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Urban Carry G2 Pistol holster thoughts and range time shooting review

Oh hey How is every body Give me just one second There we go now we can get to what we wanted to talk about in this video Which is everyday carry regardless of who you are your age your status your occupation Everybody has an everyday carry and we try and simplify that as much as possible to make it as easy as possible to carry Those items every day hey everybody my name is Kai and today we are gonna Talk a little bit about my everyday carry so come on in here. Let me show you what we got Alright guys welcome to my humble little bathroom Space we got all the things that I like to carry with me on a day-to-day basis we got everything from the car keys to the wallet to the phone up to the Springfield XDm 9-millimeter compact so everything here is carried in its own very specific place and that is for mainly two reasons First so that I always know where to find it and second ease of access alright So everything has its very specific place that makes it Identifiable repeatable based on where I put it on my body right, but the firearm You can’t just put this thing in your pocket that doesn’t really work so you need some sort of holster to be able to safely carry this firearm and Also to be able to make the draw of the firearm repeatable and predictable And keep the location of the firearm the same now some people opt for an inside the waistband option like either this leather Galco or this Kydex inside the waistband holster But the problem for me is that I got a little bit of extra Okay Unless you’re like super fit sometimes these inside the waist bands are difficult so the main option that I have gone with Primarily for concealed carry is an outside the waistband holster Similar to this Kydex holster with a problem that I tend to have is that I either have to wear Tents for shirts to hide the thing or I print like crazy now, I’m wearing black and the lighting is good But from this front here You can see this firearm clearly right now in this outside the waistband holster Outside the waistband is really difficult to conceal unless you’re wearing some sort of a cover garment Or if you are wearing just baggy clothes I don’t really like to wear baggy clothes So this is not really the best option from me in a day to day Situation so the holster option that I want to discuss with you today I am actually wearing right now And you can’t even really tell now let’s go out somewhere else where I can back up a little bit more so that you can see So as I said I am carrying a firearm on me right now the first thing that I’d like to point out is that all of my pockets and Other daily carry items still have the ease of access and are not hindered or blocked in any way also I am NOT printing noticeably around the waistband as I would be wearing it outside the waistband holster or Traditional waistband holster, so if I’m not carrying it traditionally then where is it well? Right here in the urban carry g2 holster now this holster is fantastic, I really enjoy it I’ve been wearing this holster for the last two weeks and Experimenting and training with him so we’re gonna take it out to the range today And then talk about applications where this holster would be beneficial over others, so let’s get right into it All right so out here range testing the urban carry g2 a little bit more about this one This is the lieutenant size Which is supposed to fit your mid-size double stack subcompact pistols? They have probably four or five different sizes of it so that you can Get the right one to fit your Your gun their website’s really easy to find the right one and then basically how this works, and how you mount it on yourself Is super simple you put the gun into it you slip it down into your pants You clip it over and you’re good to go one of the nicest things about this is that you can wear tucked in shirt Open shirt or whatever, so I’ll show you how this all works right now so Has a magnet down in here That grabs on to the slide of the gun so that you know that it’s not going anywhere The first generation didn’t have that but this thing retained the retention on this is really good And then the leather just folds over it and grabs on really good, and then you just stick your thumb down in your belt line Shove the gun straight down there Fold the clip over Clip it onto your belt drop that over and you can wear a tucked in shirt You can have your shirt untucked it doesn’t really matter But you can carry one of the nicest things with this holster. Is that I sit down a lot I’m in a vehicle all the time riding a motorcycle this is super comfortable because this doesn’t have anything that’s above the belt line you can sit down and You know bend your legs just like normal I don’t experience any issues at all with it binding what I have found is that if you wear this holster a little bit Too far over if I wear it just left of one o’clock Then I end up looking like I’ve got a Gigantor package which is nice sometimes But not the most desirable thing to be printing all the time set a rabbet you want you just happy to see me okay not Socially acceptable not good if you wear it at one o’clock then it basically looks like you just have something in your pocket it fits right behind in your pocket right behind your pocket and angles right down here, so But still have access to your pockets. That’s the nicest thing and then the draw is super simple just standing here You grab this flap here. That’s magnetically attached You pull it up, and it ejects the gun right up here into your belly You grab it you pull it up, and you can present it out on target Okay, pull string back up once you’ve drawn. It is a little bit more challenging what I do is I just fold this thing back over itself Get it positioned so that the the nose of it is going down into my pants and then come in here Put the gun back into the holster drop it down into the pants and then I’m done So pretty simple. It’s definitely not the fastest of all holsters my times earlier was about two and a half seconds standing That’s not really the fastest holster out there But it’s the most comfortable that I’ve ever worn and the deepest concealment in all situations You could wear gym shorts with this You could wear pants pretty much wear your regular clothes your regular shirts, and you don’t print so it’s really nice now Let’s do a couple of drills here. We’re gonna do some sitting and standing So, let’s just do draw and fire here on target Not too shabby, let’s do one more So sitting down this holster is extremely comfortable, but how is it on the draw? Definitely a little bit more challenging, but still possible so like I said you could have the shirt tucked in or untucked so first tucked in And now we’ll do untucked The holsters stays in the same position you just untuck the shirt And then when you grab here you grab the shirt with it pull it up it ejects the fire I’m exactly the same, so let’s try this in Not too bad go one more shirt untucked Alright guys well let’s talk a little bit now about Who the urban carry g2 holster is for? For me the urban carry g2 holster Surpasses all other holsters that I’ve tried out as far as deep concealment and accessibility so There’s a lot of deep concealment holsters pocket holsters with a pocket holster You’re forced to have such a small firearm that That you lose out on a lot of your major range training and then having this allows you to have a more full size or a standard size firearm and deep conceal it and have it accessible within just a couple of seconds that is Ideal now unless you are facing a one-on-one Threat between you and somebody who’s charging at you I don’t think you’re ever gonna need to be able to draw and fire your pistol within a second and a half I think that’s unrealistic. I think that most situations where somebody needs to deploy their weapon in a concealed carry situation is Maybe a crowd or robbery something like that And you don’t need something in most situations where from first action to on target is a minimal time space most of the time you have a few seconds assess the situation and figure out when the right time is And when you know that time execute it? So I’ll tell you most of the time when I neglect to carry a firearm on a given day it’s typically because of the inconvenience of carrying a firearm The inconvenience that a place is on me needing to change the things that I’m wearing or that I’m limited in the activities that I can do so I look for anything that I can to Increase the comfort the ease of access and the overall betterment of a carry experience And I think that urban carry with this g2 holster has nailed it out of the park a side note I am also wearing the urban carry heavy duty gun belt right here, which is phenomenal It is all one piece leather the stitching is just aesthetic and from the buckle Through the whole belt the holes everything this gun belt is extremely comfortable and Secures the firearm in a way to where I feel comfortable with it And I think at one point here in the near future I will be doing a more specific review on this heavy duty gun belt by urban carry with some more of the features that I really enjoy about it and Testing it out a little bit so stay tuned for that all right guys well that brings us to the end of this video Thanks for watching check out the link in the description to urban caries website to check out the g2 holster Along with the heavy duty gun belt and all the other cool stuff that they have on there I hope to be reviewing more of their products as we move forward And until next time stay safe out there take care of yourselves make it a great day peace out

