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Under The Gun – Short Film (2016)

what happens in your life defines you
your experiences send you down a path a path that no longer defines who you were, but
who you are today I want to thank you both for meeting me
here Don marcello where’s Angelo, Alex Jonny and the other guys remember the
days when the cops and the lawyers couldn’t touch us. well times are changing and our
organization is getting weaker by the day what are you saying? we have a rat
somebody’s working for the FBI I thought handle him that man was just
the beginning you two are the only ones that I can
trust so we need to figure out with it and deal with soon as possible but Sir
with all due respect that would cause a war within our own organization it already has what can I say it’s time to rebuild meet me at the usual place we have
business to discuss can’t be trusted Marcy he’s my — he’s nothing! We killed his brother. If he found out we’re done. Thats why I bugged him. Can’t take any chances. Marcy listen to your sister one thing I’ll
never understand is why good people to suffer maybe maybe it’s easier to choose
evil over good. We’re anything but good I’m not talking about us you have to move on move on how ? — my brother was gunned down I’ll move on when I find out whoever’s
responsible and put him on the fucking ground and you know what I know who’s
responsible you’ve underestimated me you see you know the thing about working
with the team of trained professionals we’re never alone how did You — find out… The funeral. I looked
into your eyes you lied to my face but your eyes told no lies only true and
inside your soul is the person that is hurt hurt by the regret of knowing that
he wasn’t who you thought he was now was he that was a mistake but I assure
you that what’s about happen is no mistake… These aren’t the feds you’re working
with them no they’re the ‘Outlaws’ I’m sure you’ve heard of them. They’re the ones who took out the Carbone family, the risicos the — now you’ll do what we say or your shit boss
will Eat a bullet Hello Marcello! Funny how the tables have turned What do you want? oh if I tell you that it’ll spoil all the fun!! what do you want you piece of shit? I’ve had lap dances hit harder than that. What are you doing putting your hair up?
I didn’t pay for a blow-job Is that what the crowbars for, can’t get my belt
undone yourself ? What are you here for? You holding it for him? Two man job I didn’t know I was packing like that I want to make you suffer the same pain you made my brother suffer! I had no choice! They told me he was an informant! Would you do the honors? hahaha
is that al you got? My sisters done more damage than you Funny you should mention her Marcello! Bring her in! now you have to decide Decide what? This beautiful young bitch is going to die regardless I’m going to give you the
option to live. The catch is Marcello you have to kill her no i can’t kill my own sister I know! That’s why it’s called karma or in this case an eye for an eye Please just! you made your choice the wrong one and
for that you will be punished I’m sorry I don’t forgive people who try to fuck up my life! I’m not sorry for what I have done I’m apologizing for what i’m about to do. oh all right wise guy. Untie him life is a game of chess mr. Marcello and
you’re one wrong move away from death you’d rather die beside her than live? That’s a fucking shame You should have been more aware. You didn’t make a deal with the feds but after my suspicions I did, every phone in the GPS tracker and I turned on my
locator on just for you you motherfucker down on the fucking ground now drop your gun and don’t make us shoot she deserves to die and you all let it happen! I’m going to count to three John are you sure? I got this
one two three Hey you

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