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Vigilance Elite Mail Call Questions and Answers

you hey welcome to vigilance elite I’m Sean
Ryan the other day I posted something on the community tab saying that I was
going to take a Q&A and I think we got right around 500 some questions
I chose probably close to 30 questions probably just under there that I thought
were good questions and I also added the most popular ones in as well so I hope
you guys get something out of this if you like this comment below let me know
and maybe we’ll do more of these I don’t do them very often so first question is
from the rules are different if you could tell the younger Sean Ryan your
personal top 3 lessons you learned for surviving / being effective in combat
what would you say to yourself good question
do not make decisions off of emotion try to remain cool and collected
don’t let everything get to you and don’t make decisions based off of
emotions that will get you into deep shit the second thing communicating learn how to communicate
precise and effectively the communications when you’re in combat
when you’re on a mission is the most important thing you can have all right
it keeps the team together you have to learn how to communicate effectively
precisely you have probably the most important thing when it comes to being
in a team environment in combat communications number three believe it
or not shooting is not everything when it comes to combat in fact if you look
at any great leader anybody that has their head on a swivel
anybody that has good situational awareness one of the first things they
will tell you is to come off of the gun yes come off of the gun get your fucking
head out of your red dot or out of your scope and look around come off the gun
look to your right look to your left look to your six look beyond with the
threat get complete situational awareness you are not going to get
situational awareness by looking down your gun sights the entire time come off
the gun look around figure out where your guys are communicate when you need
to be on the gun be on it but be off the gun more than you are on I know that
doesn’t make sense but for anybody that’s been in combat it makes perfect
fucking sense good question one other thing one other thing I’m going to give
you for when you’re out there and you are taking fire when you make a decision
stick with it don’t make a decision get halfway through it and then fucking come
up with a new plan stick with the plan any plan is better than no plan alright
and if you start changing the plan every time all right
everybody’s gonna get confused everybody’s gonna start doing their own
thing and then it turns into a big fucking mess
so once you come up with a decision once you come up with a plan
do your best to fucking stick with it unless absolutely it’s just 100% not
gonna work all right don’t be indecisive make a decision
stick with it all right next question Derrick Ferguson
I’d like something on situational awareness in public settings three and a
half years ago my boss was killed by a co-worker about 15 feet from my desk
thankfully the co-worker took his own life but he was found dead with over ten
loaded magazines on him ever since then I’m a lot more anxious in public than
the paces and especially at work I’d like to video on how to read different
situations and how to stay safer in public settings I’m sorry I had to go
through that Derrick that’s that’s tough I will work on that video for that specific situation that you’re talking
about on how your boss was killed 15 feet from your desk something that I’ve
always been trained and told is looking out for suicide bombers and because
that’s almost always up close and personal and sometimes it is the
indigenous guys that we work with overseas you never know who the hell
it’s going to be then you said that they found 10 loaded magazines on him was he
wearing something different that day because 10 takes a lot to hide 10
magazines over 10 actually he said so maybe he came to work clothes completely
different to conceal all that that might have been a flag
how was he act and was he acting nervous generally when somebody has mal
intentions they’re going to act way out of character
gonna be nervous they’re gonna be paranoid they’re gonna be sweating
they’re gonna be stutter and they’re not gonna appear to be their normal self if
you’re sitting that close to somebody and they’re not their normal self and
they’re way out of character dressed different and all the things that I just
listed something might be up so I’m not saying that every time somebody’s acting
weird you have to think that that’s gonna happen but it should be a red flag
and you might want to pay a little more attention than normal so I hope that
helps and I will work on that video SN asks what is the most annoying thing
students do during your firearms training courses well believe it or not
the most annoying thing is an improper mechanics or safety or any of that stuff
that’s pretty much to be expected and all levels of firearms training I think
and it’s just something you should be prepared to deal with as an instructor
but for me the most annoying thing is I’ll get students in there usually it’s
