Very special series #1 – Music is played through a firearm…?

what kind of musical instrument do you like the history of musical instruments began as early as the beginning of humanity the instruments gift mankind with joy romance and heartfelt sentiments [Music] there is a special one and only musical instrument different than the rest are you familiar with it it is the musical instrument made from firearms in 2008 the Mexican artist Pedro Reyes wanted to publicize Mexico’s high criminal rate to the world and seek solutions he began with the campaign palace for pistolas where citizens and Culiacan were paid with voucher coupons for local stores in return for voluntarily turning and unregistered firearms in a new project imagine he took a step further and made fifty kinds of musical instruments from firearms such as revolvers shotguns machine guns so far he has repurposed 6700 kinds of weapons into musical instruments like thugs guitars and Branca these instruments were exhibited in Istanbul designed by any old in 2012 the pieces of metal that represent our instinct of killing each other were turned into musical instruments which is the most sophisticated form of communication on planet beautiful projects of an artist move forward not only in drastically reducing the number of carrying firearms but also gifting mankind suffering from the scars of war with peace and beautiful today an enormous amount of resources is used in manufacturing weapons military expenditures which can be used to provide humanity with daily necessities our instead take away lives and destroying appetite can you imagine how many abundant lives you will enjoy if weapons at previously caused sufferings are repurposed to hold any value [Music]

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