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URL Shotgun Demo – Anthony Aires Does it Again!

everybody because it’s here wanna see
some real quick for mine Anthony Aires great YouTube guy
entry her home he has a product coming out that is
called URL shotgun and the game you need them out I but
checking this thing out and then is I get it I it’s really really cool what it does is it creates a whole bunch
love shortened URLs from your YouTube URL’s so that they look natural because
I guess you know the theory is that everybody
use shortened URL so Google sees on the supernatural rather than having you know a whole
bunch of the same URL shotgun being back link to your video a short use Ubuntu different short
murals in this thing create strong so what I want is I had you watch this
video that he sent oversee can see when I’m talking about her or real quick
case let’s watch this video elicited a recent I want to do a quick
whatever for you for URL shock what I want to do is get
this the Iraq on the first page of Google best Orlando oliver I took me into you
lol YouTube is cool all came earlier text I
created 60 for you are almost the same goes back
to the same video but this great some variation in roswell stories but this because Google wats massacres
occasionally or your likes the look now although people
here works only on the Internet they do it all cuz it always nothing is
always coming back to the same quake so can you everyday view over here
with us last year what the slack what they read or hear
about five o’clock a shortened URL that you too yes you over here that you forget and
make note that you can put the WW for these it doesn’t work so I basically
created six different URL from YouTube or URL what you as I just take these URL’s and equipment
you URL shocker just got a ride over here
pace it’s like all ok of URL shotgun states are always difficult shortened URLs I just copied over here
the I basically estimates spock an upbeat
outlook index for and create even more short for resolving this is
because your people use short URL across where across Facebook so it is our really
natural-looking shares coming back to my radio so it’s gonna take that again copyright
her here it artist keep doing that to like
they’re all six that’s going to give me a couple hundred looks I don’t just take these links I come
over here this market was guys gonna kill 1500 you follow our other backlinks
always good news is good for all the short URL or all these different
blocks let’s go to war super natural its gonna give me great link to use over
to my video I long is not the video now because I
want to get a sitter keep watching this but basically he he tried you know they’ve been testing
this out on our invidious ranked it’s working really
great and I’m actually gonna start using this thing to I never even worth thought about the diversity of these
different to shortened URL ce I was not there
kinda crappy but there’s actually a video on our Google if you google it Matt Cutts
shortened URL the says it doesn’t matter if they’re good you are you know Richard urals all the link
juice and everything in the the up do follow authority
everything goes right through the shooting shortened URL so anyways click the button below is video if you
wanna go check it out it’s awesome Anthony’s an awesome dude and I just
wanna show the city but I click the button below the video go check out URL Shotgun

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