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Utas UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun – Shot Show 2013

John: Hey, welcome to Shot show 2013. This
is John with Rockwell Arms, here with Mark from UTAS to talk about the revolutionary
tactical shotgun, the UTS 15. Mark, tell us a little bit about this shotgun. Mark: All right, John. What we have here is
a 15-round, dual magazine tactical shotgun. The total weight is seven pounds, three ounces,
unloaded. The gun has two seven-round magazine tubes,
and with the selector set in the standard or middle position, it will feed continuously,
right magazine tube to left magazine tube, for all 15 rounds. If you would like to lock
out a magazine, if you’re pattern loading with slugs on one shot, buck on the other,
flip the switch, locks out this magazine tube, feeds from that magazine tube only. If during
that same cycle you would like to go back to alternating, move the selector back to
the middle, close the action, and you’re feeding alternately from there forward. The main mechanism of the gun is right here.
It’s standard rotating bolts. This is the feed mechanism, which is basically an upside-down
or reverse carrier that you’ll be familiar with from a standard gun. The standard gun
will raise the carrier, will raise the shell up into the chamber, where we are actually
bringing the shell down to the chamber. Because our magazine tubes are on top and the barrel
is in line underneath that, most of the weight is above the barrel, which will allow for
a straight back—recoil will be basically the same as any 12-gauge shotgun, but the
muzzle jump or rise is greatly reduced. Another interesting factor is that since the
shell is being brought down and this spoon is spring-loaded, the shell is always under
spring tension, so if for any reason you wanted to operate the gun in this position with the
ejection port open, the shell will not fall out. It will stay there. You can shoot this
gun in any position you would like. To load the gun, loading through the loading
port doors on this side, and then also obviously on the other magazine tube, there is a thin
slot cut in the magazine tube, so you can see the shells in there, and they correspond
with the shell counter on the side rail. It will index down from seven, to six, to five
to four. You can always tell how many rounds you have on each side. Some shells, blue shells,
green shells, are not quite as easy to see, so we’ve taken and put a white mark on the
follower that will again index down as you fire, and you’ll know exactly how many rounds
you have in the gun. The gun comes with or without sights, with
or without the tactical door-breaching muzzle-break choketube. This, by the way, is the standard
choke tube that’s supplied with the gun. It can go either direction. The most interesting option or feature of
the gun is the built-in point-and-shoot laser flashlight, activated by this simple switch
here. The laser flashlight fits in this housing. Sorry to point the gun at you, but in this
housing right here. We’ve got a wiring harness, waterproof wiring harness that runs back to
the switch. After-market installation is a minute and a half or two minutes by anybody.
To operate it, turn it on–your flashlight. You can see that? Goes to laser, and then
off. That is the UTS 15 tactical shotgun. Thank

26 thoughts on “Utas UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun – Shot Show 2013

  1. Our price for the UTS-15 is $1,200 and the estimated shipping time is about a month (although due to high demand, those times are subject to change.) We have a pre-order system that allows you to put $25 towards the price of the gun and it reserves your place in line for them once they come in. To place a pre-order, or for more info, click the link in the description.

  2. I've noticed many people are having jamming issues with the shells when reloading and so forth. Do you know if Utas made any updates to the gun itself or is it stillt he same one since day one?

  3. why is this at the 2013 shot show? this gun was out a while ago along with the KSG which i think is a better shotgun. This one has to many issues..

  4. Twelve hundred god damn dollars for that piece of shit shotgun, it jams up, it will not feed, it will not eject right, the top on the stock pops up almost everytime you shoot it, this is a gun that needs to be taken off the market befor someone gets hurt. and i can't beleve you guys are selling it for $1,200.

  5. They have corrected all of the feed issues as well as any of the other minor issues in the Version 2 Utas 15 I own the v2 and it is by far better than the KSG . As with any new firearm there are always minor issues and Utas has offered updated V2 parts free of charge to anyone who owns the version one and stands behind their warranty 100% . If you can find one of these shotguns it's worth every bit of the $1200+++ dollars I honestly think that the second generation Utas 15 is worth well over $2

  6. Typical bull&@?! hype for something grossly mislabeled as a combat shotgun. All these paid serfs that promote this rubbish should take full responsibility when some poor dumbo who just spent $1200 on what amounts to a suicide machine. Brothers and sisters buy an American designed and built combat shotgun. They're the best of their type in the worlds and the mil specs they must surpass are probably the toughest there is.

  7. This thing is a piece of garbage!!!!! I went through 2 of them in a month…. If you're looking for a reliable shotgun, buy a moss 500 or rem 870. You can't go wrong!

  8. The UTS is a piece of shit! if you want a bullpup shotgun go with the keltec even tho keltecs still suck. I'll stick with my Benelli m4 with collapsible stock.

  9. It looks cool, about it. You all make this piece of crap and people are suppose to defend their life's with it? Disgusting. You know this is a horribly made shotgun

  10. Bought an UTS 15 when they first came out, paid far to much for it at the time.

    Worst firearm I have ever owned. Failure to eject & double feeds constantly on several different types of ammunition. Finally on my 2nd attempt at firing the UTS the selector switch screw broke off the firearm leaving the selector switch screw in the feed block.
    That prompted me to contact the company.
     For the record I will state that I was about a month passed there 1 year warranty when the selector switch broke off. This happened on my 2nd attempt to use this shotgun.  (When I originally bought the UTS I was only able to fire about 50 rounds before becoming angry enough to shelve the UTS hoping that someone would come up with the FTE solution. I should NOT have waited to contact them about the problems. The firearm was then stored in a safe for almost and entire year.)

    I talked with a tech at the company and explained the problems. The response was they wanted me to pay them to "upgrade" it to the current configuration, though they say there is nothing wrong with the original design, and the upgrade was not meant to repair it. Trick is they will NOT fix the failure to eject unless I pay them for the upgrade!

    I explained that I was not interested in upgrading, just wanted my FTE fixed and I would repair the selector screw myself. They said no, I would have to pay for there upgrade. I have not done so to date, so at the moment I am left with a 1500.00 paper weight.
    Please do your research and make an educated decision.
    In my eyes UTAS is a bad company, selling a bad product.

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