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Vigilance Elite – Ballistic Penetration Pistol Testing

alright guys once again going through the exact same thing is the other video but we’re running pistol ammo all right we’re starting off with nine millimeters ball rounds okay so once again we’re going engine block door pants and rear axle okay so I think it’s gonna be the exact same results as last time all right Manny but yeah all right give me one well-placed round at the engine block all right give me one well-placed round at the target behind the door panels all right give me one well-placed round at the rear axle alright go ahead holster up alright guys so once again here we are looking at nine mil ball we had Manny from Palm Beach tags we’ll take the shots once you get in behind the engine block all good right okay door panel here we go right there boat Swiss fucking cheese all right sorry about that Bob all right going to the rear axle once again no penetration all right once again 9 mil ball alright guys so now we’re gonna use federal premium HST which is probably one of the most popular carry carry uh gun a munitions or whatever the fuck you want to call it out there alright so once again drivers our engine block door panel rear axle all right Manny range is hot go ahead send it all right moving to the door panel alright moving to the rear axle all right clear and safe alright guys here we are once again that was Federal Premium HST great carry ammo once again nothing through the engine block right then we go to Bob over here or having a bad fucking day and right through both door panels again okay rear axle good to go no penetration as you can see alright guys same drill this time we’re gonna use 90 millimeter gold got personal protection this is another favorite amongst people that are carrying everyday a big fan uh I know a lot of law enforcement guys use this stuff so let’s see what happens alright once again Manny engine block door panel rear axle alright go ahead give me one well aim all right there we go door panel ok rear axle alright Clarence safe all right guys here we are again alright that was gold out as you can see once again not coming through the engine block alright we move over here actually this is actually I’m actually pretty fuckin surprised about this did not penetrate both door panels so let’s go over here so Bob survived that one go over here and rear axle no penetration alright Gold Dot premium self defense hey guys just to double-check this we actually took another shot from basically point-blank distance on the other side of the door with the gold dot and as you can see it it went through both doors and hit the target but if you had any distance at all we were only about ten yards no penetration alright same drill as before I got Mike’s Clark here from Boca Raton Fire Rescue he’s got a new 45 1911 he wants to break in so why not breaking it on this fucking car right here we’re going 45 auto full metal jackets all right same drunk engine block driver’s side door and rear axle alright Mike go ahead give me one well aim place shot at the target behind the engine block alright moving on over to the door panels alright and rear axle alright make it safe alright guys here we are once again 45 Auto Full Metal Jacket behind the engine block no penetration alright moving over driver’s side door I’ll be fucking damned didn’t penetrate that actually surprises the living shit out of me so Bob lives to tell another tale alright moving over to the rear axle once again no penetration alright alright guys so once again went through a variety of different pistol rounds engine block doors rear axle there was a couple of fucking surprises there even by me we didn’t get full penetration through the door panels so I hope you guys were able to take something out of that mani you got anything to say that’s just

41 thoughts on “Vigilance Elite – Ballistic Penetration Pistol Testing

  1. Shooting Underwood’s extreme defense, my 9mm always gets deeper into the red oak targets I’ve made than my .45 auto. My 10 mm is a different story. No hiding from the 10mm Underwood’s.

  2. I knew FMJ wouldn't penetrate because the round separates meaning less energy through the round once hit the target.

  3. Hi, I have a request for a video. Or just hoping for feedback.

    My apartment along with my neighbors and a friends apartment were all broken into. My neighbors and friend were all out of town when it occurred. I called the police and they did not send anybody out which left me clearing three separate apartments on my own. I do not have any military, police, or tactical training. I have my concealed carry licenses and shoot as much as I can however I consider myself as just knowing the basics.

    I was wondering if you could do a video on clearing stairwells and a house type setting while in the dark. All I had was my handgun and a flashlight. I did not have a weapon mounted light that was available to me.

    Thank you

  4. Why are you so fucking surprised that the .45 acp round didn't penetrate through both fucking door panels? It's fucking traveling at a fucking slower velocity and has a wider fucking profile. The fucking 9mm round has a slimmer fucking profile and is traveling fucking faster, making it a fucking better penetrator. Fucking ballistics 101!

  5. What you were seeing when those rounds did NOT go thru was they were hitting the structural cross members in either one or two of the doors.  I know from testing that the .45ACP will rip through the doors like the 9mm unless it hits the beams.  Nice video to show people out there how stupid it is to use a car door or car for Cover (unless it's the only thing around of course 🙂

  6. Is there anyway you can use a 10mm for a test My edc is a glock 29 with underwood 155 grain also has the ultimate trigger system by pyramid and I have a 21lbs spring with a stainless steel guide ride what do you think of the round as a edc

  7. 9mm BEATS .45 through a door panel ? WOW ! So much for the caliber debate, or maybe it was just that both rounds that didn't penetrate hit the front seat instead ? Where's the .40 S&W test ? Yeah, yeah, I know I'm going to hear a lot of shit about that…lol
    Just wondering though…

  8. Breaking news small caliber handguns can’t penetrate through an engine block!! Top YouTube tip, put spec ops in front of a YouTube video to try and get views. If you claim to be ex spec ops don’t click bait. 556 rounds on a good day can barely go through engine blocks. Takes 762 and above to hit through an engine.

  9. “Bob over havin a bad fuckin day…” for some reason that line cracked me up, if Bobs dumb enough to believe the movies and take cover behind 1/4 of sheet metal on both doors combined he kinda deserves the bad fuckin day.

  10. Could of told you that shit without making a video. You might not even get a 50 to go through and through that block or axle.

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