violence? Because it seems that they have just left you with NO other real options.

  34. Now imagine what will happen if a Democrat wins in 2020…
    Come on people we can't stand for this crap.
    Trump 2020
    A Democrat should never hold any office ever again if they are gonna act like this.

  35. Well it's officially happening, before it's over we'll overrun the government and or succeed from the liberal US and if you do not Stand with us, you will not be welcome here. The southern states will be their own entity 🤷🏻‍♂️

  36. All you who think trump is your savior…. he is for ReD FLaag LaWS. "Take guns first, due process second". This is not right vs. Left. This is government turning on their own people. This is a bipartisan attack on the constitution, on your rights. God given, not government given.

  37. Ohio,Missouri,Tennessee,Oklahoma and more it is time to fight with more than words they are poking a sleeping bear and it is time

  38. Fella, your going to have to CHECK your weapons here at the door!" Barked the one eyed Door keep. Buster whooped out his two fanner 50s and laid them down on the counter. Reaching for the derringers neatly holstered at his ankles. "Well, I guess you'll be needin' the senorita pistols, as well."

  39. The only reason he banned guns at the 2A protest, was he was afraid they would remove him from office, pretty sure all the officers were armed…. just sayin'

  40. Gun owning democrats will still vote Democrat too. Really anyone is stupid for saying theyre (R) or (D), people act like gang member political affiliates

  41. well if you stood your ground when virginia was being flooded with democrat voting immigrants then you would not have this problem now

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