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UCC NEWS: Guns Save Lives: 4 TRUE stories of self-defense using a handgun

I’m Kendall Montgomery and this is Ultimate
Concealed Carry News. Each week we assemble the top stories from network news, online
news outlets and videos relevant to you, bringing you your weekly gun news all in one place. On this week’s show, we’re following multiple
accounts that took place last week in which responsible gun owners were able to defend
themselves in acts of heroism. From the deadly new trend called the Knockout Game hitting
many major cities around the country to an elderly cancer patient in a rural community
defending himself against intruders…our focus on this episode…guns save lives. This week we learned a horrifying and deadly
new trend called the “Knockout Game” is sweeping the country. The “players,” who are usually teens, target
a stranger on the street and try to knock the person out with one punch. So far, at
least seven deaths have been linked to the game. Major news networks all across the country
have been running the story to warn people to keep a sharp eye out when walking alone
on city streets. In Lansing, Michigan a teen attempted to attack
an unsuspecting man waiting to pick up his daughter at a school bus stop but he had no
idea that his intended victim was legally carrying a handgun for self-defense. The
Knockout Game is a cruel and cowardly way
to attack innocent people. But gamers be warned, people are not just fighting back…they are
shooting back as well. An intruder in Milwaukie, OR tried to break
into a woman’s home after he had already walked into two other apartments. The intruder followed
Crystal McKinney upstairs and inside but was not prepared for her to be armed herself. Neighbors eventually caught the man and held
him until police arrived. Police said they were familiar with the man and held him for
a mental evaluation. The District Attorney will decide if the man will face charges.
Thankfully, this is another example of a defensive gun use in which no shots were fired, no one
was hurt and the bad guy ended up behind bars. Home invasions happen everywhere, even in
very rural areas like Pine County, a farm community located 90 miles north of Minneapolis
where intruders last week broke into 75 yr old Charles Carlson’s home with the intent
to steal the painkillers that he takes to deal with the pain associated with his terminal
cancer. Carlson was startled awake and struggled with the intruder and managed to grab his
own gun at which point he fired one shot, hitting, and killing one of the suspects. Based on all accounts, Carlson should not
face any charges in the incident. Minnesota does have a Castle Doctrine law on the books. In last week’s news we featured 2 Gonzaga
college students who fended off an intruder into their campus apartment with a gun and
were put on probation for violating the school’s policy. This week a Circle K Store Manager is facing
a similar situation. Johnny Jarriel, of Douglasville, GA, in an act of self defense, shot at an
armed robber who put a gun to his head while he was working at the convenient store but
was then fired from Circle K for violating the company’s “no guns” policy. Like many others who find themselves in a
similar situation, Jarriel says he wouldn’t have changed anything about his actions that
day. So even though he did violate the company’s policy, should he be FIRED for defending himself?
And should policies such as this one and the one the students at Gonzaga university violated
even exist? Be apart of the debate. Post your thoughts on the matter or click here. I’m Kendall Montgomery, thank you for watching
and see you next week.

15 thoughts on “UCC NEWS: Guns Save Lives: 4 TRUE stories of self-defense using a handgun

  1. Just found this channel. Went back to oldest vids and started watching in order. Gotta say, so far I'm impressed. Keep up the good work.

  2. I was going to apply for circle K and i asked can I carry, due to night hours, and no shield? they said NO and I left..

  3. For $6.00 to $8.00 per hour, Circle K can shove their "No Gun" policy right up their ASSES. Anyone that works for this company should quit Right Now and let the management tend the store at night. I lost a good friend to a C-Store Robbery and I would not for One minute let Death Wish Rules stop me from protecting myself. If you work for a low paying High Risk job like this, QUIT if they insist that you can not protect yourself.

  4. any job that tells you to give up the ability to defend yourself while on the job is not worth working at and honestly I don't care if the are paying you a million dollars an hour no job is worth your life

  5. When corporations set policies in their well appointed board rooms located in safe neighborhoods they are naive to think that the people working in these dangerous jobs won't take measures to protect themselves. It is very easy to make a rule if it holds no adverse consequence for your ivory tower. Circle K is ouyt of one good employee who protected himself and the money the safe held. I know you have insurance, and that what it is for. How much of that insurance is paid out to the family of the dead employee. Don't make a rule people will not follow. Let your personnel determine for themselves what they think is right for them..

  6. WELL, Circle K not far from my house but won't be shopping there. Maybe Circle K should have been sued for wrongful death for the employee who was previously murdered?

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