41 thoughts on “Ultimate Harlequin DuraCoat Nerf Gun

  1. Why do we spend all this time making sure children's gun don't look real if we're going to make real guns look like toys?

  2. I'd say the only thing I'd change is the orange flash suppressor. Since that's supposed to be the "non-deadly" tell.

  3. Before I share my opinion I wanna say that I appreciate amazing looking firearms, having fun, and 100% support our second amendment.. I have to honestly say this isn't the best color theme for a rifle regardless if it looks cool and doesn't help the gun community. Just my opinion.. I could be wrong.

  4. Ugly as hell and does absolutely nothing to promote the 2nd Amendment. This just gives law enforcement something else to be worried about real firearms painted like toy's sorry gentleman not a winner. This is the next poster child for liberals to use against the firearms community. In my opinion a terrible choice.

  5. Absolutely horrible color scheme. Firearms are NOT toys and should never be viewed as such, cool or color scheme or not. Fast Forward in the news for a moment… Mass shooting in park by madman (not Hank) killing over 20 people with what people described as a nerf gun…. The toy industry was Mandated by the feds to use Orange tips so law enforcement can identify what is a toy vs the real deal. Now this guy (not Hank) has tossed that out the window. Our children are now less safe playing in the front yard. Thanks Dick! SMH

  6. i thought it was a real nerf gun from a quick glance at the picture lol wow. a home invader might think its not real until you make him deaf and hit him with a 556 round.

  7. My goodness, the safety nazi's are out early!!!
    Did any of you notice, it's a promotional gun, it's not going into production….
    Carry on… and, nice video Mr Strange 🙂

  8. I remember mayor Bloomberg wanted these colors banned on firearms because people got scared of nerf cop killer guns.

  9. quit bashing him its just for fun like the nintendo glock dont be out waving it around and pointing it at people be responsible and you have nothing to worry about

  10. Hank Leonard , dude have not seen or herd anything from you in a long time. So I finally think you have found the rifle you wanna give . THANKS IN ADVANCE

  11. The problems with feeding or ejection, etc. is due to AR's with barrels shorter than 10.5" are notorious to have issues. The pistol length gas port on a barrel has not been perfected yet. Hence, why you have failure issues. Also, a barrel that's shorter than 10.5", you're seriously degrading velocity. And when an AR round falls below 2500 fps, the round is useless. It's why when you see professional grade SBR AR's, the barrel is at least 10.5" or a bit more. Due to the Carbine length gas system is the most reliable on barrels from 10.5" to 16"…those are just the facts. Anything shorter than mentioned above. You have to start messing with gas port size, buffer weights and buffer springs.

  12. Has to be the stupidest promotional idea the firearms industry has put out there. Though this firearm will not go into production. There's enough idiots on You Tube, in which you give them the idea. Definitely, not smart or responsible. Now, if someone gets the idea to do this color scheme to their firearm. And then an accident or incident occurs. Who do you think the liberals are going to bitch at?

  13. People hunt with guns in blaze orange stocks and there is no problem. How is this different its just a nice artistic touch?

  14. Looks too much like a toy. While the paint job was well done, I don't believe in having a gun resemble a toy whatsoever. Too much risk involved.

  15. Really guys? The colors shouldn't make a difference. You have kids using airsoft rifles in black hat are identical to the real thing, which is more an issue. If they look like nerf guns, it is no difference. Safety is no 1 in all cases, so always ha everyone practice muzzle control no matter what's being used.

  16. I do not find it ugly great color scheme….However like Steve 602 something else for law enforcement to have weigh on them. It is one of those should I or Should I not. In the hands of a law abiding citizen I see the fun behind it.

  17. I remember seeing a warning email sent to all LEOs warning them about cartels and gangs painting their guns to look like toys or even hiding real guns inside of super shakers and nerf guns to make responding officers pause for a second….thusly given the bad guys an advantage in the OODA loop.

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