58 thoughts on “Video shows American Sniper shooter moments after arrest

  1. Give that guy some medal! I wish they had a video of him taking out Chris Kyle, that piece of Shit. I'm glad Jesse sued his ass and took 1.8 from his cheating wife.

  2. He was simply drugged up fuck insanity, that's why he gained all that weight while in prison.

  3. Routh dreamed of becoming a Marine since he was (13)? I'm guessing he didn't want the PTSD which came along with it. I think he had issues long before the military and wish the military would have caught glimpse of them during screens. I'm sure his family knew him intimately and shouldn't have supported his military career. What I'm saying is, don't blame the military! It's him and his psychological makeup which was only exacerbated by being in the military. Chris Kyle's idea of fostering veterans, and the most unstable ones, by taking them to a shooting range? Not the best form of therapy. Kyle wasn't a degreed/certified psychologist and his arrogance put him in an unwanted position.

  4. What a fucking psycho, if Chris Kyle wanted to have a gun duel with you he would blow your fucking head off before you could even blink

  5. Anybody that kills is mentally messed up. My dad is a parinode schizophrenic and he acted just like that.

  6. Both killer and victim were were thugs trained by the MIC and deep into glorifying death and destruction as fun. They loved it. They acted like little boys playing "army" instead of responsible adult men.
    Anyone that LIKES the regimentation of the military is sick to begin with.
    Stay clear of these morons. They're warped dangerous people!
    Sane people are critical thinkers, not followers. Mentally healthy people like freedom, not shackles.
    BTW: These guys don't "fight for our freedoms". They rape, torture, kill and blow things up for the profits of the already ultra wealthy in this world.

  7. Great way of "helping" the mentally disturbed. Taking them to a gun range and giving them weapons. Who would have thought that this could happen

  8. just wait till someone you care about,is destroyed by SSRI drugs. now they have created a hysteria of normal pain medications,these psychotropic drugs are being called pain medication and given to the sane in pain. so it is just a matter of time before it ruins the life of someone you know. and no one will give a fuck . no one will even attempt to fight this multi trillion dollar evil. even if you happen to find another story on line.it will be gone without a trace ,within days.

  9. Routh is the real hero here for ending the life of asshole lier Chris Kyle. I hope Kyle is rotting in hell for what he did to Jesse Ventura.

  10. Aaahhhhhhahahahhahahahahahahahah another military hit man pleading crazy and getting that government love … This is all just a cover for the meat of the real Chris Kyle situation….. Devils

  11. Some of those medications he was prescribed im sure from h.s i went to h.s with him and am pretty damn sure he was on medication he spoke about it often unless he was lying eddie routh was a asshole and an aggressive person even back then

  12. Mother fucker should die, he shot Chris for “not shooting at a gun range” who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to shoot a guy for not fucking doing something? Guy had 160 CONFIRMED KILLS and he gets killed for Laying off the guns for a bit then continues to steal his truck, PTSD had nothing to do with killing another man in arms.

  13. RIP. CHRIS… what I don't understand is he texts his wife and said this guy is straight-up crazy he also told his buddy in the truck that he nuts with all his military knowledge and training I would never put a gun in anybody's hands that was unstable and never turn my back on somebody like that, he is the All American Hero loved the movie.. I believe the guy was more jealous over Chris's accomplishments then anything he seemed like he was more part crazy because he never amounted to anything….Sucks the way they went out the guy is nothing more than a coward he deserves the death penalty…🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  14. Chris Kyle your my hero I watched the movie and I cried when I saw what happened I know I’m late but thank you for your service 🙏

  15. he rode in the back of the truck and they didnt talk to him on the way to the range…. he suffered a rejection reaction

  16. I grew up in Texas and I can tell by the comments like
    “going to the gun range for therapy, whaaaa?!?!”
    These are the people who have never done any real time (much less grew up) in Texas or places like it…
    you know the states that tend to have more of a “red-ish” hue, politically speaking.
    States where you could/would/will actually hear people LITERALLY say
    “lets go to the gun range to let off some steam.”
    “I was stressed so I went to shoot some of my guns at the range.”

    Just a funny observation from a guy who grew up in but no longer lives in texas.

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