100 thoughts on “VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

  1. For the best classic miniature explosions watch the climactic end to "Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun" (1969.) TRUST ME 😉

  2. The worst part about that Henry Cavil scene in Justice league is that it was a throw away scene. If they had cut it, it would not have made any difference in the movie.

  3. 8:52 i was about to take a sip of my coffee… if that came up a second later, i would have to buy a new keyboard.

  4. I'd love to turn these three loose on a Battletech movie. Perhaps when I become a billionaire I'll fund such a venture.

  5. I just come to bring to you light of knowledge. Resident Evil effects were mostly practical. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsXAqaAHwOA

  6. Okay… the twilight baby looking so ‘mature’ was part of the book- she was supposed to look more intelligent and aware of her world- but the lighting of the cgi was super bad and didn’t match the surroundings

  7. The real reason bigger things move slowly is that mass and tensile strength scale at different rates. Mass scales with volume which scales exponentially to cross sectional area which is tied directly to tensile strength. The greater the ratio of mass to tensile strength the slower a being has to move to prevent its momentum ripping it apart when it stops. This is something that people inherently know even if they can't explain it so something big moving too fast looks more unrealistic.

  8. These videos genuinely make me wish I hadn't dropped out of a Traditional Animation degree out of protest of the rise of 3D Animation. This is SO INTERESTING. Please do more!

  9. The criss cross shot , the guy got sliced by the lasers , he could have walked back a couple of steps , he might have been alive. It's just stupid .

  10. That chunk of his face in Resident Evil you talked about, you said it should've tumbled down simply and not take a pause. You're wrong there I think, it landed on his shoulder first so the pause was needed there and then it continued.

  11. That fucking Soyboy on the far left. How in the fuck can you do FX work for movies and you never watch any movies? Jesus that's fucked up. He's always saying :I've never seen that" Does live on desert island?

  12. I got dragged to see that twilight movie with my now wife, and when that scene came up, a guy yells “OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!” And the entire audiences loses their shit. 12/10 would never want to see again

  13. With Superman's mustache, I wonder if they tried glueing it down, and then with makeup colour correcting it and concealing it. You know, like some drag queens do with their eyebrows. Would that work? I mean, they would probably have to make it less noticeable with VFX, but they probably wouldn't have had as many issues with the muscles around the mouth.

  14. The resident evil laser scenes were actually practical,
    Look up Resident Evil: Making of the infamous "laser dicing" scene.

  15. Not sure if this was already said, but the resident evil clip where the guy falls to pieces. I think the first piece stopped because it's supposed to have landed on his shoulder

  16. Hey guys. Great video. About the Resident Evil VFX, I think the piece of head is sliding down and bumping off the guys shoulder? If it is, then the shot should have shown that more clearly, otherwise, it should have just slid off without the bump. What do you think?

  17. "it's too mature for its age"

    That's…the entire point of the movie/book. She grows too fast and has movements that an infant shouldn't have.

    Sure it could have been better with textures and lighting. But the movements are done on purpose.

  18. 0:07 Intro

    0:22 The Matt-rix

    3:00 Justice League

    5:12 Pacific Rim

    7:31 Miniature segment

    9:15 Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2

    10:39 RESIDENT EVIL?!?

  19. Do "Chernobyl". The explosion and rooftop cleaning scenes especially. The framerate, camera movement, and lighting are just phenomenal. It matches the actual original footage of the rooftop, which I know they used as reference.

  20. meh the Resident Evil shot was way better than the freddy and brandon one. The chunks looked horrible in their shot.

  21. A bit late but to add on to the children of men baby scene. The breaths were created using hoses blowing out warm air in a cold room. So the breathes are "real" while the baby is cgi.

  22. I'm Alex and I'm 22 years old. I'm not qualified to do any job, I'm irresponsible, I'm weak-minded, I'm fainthearted, I'm reckless, I'm useless, I'm a failure and I have no goals nor dreams. I never wanted to be born in the first place, I'd rather stay formless and just stare at the never-ending darkness and yet I enjoyed doing some things in this world like (e.g, I smoked weed with friends or alone, had sex, played video games, watched Archer (2009 TV Series), drank booze, listened to music, ate scrumptious foods (especially bacon) and women (ranging from 18 to 27 years of age) fell in love with me) but some thing in my mind tells me that I'm not fit to live here. I don't deserve this life and I probably don't deserve the love and care my parents and friends gave me. I'm barely hanging on and I'm thinking of ending it all next week or the week after that. I don't have the determination and courage to live on and I just don't have the means to survive.

  23. How does someone who does special effects have so many special effects heavy movies that they have not seen? seems odd

  24. Ooh, a good contrast would be Matrix Reloaded – the Burly Brawl (bad) and then the truck crash at the end of the highway chase (great).

  25. When I saw justice league I didn't know about the mustache. The movie started and I was like "did they recast superman?"
    "No, why?"
    "Why does he look so weird?"

  26. Remember back in 1966 when Cesar Romero refused to shave his mustache for the Batman show to play The Joker so they just pancaked white makeup over it and it actually looked pretty good until Blu-ray came out?

    Man, simpler times…

  27. Fuck, that Matrix shot has always made my heart flutter too, even more so when I learned how they did it.


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