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Ultimate Stealth Armor & Weapons in Skyrim

What’s up, guys? Welcome back. This is Beau.
I want to go over what I think is one of the ultimate setups you can have for a knight
blade character, assassin character, stealth blade character, one of those, at least in
Skyrim. As it stands, looking pretty weird. That’s because it’s kind of an amalgam of
different armors. Let’s go check it out. So weapon-wise, let’s go over that first.
I like the Nightingale Bow. You can get this by going all the way through the nightingale
quests. You get, well, boom. It basically does up to 30 damage on shot plus shock damage
for another 15. I mean, it’s a pretty ridiculous bow. You’re hitting at, mm, 75 shot even with
crap arrows. I believe that the nicest dagger in the game is the Blade of Woe, and in this
case, it absorbs 10 damage plus hits for 30, so you’re hitting at 30 damage each time.
And then you add in all the benefits of all the other pieces, which are the apparel. Now
there’s 2 different pieces you can get for gloves depending on how you go. I would imagine
you’re going to do this one, which is the Ancient Shrouded. You get this for completing
the Dark Brotherhood quest, the whole set. But i only use the gloves because you get
double attach damage, and it stacks with your sneak. So if your sneak is x15 damage for
sneak attacks, now it’s x30 if you are also to add this one right here where is if you
sprint and then hit… so basically you go into crouch mode and then just, like, sprint,
right? And then attack, you get +x60 damage. Oh, speaking of which, how did I turn into
that? That’s because of this right here: the Ebony Mail. This is one you get for taking
care of- I think it’s… it’s the one where you have to go in and stab the guy- you have
to take a follower, stab him- I did a whole video on this. It’s probably in there somewhere.
It’s heavy armor. It doesn’t really matter to me one bit. The whole point is: it allows
you to be quiet as well as… if you screw up and people come at you, this- anybody that
comes around you to attack you takes 5 points of poison damage per second. And it doesn’t
require enchanting. Pretty sick. I like the boots because it makes you muffled and you
move silently, even though this also does that. You move more quietly, but this basically
takes care of that. I like the Ebony Mail simply because of the poison damage on there
if you screw up, plus it looks dope when you go in and, like, crouch because it’s all black.
You could do Nightingale if you really feel like it, but really, do you need the stamina?
I mean, if it takes you more than a couple of shots to kill something with the dagger,
you’re screwed anyway because you’re losing the multiplier. So just don’t worry about
it. I’m going with just a regular old ring. This
is 40% more damage to one hand. i think that’s a pretty solid choice if you’re going to go
ahead and try to use daggers. You know, necklace, you can pretty much do whatever you want.
Uh, you could find yourself a [something] in one hand or with archery, depending on
how you want to go. Another one is, if you don’t really care about the cool look of the
Nightingale Hood. Because it’s only like 17% illusion down, you could always swap if for
this, which is like a [something] of archery. You put the circlet with a dragon mask, and
you’ll be pretty much set up. But other than that, guys, there’s a lot of
options you could do. But definitely I suggest one of these 2: the Cicero Gloves or the Ancient
Shrouded. I go with the Ancient Shrouded. You can use a smithy if you have the ability
to use, um, to craft with enchanted items. You can boost this armor up a bit, but other
than that, the whole purpose of this set is trying to not get caught and stabbing peoples
in the mouth. Because you all, of course, run them out, swap over your Blade of Woe,
invisibility…and they can’t see you anyway. But now it just becomes ridiculous. Oh, yeah.
Oh, god. Whoa, sorry, dude. See? He doesn’t know where I’m at now. Oh, yeah! Ah! A thousand
dollar bounty. Oh, shit. Sorry, kiddo, it looks like somebody’s about to get fucking
wasted! God dammit. It looks like this kid’s invisible- invincible. I guess I’ll have to
pay that thousand dollars next time I see somebody. Well, dammit. Go figure. I tried
to show you guys what the effect is and totally got screwed. Anyway, like, comment, subscribe.
Talk to you guys soon. See ya!

100 thoughts on “Ultimate Stealth Armor & Weapons in Skyrim

  1. So the build is retarded cuz shrouded gloves and nightingale boots are good itself and mehrunes razor is better cuz tht enchantment is crap if u want u can just enchant ur chestpiece and helm then make a dagger and u litterrally missed a critical hit on a guard

  2. If they were going to have the Ebony Mail have sneaky benefits then Bethesda should've fucking made it a light armor instead of heavy armor. It makes no sense.

  3. haha some of you sound like pathetic skyrim players, but I don't know it's probably just me. For me this build is perfect everything and still some of you complain sad.

