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Video log # 2. Rambo Knives, Cool Lights, Awesome Holsters

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11 thoughts on “Video log # 2. Rambo Knives, Cool Lights, Awesome Holsters

  1. Nice bag. The Maxpedition Monsoon can be pulled around to the front also, but the zipper openers are not nearly as efficient. BTW, just received Your Competition Handgun Training Program, and am doing the initial read-through. Good stuff. 

  2. Thanks mike great video
    When you conceal carry your at the mall or restaurant you have to go to the bathroom what do you do ….aiwb,owb,and iwb
    Sorry about the personal question but they don't put shelves in stalls
    And I know you've carried quite awhile….

    Congratulations on the award
    You all deserve it

  3. Hey Mike, love your vlogs, keep em coming. I'm totally wanting that Brous blade, Spyderco wave opener, and of course the Klarus light. So much for my savings😳🔫✌️

  4. The Best Defense is underrated. Glad to hear about the award, but seriously: what a great informative, helpful, and fun show.

  5. I really like how quick that bag is. For those situations when I don't have belt loops on (I'm going to and from the gym, combatives training or just being lazy) I wear a holster from Dark Star Gear that has a steel spring clip. It will destroy your pants before coming out with the gun. As well as a fixed blade and double mag pouch also with spring clips from Blade Rigs, plus a folder and a light in my pockets. With this set up I am not downsizing much from what I normally carry (got the medical in my bag).

    Btw I recently downloaded your free e-book. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing that awesome piece!

  6. Great video. I’m a new subscriber to your channel and enjoyed this episode. You are very clear and informative. Again thank you. Retired CPD. CHGO.

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