the loudest one of the pack and usually it’s a guy a male who’s been to a whole
shit ton of firearms training courses and every time you suggest maybe trying
something a little bit different or showing them a different technique the
only response you ever get is well so-and-so teaches it this way well I was
always taught this way while I was shooting since I was six and for me as
an instructor just I can’t stand that because it just makes me wonder well
what the hell are you doing in my course if you already know everything so so I
just let them continue with the bad habits and I’ll go spend more time with
somebody who actually wants to learn but for me that is extremely annoying I
cannot stand and know-it-all Kenneth Baker wants to know
brother what was the toughest thing you had to do in buds and were you close to
wringing the belt the toughest thing I’ll give you two
things to tell us two toughest things one in like timed evolutions PT stuff
like that the hardest thing for me was the two-mile ocean swims
I couldn’t guide worth a shit and I was one of the slowest guys in the class
runs were easy for me o course was pretty simple for me
most of stuff I could pass with flying colors my hardest thing was the ocean
swims as far as just embrace on the suck it will be the cold the cold really
fucked with me I was probably about a buck 45 weight when I was in buds and
when you’re in that kind of water it gets pretty damn cold pretty fast
when you have no body fat and yeah that’s what got to me the most and yes I
was close to ringing the bell it was probably right around the second day in
hell week I came up this close luckily my buddy smacked me in the face and told
me quit being a pussy and don’t ring the fucking Bell and after that I never
thought about it again so and I only thought about it once but so there you
go ICI hutch wants to know what was the
best party you ever threw on Ridgecrest in your opinion well you see Hutch I
don’t know who the fuck you are but you obviously know me and we threw a lot of
parties on Ridgecrest usually they were the ones during baseball season then
were the best so I would love to know who the hell you are and which one of my
parties when I was in high school living on Ridgecrest that you enjoyed the most
so all right good times good times I don’t know how
to say this JM CCO IG 101 all right saw v-twin motor in your studio I’m one of
the recent videos what is that from do you wrench it all I have a broken
cylinder head in my office at work for my race bike it allows me to direct my
daydreaming well are you talking about this v-twin that is from where my very
best brothers Dave Rutherford rut who you’ve also seen on this channel they
used to be his v-twin and he gave it to me for doing something for him that I
will never be at liberty to discuss and we’ll just leave it at that but he gave
it to me to build a bike I have no idea how to build a fucking bike so little
probably right here in my office for some time before it turns into an actual
functioning motorcycle which answers your second question as much as I’d love
to be able to wrench I do not know how to do it
I don’t have time to learn right now but there it is this is probably the
toughest question I’ve had and I’m gonna make a whole video on this I’m trying to
Sonny easy one to make from Dark Knight how do you deal with
loss whether it be a pet friend or loved one how do you deal with death Shawn
it’s been a hard year for me this question would be much appreciated well honestly I’ve lost more friends than I
can count and about a month and a half ago the hardest one of all past my very
best friend his name was gay Bacardi he was a seal we worked together at the
agency and that’s whose flag is over my shoulder but it’s never easy it never
gets any easier but I think the first thing is just honor them you know honor
them the way that you think they would want to be honored don’t try to make
sense of it it’s never gonna fuckin make sense I don’t know if it’s supposed to
make sense but it never does so quit trying to make sense of why they are
gone they’re gone and that’s all there is to it just remember the good things
and try to think about how they would want you to be with them being God would
they want you sad would they want you going into Solitude would they want you
to suffer because they’re lost or would they want you to celebrate and celebrate
their life and and and try to move on most everyone I know I would probably
the latter and so I try to keep that in mind
and one other thing that comes up down my head is it is okay to move past it
I think a lot of people sit around and they dwell on guilt for not feeling
guilty anymore that their friend is dead and gone when you don’t feel that
anymore it’s time to move on when you’re done mourning move on don’t feel guilty
because you don’t feel that you need to mourn anymore and don’t pretend to
fucking mourn because you feel guilty what everybody else thinks of you
doesn’t fucking matter what everybody else thinks just matters what you think
and just because you’re moving on doesn’t mean you don’t miss them it
doesn’t mean you don’t still hurt it doesn’t mean any of that just means
