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Unknown Facts About Nuclear Weapons | Unknown Videos | With CC | Planet Leaf

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Welcome to TFC Media Planet Leaf… In this world, several countries for their protection and to show off their greatness to others… They produced many weapons along with the strong army force. These weapons which were manufactured to escape from the danger in the beginning… Surprisingly in later times, they came to a stage to control the other countries by threatening them. Among the weapons which reached the stage of destroying the world likewise… Nuclear weapons are the terrifying weapons which must be discussed especially. These nuclear weapons played a crucial role in the world wars. And they have been showing their impact even now. Not only that… The presence of these weapons in the hands of foolish rulers such as American President Donald Trump is making the rival countries sleepless. What are nuclear weapons? Why did their impact turn into a danger to the survival of the world? In this video, I am going to tell you a few terrible facts about nuclear weapons. As part of the main facts about nuclear weapons… Knowing how the nuclear weapons are manufactured… The powerful weapons are called as Nuclear Weapons. To throw the bombs in huge number through the nuclear weapons… Mainly one type of energy works in that. That is called as a nuclear explosion. Explosion means a weapon of mass destruction that uses power released by the splitting of atomic nuclei and it is one method… Second method is… Nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei collide at a very high energy and fuse together. The bombs which undergo these processes are called as nuclear bombs or Hydrogen bombs. Uranium is the main element used in the manufacturing of these nuclear weapons. Using this, manufacturing the most dangerous nuclear bombs… The nuclear weapons are used to explode them. Even the Uranium used in the manufacturing of bombs is of two types. One is lightweight Uranium and another is heavy Uranium. Here the surprising and challenging thing is… In the mineral used in the manufacturing of nuclear bombs, lightweight Uranium is found mixed with heavy Uranium. Separating them is not a normal task. Because it is easy to separate two things… Separating two atoms which look similar and have a small difference in their weight is a big task. Overcoming such a big challenge, a scientist named Ernest Lawrence heated the mineral and arranged the magnetic fields around that… Making sure that only lightweight Uranium comes out due to its attracting power… For the first time, he separated lightweight Uranium and became the one who raised the curtain to the nuclear weapon wars. Later, America which is a leading country, using its knowledge for a year… It has taken out 100 pounds of lightweight Uranium. Later, to separate Uranium… Separating Uranium using the methods such as centrifugation and thermal diffusion… Atom bombs and nuclear weapons were manufactured. Now, even advanced methods have been found. This is the story of manufacturing of nuclear weapons. If we have a look at their significance in the history… The higher officials in the army of several countries feel that the usage of nuclear weapons is the better way during the wars. But to launch these weapons, they have to take permission from the president of that country. In the history, the nuclear weapons were used only twice until now. During the World War II, without knowing to anyone… America manufactured three nuclear weapons with the help of Robert Oppenheimer… For testing the first one, while it was dropped in Alamogordo located in the desert area of Mexico… As this test became a success, with the intention to suppress Japan… While during the World War II, dropped the second atomic bomb named Little Boy on Hiroshima, Japan… As the entire Hiroshima became hell and turned into ashes… The third bomb named Fat Man was dropped on Nagasaki city of Japan. Likewise, in the history until now… It is the most terrible thing that it was Japan which was affected by nuclear weapons twice. In this destruction, while about 2 lakh population of Japan lost their lives… lakhs of people got scattered. Here the shocking thing is… After attacking Hiroshima and Nagasaki… To know the capacity of nuclear weapons, about 2,000 times they were launched on uninhabited places. But a few people alleged that those places have been facing bad weather conditions and radiation problems, and also restrained their tests. Incidents occurred like… In 1957, a 42,000-pound hydrogen bomb accidentally fell from a bomber over Albuquerque, New Mexico. But at that time, the level of destruction was very less. Fe scientists say there are more chances that the nuclear weapons attracts aliens towards the regions inhabited by humans. Because they feel that the people on the earth are manufacturing these weapons by using the technology of aliens… Getting scared with the intention that they will be harmed… And say that they may come here leaving their residence. If the war takes place using nuclear weapons… Due to that, 150 million tonnes of smoke will be released. Because of that, the sunlight will get vanished completely and dense smoke is formed like a snow mountain… The crops will not grow there and lead to losses. By launching then nuclear weapon once… That would reach the 1000 miles target in just 4 minutes… And this is said to be one of the significances of these weapons. America which came to know about the impact of nuclear weapons rolled out the nuclear weapons program between 1940-1996… Surprisingly, it has spent about $9 trillion for that. This is the information about the nuclear power and nuclear weapons. To know few more interesting facts… Please do not forget to subscribe to our Planet Leaf channel.

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