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UUQ 4-16×50 Tactical Rifle Scope ( HONEST BUYER’S GUIDE )

the uuq 4 to 16 by 50 tactical rifle
scope now in this video we’re going to give you an overview of this resource
which is available from the whole idea here is to save you time
the research has already been done and as always I’ve noted for your reference
exactly where I did the research ok let’s we get into it with points of
praise now by way of context about 90% of the reviews researched with positive
reviews and the number-one point of praises the whole value proposition
you’re getting a scope you’re getting a red dot and a laser all in one package
many people very happy about this now this clip here gives you an example of
what the site view through the reflex sight looks like to give you a good idea
and the second clip that I’ve included from another video review gives you an
example of the laser and also the main optic sight view so do check those out
number two there’s reports that the green laser is actually visible during
daylight which is if true is quite impressive given the price point for
this product number three the customer services price have been you know fast
responding and very good to deal with number four the fourth theme that comes
up is just this whole tactical look about it this seems to be a big
motivating factor for a lot of purchases and it does come up a lot in the
positive reviews with the woods wicked better sixth cetera coming up frequently
okay moving on two things to consider this is the neutral category and it’s
literally as per the name things to consider so the first thing to consider
is that this reportedly uses three different battery types the cr2032 for
the scope the cr2 for the laser and a lr 41 for the reflex sight so the obvious
question is you know do you have easy access to all three types and does this
lack of commonality bother you number two just be aware if you have
astigmatism that will be an issue with the reflex sight it’s not specific to
this reflex sight it’s you know in general having an astigmatism would be a
problem so just be aware of that because it will result in a more Lurie richtek
for you number three the use of Loctite threadlocker or other similar products
is strongly recommended when mounting to avoid problems and number four as always
with budget products you know just having realistic expectations this one
is concentrating on giving you you know quantity of features over quality and
that’s fine just you know have realistic expectations about it
moving on to criticism about 5% of the reviews research were obviously critical
number one criticism that it wouldn’t zero or won’t hold zero especially in
relation to the holographic sight slash reflex sight number two the windage
elevation adjustments are criticized for not providing much tactile feedback
number three in regards to the 16-time magnifications it is criticized for not
actually being 16 times magnification when compared to other branded time 16
scopes again this wouldn’t surprise me I’ve seen specification exaggeration and
quite a few budget optics number 4 it is reported that it’s quite hard to find
that sweet spot and you need to move your head back and forth quite a bit
this causes quite a bit of frustration for people so yep just take that on
board that criticism comes up image quality is criticized there’s being
blurry especially with magnification there was criticism in regards to the
laser then dead-on-arrival this came up quite a bit and number 7 just the whole
sentiment of you get what you pay for it’s not the highest quality the fit and
finishes poor and so on and so forth in the opinion of some of the critical
reviewers which as noted made up approximately 5% of the reviews okay
down the bottom of space for comments if you have anything you’d like to add or
contribute up here on the writers some product links to make it easy to compare
the prices and there you have it that’s our overview of this resource available
from in review of the uuq 2 to 16 by 50 tactical rifle scope I
hope that saves you time and proves useful Cheers

3 thoughts on “UUQ 4-16×50 Tactical Rifle Scope ( HONEST BUYER’S GUIDE )

  1. Does anyone understand how the reticle works? Regarding the bottom half under the crosshairs. My understanding is it’s supposed to be a rangefinder to help judge distance

  2. In Canada and I've had this (4x16x50) on a wk180c 5.56 Nato for a few weeks and put about 80 rounds through it. So far so good. its holding zero with all three sites. Wasn't hard to site in at all. Laser is set to 25 yards, red dot to 50 yards and scope for 100 yards. Obviously not the clearest glass at full power as it seems to bend around the edges a little. Its fine if its backed off a bit. That being said, for $119 cad you cant ask for much else.

    For what I need it to do it was worth sacrificing the glass (which is pretty clear except at full power) for the laser and red dot. I also found that the red dot set at 50 yards was pretty damn close at 100 yards as well.

    again, would I put this on a long range rifle…No! All the deer I've ever shot have been under 80 yards and never have the time to adjust the scope so I was always at 3 power anyway and for an AR platform it's perfect!

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