you’re moving on with your life which is exactly what you need to do so again I’m
gonna try to make an entire video on this because I have lost so many friends
and it’s not easy to put together but I’m I’m planning it and hopefully I can
knock that out and I’m sorry I’ve had a rough year hopefully next is better but
you’ll pull through it I hope you guys don’t mind getting kind
of hunger here so where’s my tongs so anyways we’re just some ghrelin why
answer some more of these questions and if you’re wondering it’s chicken sausage
why am i eating chicken sausage because I’m getting married in like three days
and my fiance’s got me on this really fucking wonderful diet but anyways here
we go Arthur Haran end of the world is upon us
choose one weapon to protect yourself well that’s a pretty tough question but
and I can’t really answer that because I don’t know how it would be doing but or
where I would be what I would be doing in my stationary am i moving around
that’s all gonna dictate if I get to choose one but they have no idea and I
can only choose one it’d probably be a twenty-two yeah just a simple ass Ruger
10/22 with the little Biddy has 22 rounds
why would I kick 22 because I know how much five five six rounds way I know how
much seven six two rounds away I know how much 300 Win Mag way I know how much
all that shit ways and guess how many rounds I can take with me if I’m gonna
bolt with the 22 more than I can count or ever hope to shoot so now if I was
stationary at defending I don’t know a home or a bunker or
something like that and I didn’t have to hump all that ammo around with me well
that’s a different story but you asked for one so I’m just gonna give you one
and that would be it francis goldstein please tell the truth
about the SEAL team 6 Osama story are you ever going to admit
that 9/11 was fake you’re an idiot next question Johnny danger nice name
if he had failed the test to become a seal did you have a back-up plan for
work or your career well not exactly you can remember I was only 18 years old
when I went in so I don’t know any 18 year olds and have any backup plans
order any plans at all for that matter but no I did not have a back-up plan which is probably part of the reason why
I made it because I saw everybody else’s back-up plan and they look pretty shitty
to me so I just kept going I am starving
all right Jared LaRoche this is the most popular question with 336 likes would
you ever consider making an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast yeah I guess I
mean I never really thought about it but yeah I guess depending on what we were
talking about I would do that hook me up all right guys I gotta eat well dinner
was pretty good so let’s have a glass of wine now all right what do you guys been
asking what kind of wine do I drink well here it is J vineyards Pinot Noir pretty
good but let’s get back to some questions here so Billy Ray how would
somebody know if somebody was following or tracking them of course if you see
them a lot but like does anything else clue you in on it body language etc well
that’s a I can’t answer that with one quick response but I’ll just give you a
kind of a up basic rule of thumb if you’re at the mall if you’re driving
around if you’re walking around downtown if you see somebody once little big deal
right if you see them twice that’s a coincidence if you see them a third time
there’s a good fucking chance they’re on your ass so think about that third
revelation how many Rolex watches have you actually
traded in good or bad situations and why well he’s talking about a EDC video that
it came out not too long ago click the link if you haven’t seen it and watch it
and you’ll understand the question so third revelation hold on let me see
which Rolex I’m wearing here just kidding I’ve never had to do it but
bargaining chips are really good to have I know everybody thinks they’re just
gonna blaze their fucking way out of a situation or because I had a gun on me I
was just gonna hijack a car or something if I needed to well let me tell you
something every time you do something like that you leave a fucking signature
behind sometimes you don’t want to leave a signature behind and you want to go
really quietly and really peacefully so that you can actually get the fuck out
of we’re going without drawing attention does that make sense
now I have lost of Rolex before several years ago I was at a really nice
establishment outside of Miami called Scarlett’s maybe some of you have heard
of it had a little too much fun somebody may or may not have put something in my
drink and the next thing you know I’m past
the fucking bushes outside Scarlets which of course is in a really nice
neighborhood woke up brushed the leaves off my shirt and lifted my wrist to see
what time it was and oh shit there’s no watch there try to pull my phone out oh
shit there’s no phone there reach for my wallet it was there reach for my car keys it
was there so what did I do I drove my hungover ass straight to
mayor’s jewelry at Fort Lauderdale Mall with the Galleria and bought a brand new
GMT and then I went home and took a shower Cheers next question Blademaster
most people think very highly of seals what type of person people do you admire
