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Viewer Mail & Christmas Present – How To Install An AR15 Safety Detent On XM177 Clone

Let’s do it Hey crew welcome back to clovertac today, we’ve got something kind of fun I received a little Christmas present Had a viewer a supporter of the channel send me a safety detent for an ar-15 and In the envelope with this little detent was a note And it said haha you know here’s an extra AR part now you have to build a new Ar-15 now I know that was a joke and I can appreciate a good joke, but I thought hey This is an opportunity to do something real cool, so While, I don’t have the money and don’t foresee having the money in the immediate future to build a new AR What I’m gonna. Do is I’m gonna take this Detent pin that this awesome viewer. Sent me, and I’m actually going to install it today in one of my favorite a ARs Now let’s make sure the Mag is empty And we are clear This is a copy of a colt Xm177 that I built I really love this little rifle, so let’s drop the magazine let’s drop the bolt and we will get started You’ve got a screw. That’s down here in the grip all you need is long enough screwdriver sometimes there Phillips sometimes They’re flat in this case. It’s a hex head We are gonna run that down in there now the detent in the spring run down in the receiver right in here We’re just gonna back that screw out. You’ll notice the grip. That’s coming up as we do that And it’s long winded so That grip may also be a little tight on the receiver pretty common so there we go notice I pulled the grip off we’ll set it to the side right here and there’s the spring so make sure when you’re pulling that grip you don’t lose this and then if we flip this dude over here the Detent will just kind of Should just kind of fall out bump it a little bit there, and there is the old Safety detent now you want to make sure that you install the new one or the one you’re installing, install it with a pointy side down and it’s time to put the spring and Grip back on you’ll notice. There’s a hole in this grip slide that spring back up in that hole like so get your grip back on here kind of align everything line your screw, align your spring with the detent down there There we go Tighten that screw back up Again it’s long winded so You may think it’s not gonna tighten, but it will There we go everything’s tight now, we’re going to check the function of course Safety Has no movement side to side it locks into safe and fire just fine So we are done, so I’ll probably throw this video under the clovertac basics series Hopefully there’s something in this video that somebody out there can learn from I want to again Thank that viewer for sending me that little detent pin I want to thank everybody for watching and until next time remember to chain fire freedom Before you leave guys don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and click that Bell notification as well If you like a more interactive experience be sure to check out one of our three weekly live shows And finally if you like what we’re doing here on clovertac and you want to help support the channel You can do that over on or by going to?

13 thoughts on “Viewer Mail & Christmas Present – How To Install An AR15 Safety Detent On XM177 Clone

  1. A couple of quick questions:

    1. Shouldn't you have an A1 grip on there instead of the A2? Is it just personal preference?

    2. Is that the Griffin Armament clone of the XM linear comp sans baffles? If so, how do you like it? If not, what muzzle device is it? I've been thinking about putting an XM style comp on my AR pistol.

  2. Pro tip: dap that spring into grease before you stick it into the grip and it wont fall out and go springin' sproingin' across your garage and under an 8'x8'x3' rack, ask me how I know!

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