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UCC NEWS: Piers Morgan Fired, Gun Confiscation in CT, UT schools armed with AR15s

I’m Kendall Montgomery and this is Ultimate
Concealed Carry News. Each week we assemble the top stories from network news, online
news outlets and videos relevant to you, bringing you your weekly gun news all in one place. On this week’s show, staunch anti-gun advocate
Piers Morgan has been fired from CNN, gun confiscation may be on the way in Connecticut,
a Utah school district arms it’s officers with AR-15s and more Detroit residents are
refusing to be victims and using guns to defend themselves against criminals. CNN has chosen to go a different route with
their coveted 9pm slot and has cancelled Piers Morgan’s show. The British host has been VERY
outspoken about his anti-gun stance and a recent Variety Magazine article showed Morgan’s
already faltering ratings fell “more sharply” once gun control “became a frequent subject”
on his show. Here’s FOX News’ take on Piers’ cancellation. Morgan’s anti-gun response was so outspoken
that more than 56,000 people signed a petition in a single day asking that he be deported
due to his alleged targeting of the Second Amendment. For now, Americans have chosen
to deport him from their television screens. As we recently reported, tens of thousands
of gun owners in Connecticut chose not to register their semi-automatic rifles to comply
with a hastily-passed gun control law, and now the state taking action. The Capitalism Institute claims to have obtained
a copy of notarized letters Connecticut officials are sending out to late registration applicants.
It’s unclear if the state plans to start prosecuting gun owners who don’t comply with the warning. InfoWars Host Jakari Jackson breaks down the
letter’s demands and argues that registration leads to gun confiscation. Utah’s Granite School District’s Police Department
will now be carrying AR-15 rifles in addition to their sidearms. The Department found that
in a rapid-response situation, they needed to be able to better equip their officers
for that type of emergency situation because they wouldn’t be able to wait for backup.
Equipping all officers with semi-automatic rifles will help parents rest assured their
kids are safe. Granite School District Police Chief Randy
Johnson explains their use of
the AR-15s. We saw the value of such training at Arapahoe
High School just before Christmas where the attack on that school lasted only 80 seconds
because the school’s armed guard ran toward “the noise of gun shot.” Last week we featured the story of a Detroit
mother who defended her home and her children from 3 intruders using a semi-automatic rifle,
and now even more Detroit homeowners are refusing to be victims.
ABC 7 Detroit has
the story. That’s all for this week’s news. I’m Kendall Montgomery,
thank you for watching and we’ll see you next week.

9 thoughts on “UCC NEWS: Piers Morgan Fired, Gun Confiscation in CT, UT schools armed with AR15s

  1. Can't you just remove the firing pin? Makes it in-op right? Border states need to start a gun safe building where CT residents can store there safes and guns!

  2. People in ct need to fire the governor and hold new election . Do not comply with unconstitutional laws and law enforcement need to stop enforcement

  3. I truly wish that the U.S was different but we're not! But we don't need a Limey like Piers to tell us! We have a President names Barack!  Hell he can't even calm down the black community? So you know what state our country is in!

  4. Ref: Dead home invader in Detroit? One less criminal that we won't have to subsidize for years!

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