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Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Bubble man | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Boss help, where have I got stuck. Get me out, boss. Haha!! Experiment successful Timbaktoon. Get me out of this boss. Shut up, I haven’t put you inside to get you out. Listen to what I say. I haven’t locked you, I want you to lock Vir inside this. But, how boss? It is like this, You have to do a fire action with this hand gloves and it will release the bubbles. Vir will be caught. Incase that doesn’t happen then your jacket pocket has sensor gun. You can shoot dot fire on Vir’s body, it gets struck and the bubble can chase and find him out and get locked. And when he gets trapped, place one sensor dot on your body. So that all the bubbles will follow you and come here. Haha!! Vir will be helpless, this bubble can’t be destroyed from his lasers. You are genius boss. She is right boss, lets try it. What did you do? You have to fire on Vir, not me. This gun has a chemical by which the bubble will break, nothing else can break this bubble. Haha! All the people of Fursatganj come, today I have ample of time, lets have some fun. Hey, what is happening? Help!! This has never happened before. Daddy what is this? Vir!! Gintu call Vir. What am I doing here? Wow! Its amazing, yeah!! Vir!! Come fast. Chulbul, what is this? Vir help me, get me out of this, timbaktoon has put everyone inside the bubble. Break this fast. Chulbul don’t be scared, wait here. I’ll be back. Robo boy help!! Get us out of this bubbles. Vir, these are kid’s toys, throw them away. Now its my turn. Grandpa, quickly check these bubbles and how to break them? My laser’s are not working on it. Vir, I’ll be back. Timbaktoon, now use the sensor gun. Vir stop, or else I will take your friend along with me. Ok, you have trapped me, now let Imli go. No way, now everyone will go to my boss. Lets go. Grandpa, we are trapped inside the bubbles, we can’t break it. Don’t worry Vir, let me check. Dr. Sahey you too join us along with Vir, what will you do here alone? Hehe!! Grandpa, how is it that everyone is following him? Vir, I think its electromagnetic waves, because of which all are following him. So what is the solution for this? How can we break this? Vir look, there is a radio TV tower, it releases waves which can disturb its connection and break it. if we manage to go there, then all of us will not be following him. Listen every one, start your scooter and cars in full speed and travel towards the tower. People walking will run towards the tower, all in full force. Boss, this game is turned upside down. Now what to do? Vir listen, this bubble can be burst with heat too. Ok grandpa, I got an idea. Heat rays on. Vir, don’t increase the heat rays. Vir, what are you doing? Don’t increase the heat rays. Vir don’t do it, you may get blast. Haha!! Timbaktoon look, Vir will be finish by his own actions, haha!! Heat rays on. Tell me, how to break all the bubbles? Or else you will burn and fall like this. Take this gun to break the bubbles and save me. Thank you Robo boy. Chulbul, how did I reach here? What am I doing here? Gintu, you were sitting here and were making bubbles with your magic spell, and I was breaking them. Oh! Was I making bubbles? Haha!!

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