42 thoughts on “Urban Carry G2 Pistol holster thoughts and range time shooting review

  1. Nice to see someone carrying my carry gun! XDm ftw! It's a jack of all trades gun and pretty damn good at all of them.

  2. Very good review! Just bought the G2 Captain for my new TP9DA. My first time carrying concealed. had the G2 for about 2 wks…getting used to it…very comfortable!

  3. I really wonder if these holsters work fine if I wanted to pull my gun while I'm sitting. Loved your shirt btw. Greetings from Turkey

  4. There is almost 180° of opinion on the usability of this holster between your review and the review by 'Green Light Shooting' on this holster.

    He said his was purchased by himself, with no perks provided by the manufacturer, and you state that your holster was provided by the manufacturer, plus you have links that will send revenue your way, if the viewer uses your link to purchase the holster.

    That being said, I just cannot correlate the absolute opposing reviews of this product between the two of you. I'm very interested in this holster, but am somewhat reluctant to pull the trigger on it (lol, I made a funny!), because of the disparity of opinions.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to make and post this video. I gave it a like because, unlike other reviewers I've watched who looked like they'd just pulled one straight from the mail bag and tried to review it, you seem to have actually given some thought to how you would use it and worked with the product for a while to figure it out before posting. I also appreciate that you demonstrated the product with the recommended sturdy belt, which is another reason I think you were able to manage the draw and reholster better than others.

    Personally, I think the weak link of the product is the massive amount of printing it does, regardless of where you carry it, considering it's a 'deep carry' solution. So while the product doesn't look like it's for me, others may be able to pull it off. Also, I think the quality of the material looks to be excellent. I may buy one of their belts because they look great and will work with any carry solution.

  6. THIS IS GREAT STUFF! Very professional editing and sound. SUBBED. I am sure this channel will be huge. Well done.

  7. I can't express how disappointed I am with my g2. It binds like crazy in my pants. I can NEVER get it to successfully draw, as the butt of my XDm4.5 gets caught up in my belt almost every single time. The leather bunches up and doesn't roll smoothly. My pants are fairly loose fitting slacks, I wear a sturdy leather belt. Disappointing all around.

  8. I have the g2 it works great. Never go back to others. The one thing is true about it is at first it doesn’t work well in the beginning you have to practice but once your practice a little bit that works perfect once you start wearing it more the leather gets little bit softer and it’s not so Stiff

  9. I like it, but I'm concerned about reholstering, looks like the muzzle is pointing at your abdomen, thigh… Wonder if ti would be better to put it back in the pulled-out holster first, then put back in the waistband.

  10. Are you kidding? I could see that thing a mile away, walk in a store like that and they will think your stuffing food down your pants, send that free holster back and tell them it's not practical.

  11. Great review. But one question….are those backstops as rocky as they look?

    I’ve seen some scary ricochets from rocks in berms you couldn’t see. This place looks like an accident waiting to happen.

  12. So something to remember is that the reviewer is wearing baggie/tactical/cargo style pants. If that's your everyday wear, go for it, buy the urban carry. I work in a 50/50 office/manufacturing environment. So I'm in nice Jeans/dress pants and an untucked button down most days. The urban carry prints like I'm stuffing my pants. You can see it later on in the video somewhere around 6:30 or near. I think it's misleading how they've advertised this holster. If you watch their promotional videos the holster is always on the right but the camera angle doesnt rotate around the left side to show you the print. Also the videos are shown from just above the biggest print section in the thigh, up to the neck. Was pretty disappointed after getting mine and wearing it.

  13. Just chiming in that the G2 has been the only holster I have found that allows me to carry 15 rounds of 45 ACP and the Springfield mod 2 sub compact comfortably, securely, and discreetly.

  14. I am also law abiding but OKlahoma and the NRA won't fight for my second amendment rights against Oklahoma refusing to honor my Idaho full pardon!

  15. I am not mean just fact if a belly is not in the way the draw might be fast. I have a belly so I understand the statement made. It gets in my way all dam day!!!!

  16. I would recommend keeping it out and twisting the holster when returning the gun back to the holster as to not point it at yourself.

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