100 thoughts on “Video shows Israeli sniper shooting Palestinian

  1. What do you expect them to do? Just let a bunch of muslims charge into their country to take it over?

  2. American people wake up….. Zionists are no one's friends ….one day they're gonna bite u too for sure…..think about Benjamin Franklin's warning ….

  3. Trump supporters either love Israel or think jews dilute US with liberalism.

    Relationship status: it鈥檚 complicated.

  4. Son of bitch of israhell, you are going to hell, with your fucking people And fucking talmud And fucking yahwe.

  5. these fucking soulless hosts are enjoying the show, those jews massacred and murdered many palestinians for years now, fuck israel. may god help those who got murdered for no reason, and may god bless the good ones.
    i dont hate every israeli, but A LOT OF THEM FUCKING MASSACRE CIVILIANS

  6. These Islam mongers never let others to live peaceful… Israel has no other way… Just think.. If Israel is weak..woukd you think, these devils spare even one Israeli to live…

  7. If the military have guns at the border and they have been told to stay away. Does it not make sense to not mess around on the edge of the border? I mean, im not for either side, but it makes sense not to go there. And dont say religion, I believe in the spaghetti monster but im not going to Italy to throw shit down every time they start scoffing on bolognese


  9. gj we gonna keep killing because you dont stop fireing rockets

  10. Fucking cowards, when Hitler did the same everyone had their back, but now that they're doing the same to Palestinians people everyone turns a blind eye…

  11. He was shot in the LEG .. had been leading a RIOT. It鈥檚 clear in the video he wasn鈥檛 trying to lead scared kids away , but that鈥檚 his excuse. It was pretty clear from other videos that they WERE rioting . Palestinians WERE trying to get over the border fences, and throwing incendiaries at the soldiers! We all saw the footage that OTHERS provided. They were RIOTING – it wasn鈥檛 just a 鈥渕arch鈥 you liars. All leftist media does is lie & distort truth. You make me sick

    SO sick of his leftist media & UN mislead ppl re what鈥檚 really going on in Israel. Israel is KNOWN for warming ppl before bombing Palestinian tunnels etc. They have shown mercy to Palestinians in spite of the HORRORS of Palestinians MURDERING ENTIRE FAMILIES after gaining access to them through deception. They constantly stage photos and lie. I pray God brings down every lying media outlet in this country!


  12. Palestinians need to remember one thing. When God told the Israelites to go into a country that I have given you, and claim the lands in My name, and I will deliver thy enemies into thy hands! God's word is FINAL! I could care less if you don't like it!

  13. I'm surprised they're even showing this on CNN, today it would be labeled anti-semitic because Israel is above reproach!

  14. I still support Israel…. But Palestinians and afgan muslims are good loveable people (forget al Qaeda, I am talking about humans)

  15. just stay the fuck away from the fence what this people dont understand to not go there, israel warnted them alot of times & they dont care they just keep filming the videos to show the world how they killing them, fuckin idiots, theres even a video that show 15 years old boy get shot in the head and die but some of them laugh at him (his "friends")

  16. They aim for the fucking feet? Do they know how ricochet works? If you miss your shots, anyone behind the person you were aiming for could be easily killed. One reason why US Law Enforcement is trained to shoot center mass and not for the arms (to try and disarm someone) or the legs (for obvious reasons).

  17. What they are doing near the Border fence,It is highly deadly place to go Army guard this place and anyone going in the restricted area is dangerous.

  18. They should put a orange line and then a red one with a camera so if they cross the red line they know that you've been warned by the signs and they can't say they didn't know why they were shot

  19. I鈥檓 convinced that after all these years they鈥檙e still fighting and killing, in that time they could have built their own city and could have gotten on with life! I鈥檓 Christian!

  20. If you get a chance to visit Israel, you may get a shock, maybe half of the Israeli army are actually Palestinian.

  21. WHY ISIS, El Kaide etc. never attack Israel, even Syria is neighbour of 陌srael?

    ISIS : "Israeli Secret Intellegence Service"


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