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Vigor Update – New Vigor Map Bridges is Live! Vigor tips and tricks

hi and welcome back now before we start
just remind you you can redeem my logo on your bag for free following the
link on screen know also to enter the starter pack giveaway there’ll be two
given away from this video all you have to do is comment below tell me what your
favorite part of this update as and if you want to join the Discord we’re
trying to create some sort of bigger teams within there all the links for
this will be in the pend comment below now getting into the update itself if
you have an updated Vigor yet when you do you’ll be presented with this screen as
soon as you log in the biggest change what I find everyone has been looking
forward to as the new map reggie’s no later in the video
I’ve got a full run wish I’d done there’s only four minutes got Cal just
wait to see the bridges for myself and honestly the map is very crisp and
beautiful is probably the best map I personally thank so far also some new
weapons changes to the heavy machineguns team kill markers we influence is no
part of the game some people will not like that but it makes sense considering
it slow you slow down on water etc there’s also a new minigame where
there’s Betty cash around the maps though the first major change where you
look at as the wheat influence now if you don’t understand what they’re says
basically the more you carry it and your backpack the more it’s going to fit your
stand them up now if you’re carryin a Phil park just anima is gonna run out
very very quick compared to how it runs just know where it’s completely equal
across all boards so bear that in mind if you do get see the ill drop a couple
of kills you’re carrying a lot of weight and trying to get too far away extract
zone especially if you’re under radiation this will no impact you’re
quite a lot I’m pretty sure it will get tweaked people may not like this but it
actually makes sense to make the game try and feel as true to life as possible
moving on to the new minigame across all maps on Vega no this is actually quite
fun and quirky mini-game as you know you have things
like the safe a lockbox know if you can actually find a Polaroid picture on the
maps that spawn randomly I haven’t managed to find out myself yet but I am
obviously looking for them as you all be as well if you can work out where the
picture was taken get to the location pretty sure it’ll be
case you’re just holding here and you’ll deck it up to get whatever look as well
then they’ll know personally I think this is a great little addition it keeps
you thinking because a lot of times people do actual just look a couple of
cars and they’ll run out because they’ve about a gear fear where no actually it’s
worthwhile just spoiling for pests or just trying to find these and I’m pretty
sure there’ll be XP boosts as well for that like you do if you get 10 kills you
get a create I’m pretty sure if you get some of these as well that will open you
crates for you as time goes on now moving on to weapons there’s been free
additions to Vega there is no the Magnum so look forward to get in the hand
cannon and the face every time you pass someone there’s a new hunting rifle and
a new machine gun now a big knife too heavy machine guns if you’re one who had
fires and sprays if you’re standing or crouched it will have more spray you
really need to go in the prone position now to get the full effect of as impact
also camera movement has changed a little bit and the swing spread has a
recoil changes as well no honestly I have been in the practice range and I
feel there’s a lot smoother with majority of guns now anyone who’s
watched my videos before knows I am terrible with a controller from me
personally I feel a lot smoother I’m pretty sure anyone who plays PC is going
to Xbox will feel the same before it was a bit clunky
no it just it just had it straight away you can see later in this video as well
instantly what Thomson just drayton someone now finally traitor detection
this has been a big one for a lot of people especially if you do random jaws
you spawn an orchid up turn around meeting a new best friend and buying the
carrot it’s all yourself extracts you lose everything he gains everything from
you know someone betrays you as a teammate everyone will see what piece of
crap that person has hopefully that’s what helps stop and slow down the whole
team killing phenomenon that’s happening really and put a lot of people off doing
random drills I think it will work to an extent but if you get close to the end
of CL drop run or something I’m pretty sure that person if they know it’s only
yours after hitting the radar to see if there anyone else is around they will
probably still take that chance so just bear that in mind the guys are walking
on trying to eliminate this is a full fight till they can’t put things and it
will stop team damage because it will just kind of unbalance a game but this
is the first apes to try it and really get rid of it it’s very annoying it’s
happened to me a couple of times luckily I don’t know if a knave just to test it
but for people who aren’t aware of it it can be very annoying especially when
you’ve worked hard to try and get the weapons you’re taking and just for some
little creep to turn around just basically blast you to the floor it’s
not very widespread but it does happen quite a lot of stealth just be very
careful over even though assess them as in place as I said that you get to the
end of the extraction people may still do it but finally there has been alert
rebalance now a lot of people know about the old glass house where you could run
in and actually get it free under glass the guys have watts and rebounds and
system to try and equal out all the look and all the places you add them before
then where other lot way it is that people doesn’t really tell people about
because they were quite or P but from what I’ve checked so far they seem to
have been really rebalanced to the majority of those areas not to see that
there may be one it pops up that’s when we’re trying
back in and the guys will work on it but you’ll probably find no is a more
natural way of look being processed through the maps a lot of people would
focus solely on the glasshouse map mainly because it was the easiest way to
get look very fast no you’ll probably find the balance and across all the maps
I’ve been able to try them all yet but I’m presuming that you’ll feel is more
equal across all of them which is good because it means more marks will be used
if your favorite map wasn’t always populated that was probably why so
hopefully that should fix that issue so guys that is the mean things to look out
for on this update no I will leave my extract right now of the bridges map
itself you can have a quick look at it see what you think just being a mind a
lot of people will use this bridge as a sniper point something to be very
cautious of I was quite lucky the extract points all seem to be on one
side of the map beware for campus because I’m pretty sure you will find
some basically because they are quite closer together as always thanks
stopping by again and leave a comment below let me know what you think for a
chance to enter the start of pack devil we get your 500 crowns + 5 uniforms
I’ll pack randomly through a website that used to pay the people looking for
a reply to your comment telling you that you have actually won then I’ll pass you
the cord through a desk cord so you have to join my desk or again all the links
for elephant will be in the pen comment below by stopping by and I’ll catch you
in an extreme or up there video don’t hesitate to leave the area through
the exit and it’s too dangerous you you

33 thoughts on “Vigor Update – New Vigor Map Bridges is Live! Vigor tips and tricks


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  2. My favorite part has got to be all the new possible angles with the vertical gameplay aspect of the new map. I remember watching you when the "founders pack" first released a year ago keep up the vigor content!

  3. Loved the vid, I love how they hinted at some new weapons in the 1.1 trailer (MP5SD, Dragunouv, and the Famas), your literally like the only vigor youtuber that actually uploads so thanks for the content!!!!!!!!!!!! One more thing, whats your opinion on the new event rewards, do you think they are fair for the amount of effort or do they need more? (In my opinion they should have have small stashes crowns inside of them)

  4. So I started playing this game a couple hours ago and I have a question

    Right now I'm playing very carefully and travelling light with my makarov and some ammo for insurance am I playing too passively or am I doing the right thing..?

  5. Shooting for that starter pack.. don’t know much about the game because I just started so I don’t really know what’s new but the heavy machine guns sounds nice.

  6. New update is good. The guns are fun, the treasure hunt is nice only the flinch when you get shoot should be less imo. Is the giveaway still going?

  7. Someone needs to do a video on picture locations (leads to guns and ammo if you find the location and dig) there are a couple I can't find.

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