  4. Really, with that damage and armor rating you'll absolutely die always on legendary difficulty. By time I crafted myself a glass armor and also a glass bow (which is shit, but it fits the armor) or I use the vampire royal armor and the vampire gloves/boots with custom enchants + circlet and use auriels bow (dawnguard dlc) as main weapon, which is btw by far the highest obtainable dps bow (shoots once a second without perks and does 13 base damage + 16 from the arrows + 20 from thecmagic // 60 to undead) However you gotta grind pretty badly for all that (necromage + vampire and ahzidal's arrmor as well as seeker of shadows from the dragonborn dlc). Without grinding I still just recommend alchemy skills to get the good potions and then it's no problem to also deal high damage. Because thing is the game is boring on low difficulty and you wanna be able to stand a fight on higher levels.

  5. sorry dont mean to sound like a dick. but all this gear is shit. compared to custom enchantments. u can make gear 10x better then all these. idk why people dont enchant gear them self.. doing it your self with full 100 enchant + enchantment potions u can make just about everything 10x better. so if im being a dick sorry just saying my gear is 10x better then this stuff.

  6. The Ebony Mail is horrible for this, you wouldn't be able to get close to someone you sneak up behind to backstab because they would be damaged and you are no longer hidden

  7. For more bow damage the ancient armor for the no one escape of the mine quest its amazig (the ancient gods bracelets

  8. I'm pretty new to skyrim so I have no clue what quest and stuff you're talking about.So please respond so you can help me.Lolz I got the nightingale stuff yesterday xD.And I have mehrunes razer

  9. You can make gear 10x better than this yourself but i think this is the way you go if you wanna look like a badass lol.

  10. You lose all your bonuses for all light armor and matched set bonus. These are huge for your armor rating especially late game. Plus the ebony mail poison damage is dumb for assassin because they start to take damage and are alerted to your presence before you get your sneak attack with the dagger. That's why you "screw up" so often. Use all ancient shrouded, not for the look because as said it's about not getting caught. late game wit all perks you can smash the armor cap of 567 also.

  11. Guys i think Ancient Shrouded Boots and Nightingale Boots have same enchantment, but the Ancient Shrouded Boots have more armor points so you better use them. Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  12. The fact that you use the Ebony Mail and Nightingale Boots shows you don't really know what you're doing. The mail for aesthetic, I guess, BUT Muffle effects max at 1.0. The mail provides 1.0, but so does Silence, a necessary Sneak perk. So with one perk, armor makes zero noise and extra muffle effects are irrelevant. Even if you don't want to use enchanting, which I have played doing before so I get it, its still absurd to use any armor with Muffle after level 70 Sneak.

  13. I agree with everything except the dagger the blade of woe is good but I prefer to use a Dragonbone dagger and putting on the chaos damage enchantment

  14. Blackguard armour is the best armour for sneaking and you get 90% pick pocketing once levelled it's easy to get and you need this armour to get highest lockpicking and sneak you do need dragon born fly though

  15. If you love skyrim and will play much more,don't use this set,because he's break the game a lot,i kill a legendary dragon on legendary difficult with 1 hit with the ebony dagger enchanted with soul trap

  16. Could you still be extremilly stealthy with the ebony mail, ebony boots, ebony gauntlets and the krosis mask because I cant get the nightingale armour because of a glitch

  17. Hey the ancient shrouded gear is enchantable or another set just like it. Which for the gloves means the original enchant plus two more. Again i 'think' it was the ancient shrouded gear and maybe it was a lucky glitch on 360 legendary edition i haven't got that far with a new character yet to check it again.

  18. or you could just gliitch a ring with 626,048% better sneack making you invisable to everything. p.s. you can jump on there heads and they still wouldn't know your there

  19. He does know that the blade of woe isn't that good right just get a stahlrim dagger with a ice enchantment and use mehrunes razor in the other hand one for damage the other for the change of killing somebody with one hit.

  20. Critical damage is based off base damage.. which means ur doing a MASSIVE + 18 or so damage 😂.. honestly just max out ur 3 crafting skills and break the game, that’s op -not this

  21. I've got ebony mail with the nightingale hood boots and gloves just became the listener so when i get the ancient gloves might use those, also using the ebony blade/ nightingale sword, working on my smithing to get the upgrade ability

  22. I'd suggest getting enchanting up I've got a character with about 83 and I can do 42% with stuff like one handed damage that's without any boost from a potion

  23. Upgrading the weapons will do a lot more damage. My blade of woe does 80+ dmg, for example. If you sneak attack, you can one shot pretty much anything.

  24. I kinda wish that the ebony mail was light armor. It makes sense because chain mail is light armor and it has the name ebony MAIL. Just saying

  25. Dude I had a build that was a khajiit vampire with this armor, 100 sneak, high pickpocketing, high one handed, high lockpicking and high illusion and two blades of woe… I shouldn't have deleted it

  26. I have dark brotherhood as companion. Umm is there a way they can display wht i give them/ like wht type of armors…Meow

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