100 thoughts on “Utah teacher says she carries handgun at school every day


  2. Kudos! A sensible way to protect our children.
    Though! I would like to see trained armed security. The presents of them would save lives.

  3. School need Armed Teacher not police where they're too chicken to go inside school to engage shoot out against the shooter. They fail in Columbine in Colorado and now Florida.

  4. No one seems to ask her where she secures her weapon while she is in the class room. Now everyone knows she has a gun.. she painted a huge target on her back… I swear Conservatives are such idiots. hmmm now her school… has a shooting.. I wonder which classroom it will start in…. hmmmmmm….. idiots

  5. I noticed fox distraction news.
    Isn't covering any of the protest in Florida or speaches.. funny how lame a news station this is. If it isn't a Republican selfish idea they don't care.. .money over children.

  6. Still, I’m not okay with giving teachers guns. Not all teachers are stable and there have been situations where people have used guns as a warning shot but accidentally killed a student. Plus if a student steals the gun if the teacher leaves it in her desk or something….that might not end well.

  7. Well now we know what would happen to her… Bad guy yells its the police.. She puts down her weapon.. Well you know the rest. I still respect what she's doing though

  8. I don't like to go anywhere that I or someone else is not armed.
    Why would we send our kids to a place that's not protected?

  9. Here's the thing. Sure, she says she'd be ready now. But put her in the situation and she'll think completely differently. I saw an interview with three teachers – one each from Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Parkland. All three said armed teachers is a horrible idea. One of them said, I'd stand no chance against the shooter with an AR15, who shot 150 rounds in under three minutes. And, another one, who voted for trump and is a supporter of the 2nd amendment, said, if I had a gun, I'd be worthless, adding that I would rather stay with kids to keep them calm rather than confront the shooter.

    Worst idea ever.

  10. HAHAHAHAHA She would scream "I have a gun!!!" … Poor lady would bravely shit herself hearing those AR-bullets in the hallway loooll

  11. This is a BIG disgrace to AMERICA. We do not need our school teachers and WOMEN to own guns. If my wife touched MY winchester she'd get 2 in the chest 1 in the head

  12. I would feel safe attending class there!   Let teachers conceal carry AND/OR place a National Guardsman on school sites.    https://youtu.be/Mgv1LfN0ZWs

  13. I'am from the bayou of Louisiana. And all of us even the women in my family are very comfortable and very confident Around guns. With some training these teachers we have to feel comfortable and confident to have a gun on them !

  14. "Taking a bullet" is indeed a heroic sacrifice, but it does not protect the children – the shooter doesn't stop shooting.
    If, on the other hand, the teacher makes the shooter take a bullet, problem solved.

  15. Has she had specialized military training in gun combat? Is she insured so that if she accidentally shoots a student while engaging in gun combat that students medical expenses or funeral is covered? If so then great….just 699000 teachers to go.

  16. what if a person with a gun come to your classroom and had one of yours students as a hostage and demand for you to drop your gun what would you do then

  17. Good on her. Utah is one of the only sane places left in the US. I'm not Mormon. I'm not what you would call a conservative. I just recognize common sense when I see it.

  18. An empowered and responsible teacher! She should be 100% reimbursed for all ammo and range fees every time she practices her training.

  19. Well shes going to get robbed
    Then the guys going to shoot the school with the only gun in school.
    I doubt she practices

  20. She is right. She should be able to have the option on how to defend her students and herself. I rather have a gun and know how to use it. Then be a sitting duck.

  21. Nothing wrong with teachers carrying concealed (& going through scenario training on a regular basis paid for by the school)….however, having truly trained armed security (hire veterans!) who can be the first line of defence making sure nobody gets in to the school with a firearm in the first place would be a nice addition to armed teachers.

  22. The Parkland kids r single handily bringing down the nra and the gop! 3 rental car agencies drop the nra endorsement and the largest bank loaning to small businesses, drops the nra credit card…YES * YES * YES * FAILURE IS NEAR!


  23. Awee! She looks so sweet and protective! But wait until another teacher snaps like they often do, and ends up the life of their own students! NOT ALL TEACHERS LIKE THE KIDS OR THEIR JOBS! And strong unions will protect them despite of poor teaching skills and clearly there isn't enough incentive to bring in better ones.

