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Victorville Suspect Shot After Wrestling Away Gun From San Bernardino Deputy, Opening Fire

23 thoughts on “Victorville Suspect Shot After Wrestling Away Gun From San Bernardino Deputy, Opening Fire

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  2. MIRACLE FROM GOD. God loved that deputy and that boy. its a miracle that they are both here.
    Praise Jesus. Please lock up that boy and throw away the key.

  3. She got very lucky. I am glad she's not seriously injured and that she's going to be okay, although mentally I'm sure this is going to affect her.
    The animal in question should be tooken out and euthanized.👹🔫

  4. Lol did he really put his hands up after he shot at her? Like really dude you just shot at a cop you think they gonna let your ass walk😂 fuck no they gonna light your ass up

  5. Not trying to be negative or sexist but I believe women should not be in military nor law enforcement. I know there’s a lot of women and sensitive men that will hate on me, but women can not be men…..WE ARE NOT EQUAL IN THIS AREA! Men are bigger stronger and naturally aggressive. Men have the heart and mind of a Hunter. Men are design to be protectors and work in high risk occupations such as law enforcement/military. DON’T GET ME WRONG THERES A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF WOMEN THAT ARE HARDCORE PROTECTORS THAT CAN HANG WITH THE BIG BOYS, BUT THIS PERCENTAGE IS VERY SMALL. Just imagine if this female officer male counter parts were present or just arrived on scene rite when the suspects disarmed the female officer. She would of completely put those other officers at danger. This keeps happening time after time. This Me2 Movement has a lot of women with a screwed sense empowerment that puts them in danger. LADIES YOU CAN NOT BE A MAN. YOU WERE NOT BUILT FOR THIS LINE OF WORK! There’s another YouTube video I just saw "Detainee grabs taser and shot at officer. This is outrageous…..! there’s a lot of videos that show women cops running away versus going towards the danger. We see it time and time again female cops leaving and abandoning their male colleagues that’s engaging in the fight.

  6. The whole female police officer thing isn't working out. And letting them sit in the rear with the gear gaining EO fast track promotion to send the men out to kill and die isn't "equality" it's exactly the opposite of that.

  7. Call police at your own peril. Most of them have below average intelligence. Are running the street looking for someone to shoot. The only reason the suspect got shot was because he gave himself up. As soon as he put his hand up they shot him.Don't ever turn your back on a cop. Don't ever turn yourself in. Other wise you'll end up like him.

  8. Women everywhere were outraged when they put makeup on Brie Larson in a scene where she played Captain Marvel, tons of them saying "She doesn't need makeup to save the universe!" But when police wear makeup they are suddenly dead silent loool

  9. He sang at the church, systematic racism and socioeconomics. How was he suppose to know you’re not suppose to resist arrest and not violently attack female police officers? We can’t expect him not to steal her gun and not shoot at her.

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