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Whats up Youtube! Danny Gun here Guess what In our previous Nerf Loadout video we got over 50,000 likes and guess what that means that means, we’re going to do another video where we’re going to pull out all our Nerf Guns that we have, well most of them and I will pick 3 Nerf Guns that I would take into a Nerf War with me Primary, side and a backup weapon I”m so excited I”m pumped I can’t wait to get this going I can’t wait to get it going Are you excited my friend? huh? No I don’t wanna do this Would this change your mind? Lets do this guys! Yes Yes, now All Tommy has to do is stand on the side there and hand over the Nerf Guns to me And I will decide whether I like them and I’ll put them here on the island and if I don’t like them I’ll hand them right back to him alright What do I have to do? Just stand on the side and hand me the Nerf Guns man Actually, ahhh The price went up the price went up That’s more like it Lets get the video going guys Lets get it going Cuz I want to deal with some nerf guns I want to get some nerf guns in my hands and I love money! yeah! Quick pause for some breaking news Hey guys my bro and me are starting a brand new Vlog Channel Its called BroVsBro Now lets get back to the loadout video Lets do it guys! Whats the first gun here? Maybe I like it I like too many I like them all This one Ok Oh yeah Oh yeah Keep that What is that? You guys like this one? I like it too Ohh look at this bad boy Nerf Dual strike No Put that there What we got next Nerf Apollo Apollo is a keeper Nerf Stryfe Stealthy Sexy Its a keeper guys ohhh Nerf Cycloneshock You know I’m gonna keep this Because this Is sexy No Not this one ohhh Keeper Put that right in there Ohh yeah Noo What’s this What we got here, yeah ohhh Nerf Rought Cut 2by4 No Nerf Diatron Yes No These new ones suck Single load One Nerf dart in there No man I don’t want to go to nerf war with this Boomco No we’re not gonna roll with Boomco this time around What we got here? Nerf Alpha Trooper CS6 No Nerf Maverick Its Tommy’s go to weapon Not for me Nerf Strongarm Lets put that in here Nerf Barrel Break Yes Vagabond from Doomlands No I don’t like this gun when you use that in a nerf war the bullets shank all over the place Nerf rotofury yes we’re keeping this Nerf Rapidstrike CS-18 Yes I’m not really into these Nerf Crossbows No I’m not hunting zombies I’m not hunting zombies in this nerf war Ohhh Is this for aliens? Am I gonna shoot down some aliens with this? No I’m not keeping that Ohh yes Yes and no Actually no mainly beacuse I’m not going to be recording anything I like the way it fires but I already have the Nerf Rapidstrike there, so no Moving on moded Nerf Big shock Keep it Nerf Thunderblast No, not this time I don’t want to keep that this time This guy? Not interested Move on Boomco Sorry boomco You’re kind of out the game so far You’re out of the game boomco Lets move on No That answers it right there Doominator guys That’s a keeper That’s a lean mean fighting machine yes Rival Khaos We’re keeping this for now No Ohhh look at this bad boy huh? yes, putting this guy right over there Crossbow no I need full auto, this is semi No Not gonna keep this one Look at this guy huh You guys like my mod? on this, huh? DO you? Keeping it Ohh moded Nerf Hotshock Moded Nerf Hotshock guys It shoots nerf rival bullets or nerf balls Keeping it Alien Menace No not for me Tirad Ex3 Keep it for now Could be my backup weapon Instead of Nerf Doublebreach This is I don’t even know what breach quadruple? Tendruple? Is that a word? I don’t know No I need something better no Nerf Alphahawk You think I like this weapon? Its not that accurate Supposed to be So no What do we got here? No No Ohh yeah Nerf Demolisher baby Demolisher is the go to weapon for sure We’re gonna keep that here take it easy with the throws man Nerf Mastodon Keep it right there Nerf Hyperfire That’s a keeper nut shot We’re keeping it, put it right there put that in my pocket Yeah this is kind of heavy, bulky to carry single shots, no I need something full auto Ohh nerf doomlands no Hell you doing man? Boomco? Sorry boomco I just said you’re out the game man You need some new weapons What do we got here, Nerf Regulator huh? This could go full auto, semi or single shot we’re gonna keep this right here Bow? What I am Rambo? Go hunting for deer? No Too many Bad memories with this nerf gun ok, baby gun no that’s his weapon I don’t wanna touch that What I am gonna go, sniper? I’m not looking for accuracy I don’t want to snipe anyone down No Nerf Desolator This is decent very decent Nerf Tristrike? Forget it man this thing blows No You guys like this? I do too Lets put it here for now Epic so far guys! Epic! ohhhh Nerf NEMESIS Say hello to the bad guy. Something like that yes, we’re keeping it right there ooookkk Remember this guys? Remember this? Connect it right over here Again bad memories with this nerf blaster its nice, its epic, nobody has this but its too bulky and bad memories No Put that right there What’s next? Where did you get this man? Power Popper? Atomic power popper? Maybe Another one? Orange? Blue and orange? Power poppers? Two power poppers? Lets keep them both, never know They could come in handy we you mod them, never know Ohh yeah Nerf Rough cut 9000 You guys remember this You guys remember this nerf blaster everybody copied it in the world but we only have it here so definitely gonna keep that Alright ohh shoot Wow Forgot about this bad boy we also have this Nerf gatling gun Nerf gatling gun that’s a keeper alright He had to find this one he had to find my favorite weapon of all nerf weapons so yes, keep that I’m not gonna say it Say it man I’m not gonna do it for free, pay me My gosh, here Were you holding out earlier? Just say it now How much more more do you have? Say it I want more Listen, just say it dude Just say it Do you have more? yeah go get my money that’s right That’s right Pay me Say the line! Pay me! Alright You can edit that part out Just say the line man Alright shut up! Ok so this noob is gonna pick Pick what? What am I saying? Primary weapon This noob is gonna pick his Primary nerf weapon Alright, and I’m very excited to do that Now I have to go through all this pile and actually, no, this won’t take long because this is definitely going to be my my primary weapon Nerf Rival… Nemesis I’m not gonna say it Here And now this noob is going to pick his favorite sidearm Yes And I’m really pumped about that too Now which sidearm am I going to go with guys I think I made up my mind Nerf Hyperfire Hyperfire is going to be my sidearm You know how this works and now this noob is going to pick what are you picking? Backup and now this noob is going to pick his backup Nerd gun Nerf weapon yes my backup, is going to be backup is going to be Can you hurry up, I’m gonna loose my mind this is so stupid will this calm you down? I don’t even know how much I have you already this is like getting crazy Alright, lets just let me just refocus here Ok backup Ohh yeah You know this is my backup Now the backup to the backup? We already have that backup to the backup Is the nut shot baby right there in my pocket already ready to go backup, backup to the backup alright guys so in summary the nerf weapons that I would take into a nerf war with me would be this Rival Nemesis As my primary Sidearm will be the Nerf Hyperfire obviously I’d have some straps there to hold em Backup is the Nerf Rough Cut 9000 and the backup to this backup lets put that there is the nut shot baby that’s the nerf weapons that I chose this is what I’m going to nerf war with me Are we done here? If you want to see Tommy’s 3 choices of the guns he would take with him into a nerf war click on this link up here and check it out these are my 3 choices baby I take these everywhere and if you want me to film and show you the rest of our nerf arsenal because this is just a sample go though every single nerf gun that we own lets get 50 thousand likes going 50 thousand dollars! 50 thousand likes! click like right now get 50 thousand and we gonna film that Yeah Alright, I’m out of here yeah Dudes he’s going to be so mad when he finds out that fake cash what a dooche WHat? Ahh nothing man What did you just say? I didn’t say nothing dude Hey Lets go do it!

