hey guys one of the most popular
comments on most of our videos is why don’t we take all of our hacks with
inventions and put them into one video so for this halloween we’re gonna smash
and pulverize pumpkins with all of our inventions we’ve got Captain America
shield Wolverine claws Psylocke sword Thor’s hammer our
Kingsman umbrella the red-hot rebar crossbow Reinhardt’s hammer and we even
have some air bags so we’re gonna explode a pumpkin from the inside this
is the ultimate funcle’ destruction let’s start with one of our oldest
projects the Wolverine claws Wow something pretty good now when I
first designed these claws I was not actually intending to use them just a be
change the probability of me breaking my hand is actually pretty hot I’m gonna
put this down now here’s a fun one psylocke sword see
what it does that’s perfectly what now who could forget our Captain America
shield I call this Civil War part 2 all right
see how Thor’s hammer does if I can lift it Oh it’s honestly probably one of the
coolest things I’ve made so far the Kingsmen umbrella skirt the pub did to
have we did this crystal and here we forget
Batman’s grappling hook gun yeah that’s it and of course one of our most recent
projects the red-hot rebar crossbow right through the other side like we
said in that video red-hot ammunition just isn’t practical it literally bends
on impact though if you were to stick it through a person sorry a zombie or an
alien not a person and it bent you wouldn’t be able to get it out and be
like searing everything on the inside yeah you wouldn’t have a good day okay
we’re pumping about 20 or 30 kilowatts of electricity into this piece of metal
okay how about our Rinehart rocket hammer now
for this test we’re not going to be putting Rockets in the back just to get
the art inside the garage no probably a bad idea let’s think feels like compared
to Thor my name’s good all right so as you saw most of the hack
Smith weapons were pretty darn effective against pumpkins but you know what would
be really effective against a pumpkin an air bag three two well happy Halloween guys I hope you
enjoyed this video we had a lot of fun destroying pumpkins with all of our hack
Smith projects and remember if you saw a project that you haven’t seen the video
for yet check out this playlist right here it’s our make it real series and
it’s all the best videos from the hack Smith Channel

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