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UPK-2 – Russian Shotgun slug that dispatches nearly everything

while they were going to demonstrate that you pk2 and maybe have a little too much fun simply it done a video can be sure to bring you to your local dealer they’re not to open their mouths to just get you will be your abilities for you thank you thank you for your attention appraisals get that when you stand up for your country where you can forget the one the UDK to is a relatively new slug from Russia and it’s called a universal bored because it can be shot through both mood board and through rifling the person that sent these to me want to remain kind of anonymous book is called acetone for now and that’s because the creator of these slugs did not want these sent to the United States for testing i received both a 30 gram and also a 34 grams version of these today we’ll be shooting the 30 grand version and as you can see the quality of these things is just impeccable the the casting everything is just beautiful it’s a three-piece lug consisting of a LED knows the tail assembly and also the power piston now one of the challenges I have to face is trying to match the velocities that they use in Russia with their powders with what powers we have available in the united states i decided to use a powder called III i use 23 grains of this powder and according to my charges should achieve a velocity of about fourteen hundred and seventy-five feet per second or about 450 meters per second which is very close to the velocities that they’re getting good results within Russia but as you can see it’s very easy to load one of these slugs just put this prescribed amount of powder in their stuff to plug in their camp it down and then put a role beat on it alright strain of the streets of Moscow we have a Russian slug here called the upkar ukp or upk to nice little a nice little design that it’s clean yeah there is a world-class low-grade so what we’re going to try and do is hit the 25-yard block out there and if the 25-yard block doesn’t work or if it’ll work at the 25 will try to get 15c week do with some night buske up from the shotgun okay 25 yards smoothbore hit problem the first shots always kind of revealing about where the rest of shots will go Greg will make an adjustment to his red dot and get that shot a little tighter than that but as you can see without spin stabilization very stable slug and it’s looking good so far wow wow that’s a good shot and its a 50 yards of aiming for dead center that triangle and the thing is maybe an inch off that’s crazy that’s nice so far this look is looking absolutely amazing as far as accuracy goes Greg made a simple adjustment to his red dot and he’s on the target now so let’s see how these performed through a rifled choke now yep rifle joke headshot hit bohol hit the right nasty little demon forehead exit wounds but which makes some of these little styrofoam playing mater plug it into that all still with orange square now using spin stabilization didn’t seem to affect the ballistics any it’s just as accurate with or without it seems okay already so la again the old pink canoe right now separate the scouts their Taliban style and fuck that shit right here plug that thing of a block that’s pretty close you may have noticed that in some of the shots the gas piston falls off the slugs it’s flowing through their other times it the gas system stays attached the slug however we can’t really tell if that has any effect on the accuracy or not of course you always have to consider things like the human factor of the fact that Greg is using a gun magnified red dot scope but all-in-all so far this slug is looking very very impressive through both rifled and through unrivaled applications ok body shot you say they’re all going on the logo okay get it another one that’s good we called up for the logo impacted yes but excellent his shoulder lookin at wow it took a little turn for the worse than pretty good shot a rifle choke or what they call a paradox in Russia is just a little extension on the end of the barrel with a few inches of rifling in it and just that alone will give the projectile a little bit of a spin now some shotgun slugs work well with the rifle choke others just completely fail with a rifle joke except this is that captain ok don’t know it says feel and they feel world’s biggest trailer rich it is about that little bit of a human head if it is in real life so we’ll see us we can kick it still ok world’s biggest trailer hitch hit your that thing yeah it’s very very slight in detention right there well it’s not solid hollow but it’s pretty thick yeah he’s heavy two worlds biggest trailer hitch like to the truck that came off the jet ski that it tells you haha now i thought this object here was made out of cast aluminum turned out to be castile and a magnet will actually stick to it and even though these slugs use a high percentage of an timonium making them a very hard lead projectile it was still no match for this thick steel object ok quarter inch stainless steel plate anytime pretty close but look at the depth okay yeah pretty good didn’t make it through but we want to stand behind it now this shot the gas piston separated again haven’t really seen any correlation why it’s sometimes falls off and sometimes remains on the slug but again it doesn’t really seem to affect its ballistic characteristics in any way okayplayer mountains just for you taylor swift go scuba diving she’s got a little tank of a Barbasol on her back we’re going to Center on his block and see what you can do doop taylor swift is ready for you to use well let go ok ready go well I don’t know there’s just something a little sadistic but also something a little satisfying about shooting a action figure like this and if you know who this action so you’re actually is let me know in the comments section because it’s not Taylor Swift alright so well much more interesting to see Taylor Swift bukkake than the Romulan side on that and she just got one half of that and you can see her air tank turns out she was scuba diving in dangerous waters ok now we’ll take a couple more shots with the smoothbore using the mossberg 590 okay I’m ready so our little shiny ball here landed right next to the laser dot Berlin moon almost the same depth of Alaska yep and once again very stable accurate slight out of a smoothbore shotgun this time using the mossberg 590 ok already course we had no through penetration on this because the plug it right in line with the crankshaft made out of a hard steel i don’t know if you know 50 Cal would go through that crankshaft or not ok Greg is back using a rifle choke again mass so missing barrel-rider was on huh where we were even right there love ya tourism ok i thought those stay together that’s all kind of weird didn’t seem to affect you yeah there you go there’s the new 1i got good blood sense because when we dug this one out of the block or when we look down in the block and thought this was what we saw ya gone somewhere ok discard that didn’t seem to matter affect anything it seems that stayed together it shut up in there ok so you don’t really follow my channel i made this gummy bear out of a using that 19 gummy bear made a mold of it and then cast this bear out of ballistic gel now a lot of people think that a trifle choke doesn’t do anything to the slug doesn’t really important much of a spin on it but this if anything will convince you that it does put a very substantial spin on a slug okay well zoom in a little bit more and you can see that slug spinning at a pretty good rate now a lot of people have the idea that adding spin stabilization is going to make a slug more accurate in this test it really didn’t seem to matter at all it was just as accurate through a rifle choke or through a smoothbore without any spin at all of course we’ll leave the best shot for last here we have this crazy setup here and if this doesn’t prove how accurate these slugs are nothing will okay I’m ready oh this is the end result of when you have a great shooter and a very accurate slug you get results like this and that folks is how you shoot a can of shaving cream the hard way and we have three more types of slugs that asset on sent us that will be shooting in the near future here anyway I want to thank you guys for watching this video I hope you had as much fun watching it as we did making it and of course i want to thank by patrons you guys are very generous whether it’s a dollar or ten dollars or whatever your donated it definitely helps us by powder gasoline of props all that stuff makes the video a lot more exciting and thank you for that