74 thoughts on “ULTIMATE NERF LOADOUT!!

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  2. primary: nerf nemesis
    sidearm: nerf regulator
    backup: nerf modded artemis
    backup to the backup: modded big shock

  3. My primary weapon would be the rapidstrike my sidearm would be the regulator and my back up weapon would be the zeus

  4. Primary:Mastodon
    Sidearm:Elite Centurion
    Backup:Elite AccuStrike Stratohawk

  5. Primary – Jolt
    SideArm – Diarrhea
    Backup – Russian’s with machine guns
    Backup to Backup – Revolver and North Korea guns

  6. Primary: Rhino fire and Regulator
    Secondary: Infinius and Tri Strike and Sledgefire
    Backup: Triax and Hammershot

  7. Main gun nerf rival nemesis nerf pdk films rival hurricane
    Side arm modded demolisher
    Backup 1 deploy & fireball gun
    Backup 2 modulus regulator & iceman
    Backup 3 modded mastidon
    Backup 4 rapid strike
    Backup 5 gatling gun

  8. My primary weapon will be the gatling gun. Sidearm will be the mega mastadon and the backup weapon will be the rough cut 9000

  9. Danny your geek do you know why because you took the P90 Nerf gun it is your favorite and now you don't even pick it how the heck would you say that when you're not even going to take it make up your mind

  10. Primary rotofury
    Secondary rapidstrike cs18
    Side arm thunderblast
    Backup rival chaos
    2nd backup regulator
    3rd backup demolisher
    Big backup masterdon
    Sniper centerion

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