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Unstoppable #4: Sniper Edition – Guns of Boom

Welcome to the fourth edition of
the Unstoppable the best plays in Guns of Boom esports in one awesome video. Today – the sniper edition! Coming in at number five, it’s Gentricks controlling the whole map by himself …took him down but Getricks going for a Double Elimination against, against Lazarus… Always on the MVP screen At number four, it’s Divine King winning a sniper battle and rushing in. …this is Divine King with a beautiful snipe there onto -KM-… Cold blooded. At number three, its T-MaC landing a headshot and on the first floor … beautiful elimination T-MaC… Perfect Aim. At number two, it’s Divine King masterfully using Barracuda at midrange …yes he can! Gets the second snipe on Notoriious and now it looks like he is pretty safe
– oh no he’s not! Who needs assault riffles? And finally, at number one is AK_Kras1ln1kov with three Barracuda headshots, making the audience roar …They got point with everything they can AK trying to take the members of Impact Gaming
down with the sniper, and yes! yes they have… AK is actually going to turn
this around with his impact sniping is Spleen is going to go on to the point as they are retaking it they are going to… A true showman! See you in the next Unstoppable and thanks for watching! Drop links to your favorite esports
battles in the comments They might get featured in the next video

8 thoughts on “Unstoppable #4: Sniper Edition – Guns of Boom

  1. Like si crees que este juego hace 1 o 2 años era el mejor juego comenta si crees que ya es una cagada de las mejores cagadas de juegos jajaja

  2. There are a lot of players making some fiya🔥 sniper kills on:
    CALL OF DUTY MOBILE BABY!!!! YEAH!!!!💪🏾🥂🍻👊🏾💩🧟‍♂️🦅🐃

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