100 thoughts on “UPK-2 – Russian Shotgun slug that dispatches nearly everything

  1. The bullets of the UPK-2 can be ordered ­here:
    [email protected]­ (you may write in English)­
    Additional information about the bullet ­of the UPK-2 can be seen here: The manuf­acturer's page on the website Ta­lks –­46059-0.html

  2. If a near miss headshot is what the OG thinks of when he hears 'pink canoe'… Well maybe it's time to put the shotgun down and spend less time at the range.

  3. i wanne know what this does to flesh xD idk how close ballistic gel is to flesh. i know that pig skin is really close to that of a human

  4. nice vid, you might be interested to know that shotgun culture is big in Russia due to the gun laws, it's relatively easy to purchase one as a civilian but rifles are a lot harder to obtain, thus you see a lot of designs that seek to get rifle-like performance out of a shotgun.

  5. this is a little late, but why didn't they want them tested overseas- they look like they're EXCELLENT quality…..

  6. Ok you used a quality shotgun and managed to get good results. What about using a cheap ass shotgun like most people own? What about using a normal rifled slug like normal people use? You guys are not educated and have ZERO ideas about how to do this correctly. Keep going muscle maggots and leave the real stuff to the pros.

  7. I am impressed, yet being old-fashioned, I still love my 3 and 1/4" Federal Classic 1 & 5/8 ounce, max load hollow points when I hunted big game with one of my 12 gauge shotguns.
    I hit a V-8 cast engine block with one. It split the block in two and sent chunks of cast 10 feet into the air. Where pieces of the hollow point exited, some of the exit holes measured over an inch and there was even some small steel vapor dust clouds.
    Graphic visuals aside, what one of my FC's have done to bears and moose would make a billy goat puke.

  8. Found it very distasteful that you named the doll you shot after someone who is still alive (and thus at risk of someone suggestible). Also the "bukkake" comment was degenerate.

  9. Seems like a devastating slug. I'm a bit surprised that there wasn't a bigger exit "wound". Maybe try shooting a big piece of beef or other stand-in (not ballistic gel) to see what the exit wound could look like?? What I do know, is that I definitely wouldn't like being shot at or hit with one of those!! LOL. Thanks.. 🙂

  10. So what is the name of the Shotgun to use those bullets , & what is the name of the bullets full name , & price for a shotgun like that , or is it a " Fully Automatic Shotgun ", & are they legal in Alabama state , U.S.A. , Tenn. state , U.S.A. , & Ga. state , U.S.A., & is there a " Fully Automatic version 30 Round Shotgun version with those bullets that are in this video as well , if that isn't one , or for a " Fully Automatic Assault Rifle that isn't a shotgun ?.

  11. Gun laws in Russia:
    Carrying permits may be issued for hunting firearms licensed for hunting purposes. Initially, purchase is limited to long smooth-bore firearms and pneumatic weapons with a muzzle energy of up to 25 joules (18 ft⋅lbf). After five years of shotgun ownership, rifles may be purchased. Handguns are generally not allowed.

  12. Orange square lol. Also bud i would have your hands checked by a doc. Opening scene with the close up to your hands they look like leather. I mean no negativity im just making you aware of it.

  13. it would have been cool to see you guys start reaching out the Slugs two to three hundred yard territories see what they can do an extremely long distances

  14. See what you did there. Combine Captain Marvel and Gillette together 😝 Predicted the future 🦸‍♀️

  15. LOL! …. damn Jeff , I'll dig around in my shop and see if I can find some extra reloading equipment…. especially a scale pan, powder dipper, and powder funnel.

  16. Cue triggered SJW feminists who pretend to not have a sense of humor saying that shooting the action figure was an attack on all women.

  17. Great video & awsome shooting!!; Think those russian slug's design are quite similar as the ones being in the "R.D." of FC45 & Thor's axe for quite some time, actually, has both the russian Paradox slugs' molds & wads for those interested. I've been a close follower of your teams' awsome productions & subbed, of course!; Keep it up & God Bless!!🙏

  18. killing Barbies ! ,i almost bet MR Taoflledermaus had once uppon of time a sister en exercized with his BB on her Barbie dolls for practice 😉 lol!

  19. Dude has such a great narrative voice. I almost feel like I'm watching a golf tournament or a baseball game or something. Love this channel. America! F*** yeah!!!

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