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USS New Jersey. Inside of Main Turret Gun | World of Warships

In 1939 the General Council of the U.S. Navy
approved the project for a new battleship that was able to reach a speed of 33 knots. The main ship of a new class
named USS Iowa was laid down in June 1940. A powerful ship with powerful armament,
which had quite a high maximum speed. It would reach 33 knots
according to the project. Some destroyers are this quick, too. USS New Jersey
became the second ship of its class. Her construction started
at a Philadelphia shipyard and progressed at an unprecedented rate, but after the attack on Pearl Harbor
it was accelerated tenfold. The battleship was launched
on December 7, 1942 — the first anniversary of this tragic event.

62 thoughts on “USS New Jersey. Inside of Main Turret Gun | World of Warships

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  2. Plss…make a story about uss montana?
    Why she was not build it in the 1940s?.
    And why she was added in worldofwarships?
    Plss… make a story about her_??

  3. Will you ever add New Jersey to the game? WG visits her so much that you really should add her….. it’s almost crazy that you haven’t added her yet. As NJ nickname was the black dragon I’d be cool to see her with a reload booster.

  4. It really shows how poorly it's maintained inside the main turret, even in the last video, the side walls need some good paint so that they may be preserved for longer duration…. And New Jersey is my favorite Iowa class battleship

  5. The fastest BB, ever sailed… "Before her Vietnam deployment the New Jersey obtained 35.2 knots at 207 RPM during machinery trials." quoted by many sources. Sad to see here her turret compartments in such an bad condition 😢

  6. I believe some of the viewers are overwhelmed by the peeling paint in several locations. It has to be lead based and may even have asbestos in it as fireproofing. A cleanup would have to be done under Haz-Mat circumstances and would be very expensive. A brief, one time exposure creates little to no chance of contamination. Sweeping it all up would.

  7. WG desperately trying to get some consent after the failed PaytoRico Christmas event and the shit storm, and the failed attempt to give back gold to the people who got scammed by them

  8. So if people didn't know the USS Texas is getting ready to depart to a new location, most likely for repairs.

  9. I wanna love to see USS New Jersey and USS Wisconsin in Game 😉 Iowa class is my favorite ship class.

  10. A lot of comments on her deterioration but if you love historical ships that are deteriorated and in desperate need of rescue check out the SS United States also moored in Philadelphia within sight of The New Jersey. She needs some lovin

  11. Imagine a gun crew of 79 officers and sailors moving through those spaces while the ship is maneuvering at high speed in moderate seas.

  12. I wanna see USS Iowas B turret, what remains of the damage from her turret explosion. I have heard people say that it was and was not repaired.

  13. I remember visiting the battleship when I was a little kid, it was astonishing to see such a massive floating ship. I can't wait to visit again this year when they have the world of warships tour.

  14. She`s in Philadelphia Harbor on the Delaware, her on-board computer is used to track the ISS, while her Aiming Sights are set on Philly`s Skyscrapers. Cafeteria is still serving, guns still accessible & back deck can be rented for parties (or used to).

    A big, mean man made steel monsters

  15. She sits across the river from me. Many in my family helped to build her and many ships. The old Philadelphia naval base was basically a small city attached to a larger one. When it closed over 100,000 were unemployed from great paying jobs. It hurt us badly.

  16. I am still amazed how something like that can be designed, built, tested and operated. The amount of manpower and resources is amazing to think of. All the daily scrapping and painting, cleaning, polishing, fixing, etc while it was still in service blows me away and was part of the retirement reasons. I have toured quite a few ships so far, Lexington, Intrepid, A couple of DD's, subs, Texas, but not an Iowa. Yet…. Saw the New Jersey from across the river, just not enough time to tour properly.

  17. I thought the gun was way bigger
    Wow it’s surprising to see the area inside the gun is quite cramped
    Plus quite dirty today

  18. they need to add this ship into the game, but they need to make a special camo for it
    the ship has to nicknames big J and the black dragon

    i would love to see this ship added as a black ship or make a custom solid black with red trim camo with red tribal dragon symbols on the top and sides of the turrets with a red sea dragon circling the 62 on the front of the ship.

    i mean we already have 2 iowas why not make this one a epic looking non iowa ship lol
    heck to make it look more like its nickname (black dragon) add black dragon heads to each turrets gun barrels.
    or maybe i'm going overboard i'll let the fans decide 😀

  19. I remember when I joined the navy in 1971 and went to gun school in Norfolk. They had 16" projectiles on both sides of the steps as you entered. I thought man I want to shoot those…lol
    Wound up on a destroyer but 5"38 caliber were fun to shoot as well.

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