aside from your military brothers good question I admire anybody who is the best or
striving to be the best in whatever it is they do somebody told me once that
they can only respect those people who are the best at what they do and that
really resonated with me and so those are the people that I admire the people
that put the blood sweat tears eat sleep breathe shit everything you know what
they want to do and they want to be the fucking best at it that’s awesome and
those are the type of people that I’d like to be around on that note let’s go
into the dead welcome to the den Cheers you can get these on vigilance elite
dot-com by the way the links up top all right next question from JM what
well-rounded training programs would you recommend for a civilian with a full
time job and family obviously that person will never get anywhere near the
level of training you or even basic infantry would get not even to mention
the real-life experience of applying the training but what’s the best they can
get I see lots of shooting classes some that even mix in additional tactical
still skills but nothing that seems like it has everything well ear would be my
suggestion you get all these people and they all go to all these different
trainers all the time all right they do this guy’s course and that guy’s course
and then it’s almost like it’s more of a vacation or like a check in the box to
say they’ve trained with that person rather than actually getting training so
I think my best advice for you to be is if you really want to get into a program
find somebody that does private lessons do your research find a real trainer
who’s done real world stuff who actually has real experience other than the
fucking video game world and jump on a program with them take private lessons
if you want to bring your family with you bring your family find somebody that
you can build a relationship with and that will be able to pick up where you
left off and who’s gonna hold you accountable and all that kind of stuff
and build a relationship with a trainer doesn’t have to be me I don’t care who
it’s with I’m just giving look look for who you think would be a good fit give
it a shot maybe it works out maybe a dozen but I would find somebody that you
like and keep going with the same trainer over and over and over again and
as they get more confident with you and you get more confident with yourself
you’ll advance into stuff that you probably never thought you would be into
we learning about or anything like that so that would be my best advice find
somebody who’s good who has the skills who’s actually used the skills and and
stick with them and they’ll do you’re right all right next question Anderson Susie 13 being a millennial
it’s kind of hard to find a woman who’s actually worth it how did it click in
your brain that you’re now fiance was going to be your life partner good
question I knew my fiancee was going to be my life partner very early when I
would ask her real questions that were difficult questions and she had real
answers there’s a lot of fake fucking people in this world and when somebody
can give you direct real answers that you can tell
they’ve actually thought about that’s that’s just not something you run into
every day and that was the first thing that I noticed about her that was
different than everybody else so look for someone real I guarantee you’re
surrounded by phonies all right tactical firemen do you avoid having a certain
look I’m a retired law enforcement officer / fire marshal and seems like
everyone tries to look tactical yeah here yeah – those of us that know it
stands out like a sore thumb I instantly recognize recognize 511
pants or Maxpedition backpacks as soon as I see that I look for the print of a
pistol I’m not usually wrong I just wear regular clothes when I’m out in public
for that very reason sounds like you get a little bit of a pet peeve there yeah
me too and that would be one look that I completely avoid look I just am Who I am
all right I’m not I like flannels I like blue jeans I like
New Balance shoes I don’t need a gun belt
I don’t need male backpacks with air 15 magazine pouches strapped to the
backpack I don’t need any of that shit alright and I just like to look like Who
I am so there’s that but yeah that exactly what you just described if I was
to avoid a look that would be one of them so it just makes you look like a
big target and deterred so alright good question man good question Ingrid this
that oak oh can you do a video touching on addiction slash recovery after the
military yeah actually I’m trying to put that video together I’m trying to plan
it it’s a extremely tricky subject but I am brainstorming it something I
struggled with for a really long time and I can tell you one thing that really
helped me probably more or the least that really stands out right now is I
changed everything I changed the way I dressed I changed
the music I listen to anything that reminded me of what I was addicted to I
changed and that helped get those addictions out of my head a lot by
changing all that stuff so try that and I’ll keep working on the video but good
luck to you stay strong s David Cohen when in places
