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Umarex Fuel Air Rifle .177 Pellet Gun with BiPod Airgun Features

This pellet rifle is ideal for pest control
and target shooting. The Umarex Fuel, zips 177 caliber non-lead
pellets out of the muzzle up to 1200 feet per second. It utilizes a simple, one-stroke cocking mechanism
that generates eighteen foot pounds of energy at the muzzle with a lead pellet. The Umarex Fuel comes with fiber optic sights
and a 3 by 9 by 32 rifle scope that mounts easily to the Lockdown Rail and its built
in fold down bipod makes it great for shooting in the prone position or on a bench. This rifle also incorporates the Umarex Silence
Air noise reducer, making it quiet on top of giving it a great look. Ask or search for the Umarex Fuel pellet rifle
from your favorite retailer or sporting goods store. store.

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  1. In this and all other videos, after pressing the thumbs-up icon, the "like" rating doesn't remain after scrolling down. Others are reporting the same.

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