  24. She yells "i have a gun" and still, the AR-15 carrying Cruz yells back "it's the police"…suppose she puts the gun down, they're screwed. Suppose she keeps it up, Cruz would have still reached a fairly high amount of victims in that classroom just within the first minute of firing his AR.

  25. All classrooms need to be equipped with special door security measures for times like this. There are a lot of them out there. I’m sure the school board will say there isn’t enough money in the budget for such things. 😏😥

  26. Dems have probably labeled this patriot public enemy #1 for being part of a solution that doesn't involve gun control.

    If more teachers were armed and which teachers was kept private, a school would be the last place someone would go to commit a shooting because they would have no idea who would shoot back.

  27. > "Would have ever thought that teachers would have to take these things into consideration?"

    Umm, how about literally everyone who has ever thought "How am I going protect myself and my loved ones from those that want to do us harm?" Seriously, that was a dumb question. It's called life. You prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

  28. I had an armed teacher back in 1983, in Utah.
    She was an off duty West Jordan City Officer.
    One of the best teachers I ever had.

  29. Good teacher. Practice shooting without earplugs too once in a while to get used to the sound. In real life encounters with a perp, There are no earplugs. You must not be too stunned by the noise to return fire.

  30. Just looking at one circumstance (unlikely) ,compared to the definite and ongoing armed situation the authorities have citizens facing in adulthood. Meaning army etc, we don’t have choices as adults and the consequences of non compliance is facing guns. That’s why children are allowed a few years not facing guns.

  31. Is this still the Wild West?!

    If she yelled I have a gun, then the shooter would simply move on to the next class. …Or does she plan on hunting the shooter through the halls?!

    Bless her for her intentions and courage, but this is crazy in my view.

  32. We protect other countries but we can't protect our own children? Security at every school I dont care if it has to come out of funds from "foreign aid".

  33. Get your kids away from this lady. Her training is going to the gun range. In an active shooter she is going to shout I have a gun, alerting the perp, probably getting shot at by police cause they have no time to be checking you conceal carry license at that point, also sending kids and other teachers running in the opposite and possibly towards the real shooter cause in the confusion they are not going to run towards where they know a gun is for sure

  34. Awesome Teacher give her a raise!!!!! Most cowards wont attack an armed positions. This is why mass shooting do not happen at Police stations, gun shows or NRA Conventions.

  35. The AR-15 would make that woman shit her pants on the spot..! Get REAL, God Damn it..! Protecting our kids isn't a Cinderella Fairytale..!

  36. The words 'illegal gun' are not found in the Second Amendment.

    It's time to put guns back in the schools and educate children in reality not communist fantasy land.

    What to teach your kids http://www.freekentucky.com/what-to-teach-your-kids/

    Why the commie globalists want us disarmed: http://www.freekentucky.com/why-the-commie-globalists-want-us-disarmed/

    The only real reason for the militia: http://www.freekentucky.com/the-only-real-reason-for-the-militia/

    A new birth of Liberty, or death: http://www.freekentucky.com/a-new-birth-of-liberty-or-death/

    The most important things to do: http://www.freekentucky.com/the-most-important-things-to-do/

  37. This courageous teacher should be the model of many other teachers who are willing to prepare for a situation they pray will never come to pass. She is the embodiment of what the second amendment is all about. She refuses to allow her children to become sitting ducks waiting to be slaughtered. We need to recruit police officers who are of a similar mindset and not just looking to go on the govt. teat by joining the old boys network. We must also pay them a respectable wage for someone who is actually willing to put themselves in harms way. Right now we recruit for diversity and pay lip service to the "harms way" commitment. Take a careful look at the difference in the way Sheriff Israel's team acted when they arrived on scene versus the actions of the Cape Coral police team. It is not a coincident that one group acted in a defensive manner, while the other was proactive and courageous. It begins with electing the right local politicians (Mayor, Sheriff, City Council etc. )  If your emphasis is on social engineering and virtue signaling then you get Sheriff Israel, if you emphasize Police knowledge and performance you will get a functioning law enforcement team. This is true at a national level as well as a state and local level.

  38. Rethink yelling I have a gun to an officer, you will get a negative reaction. That said thank you for taking on the responsibility to protect the kids and not be helpless.

  39. "Who would have thought?" 2:58"The founding fathers, the guys specifically responsible for 'Shall not be infringed'" Martha MacCallum

  40. Let's train all the students and let them carry. Require everyone to wear body armor at school. I think more students will graduate with honors like that.

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