you’re unable to carry a firearm what are you carrying care to comment on a
specific system of hand-to-hand combat not really but I don’t think it really
matters what I’m carrying because I don’t really go anywhere without a
firearm if I do go somewhere I’m more concerned with which I’m always
concerned with but even more so is the first thing I look for are my exits all
of them alright I want to know how the hell I’m gonna get out of there what I’m
gonna say to get out of there where I’m gonna go to get out of there and then
after that I’m looking for what can I use as a weapon maybe there’s fire
extinguisher around maybe I’m at a bar and I’m gonna crack the barstool on the
floor and pick up a ball bat from one of the chair legs maybe you know it doesn’t
matter I’m those are the things I’m constantly
thinking about how am I gonna take out a threat what kind of threat might be
coming and how am I gonna get the fuck out of here how am I gonna get the fuck
out of here is probably gonna be your primary concern I think too many people
today think they’re gonna be a hero and 99 times out of a hundred they’re not
going to rise to the occasion and they don’t need to what they need to do is
figure out how to get the fuck out so there will be my advice a lot of people
want to know where I met the grifter old Griffin well picked him up on tinder and
there right buddy that’s true this is a good one from Chase
tomaso I have a question why are you going this route with your videos not
saying you’ve gone soft on me but definitely a different climate and
content good question it is a different climate and content one a lot of these
videos came from like the social anxiety one the therapy one some of the kind of
stuff came from questions off of Instagram but it was questions that I
was getting over and over and over again and I think they’re important topics so
I decided to cover them and I’ll probably stick with it for a while another reason I love the Second
Amendment I love my firearms but I’m not gonna bullshit you
I am completely fucking disgusted with the industry who these companies hires
brand ambassadors I’ve never seen so many companies hire incompetent fucking
idiots to rep their brands as the firearms industry which is why I will
not associate with any of the brands so long story short that’s it I’ve seen
more people fuck each other over here I’ve seen more shit-talking than
anywhere else here I see more sellouts than anyone else here you will let you
just watch watch somebody sell out for $500 to rep a bullshit product and then
two seconds later rip on a politician and call them a fucking sellout verb I
don’t know whatever these lobbies are paying but it’s just a bunch of fucking
hypocrites and I don’t really want to be a part of
right now I’m just tired of that shit so I’m going this direction
and I will always be tied to the firearms community but I don’t really
like anybody in it Greg Shabbat what is the preferred hair gel
on the east West Coast teams Greg if you hadn’t robbed written so many badass
articles about me and soldier of fortune I think you were giving me shit about my
fucking loss of hair but so I know you better than that I use
Hanz de Fuko my sister is one of the top hair stylist is over and not Tampa and
so she finds the best shit for guys that are balding and sends it to me for free
so if you’re having some parish’s Hanz de Fuko might be for you FAL dukkha
industries I’m new to your channel so you may have covered this already where
did you meet your fiancé well I met Katie on a gun range believe it or not
my best friend David brother furred also known as rut brought me out there to
introduce me to her father actually and we shot some long range had some lunch
she shared her tater tots with me they were delicious then I took her to
another gun range and then we went to Alaska got engaged under
the Northern Lights and we’re getting married this week so thanks for asking
that all right guys last thing and it’s not from anyone in particular it’s been
a lot of inquiries and I thought this would be out a lot sooner the question
is when is the online training coming we’re running a little behind schedule
we ran into some big big challenges this year but I’m hoping that the online
training which will start with pistol start a basic pistol and then it’ll be
drills that you guys can work on but I’m hoping it will be up by the end of
November if not in December so it will be up it will either be on patreon or my
website so be on the lookout for that I’ll definitely put a teaser out on
YouTube and Drive you guys to the correct spot and we’ll blast up an email
out and you won’t be able to miss it I’ll make sure it goes everywhere so
anyways I just want to thank you guys for all the questions I’m sorry I didn’t
get to answer even early a fraction of them but I hope I answered some good
ones I hope you guys got something out of this if you do like these kind of
things please comment below and maybe I’ll start putting a question in front
of every video or maybe I’ll do the Q&A mailbox thing more often so don’t forget
to subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys next week

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