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UCC NEWS: ABC’s ‘Young Guns’ Bad Statistics, Another Gun Saves Lives, New Bullet Wound Remedy XStat

I’m Kendall Montgomery and this is Ultimate
Concealed Carry News. Each week we assemble the top stories from network news, online
news outlets and videos relevant to you, bringing you your weekly gun news all in one place. On this week’s show, we explore the misleading
statistics found in ABC News’ 20/20 report ‘Young Guns’, Senator Wendy Davis and Governor
Nikki Haley are both advocating for gun rights, an armed military wife draws a gun on an intruder
and saves her and her children’s lives and a new invention is developed that can seal
a gunshot wound in 15 seconds. Last week ABC’s Diane Sawyer and David Muir
presented their 20/20 special, Young Guns, traveling to neighborhoods in which guns are
a presence in the home in their effort to characterize guns as threats to children,
rather than tools of self-defense. Here’s a look at the experiment and premise
of the show where producers hid real guns in the classroom along with toys and candy
to see how the children would react to them. The objective of the experiment was to determine
if children are safe at the homes of neighbors who own firearms. Aside from the fact that the way the producers
strategically placed the firearms in kids’ play areas surrounded by toys and candy is
highly questionable — the way they statistically categorize ‘children’ is even more so.
The network uses “kids and teens under age 20″ to calculate the number of “children”
hospitalized and killed from firearms. It is arguable that people as old as 18 and 19-years-old
should be categorized as children – and leads to further questions of whether these overarching
statistics include crime-related violence, 18 yr olds shot in the military or even suicides.
The Blaze’s Dana Loesch, produced a rebuttal video for The BlazeTV exploring these statistics
even further and explains that accidental shootings in the home is not an “epidemic”. Last week two female politicians were very
outspoken advocating for gun rights. In Texas, Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis,
who became a rising star among Democrats after she staged a 12-hour filibuster last June
to protest legislation that would ban abortions after 20 weeks, stated she wants to expand
gun rights in the already gun friendly state, where the law currently bans residents from
the open-carry of handguns in public. The proposed law would allow Texans with concealed
handgun licenses to wear a pistol on their hips in public spaces. Davis voted in favor
of a law passed last year that authorizes firearms in vehicles on college campuses in
the state but opposed a law allowing campus carry and has stated she would back tougher
regulations on Texas gun show sales once she became governor. Her support of the open carry law is in direct
opposition to her party’s position and has been touted as a way to win over moderates
and has gun rights advocates in Texas skeptical. Eric Reed, founder of Gun Rights Across America,
along with many others doesn’t believe the senator is speaking truthfully in her answers
stating that she has a history of lying, and is playing politics right now – willing to
“say whatever she needs to say to get elected. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley announced
via Facebook that she plans to sign a bill into law that would allow individuals with
a valid concealed carry license to bring a firearm into a restaurant or bar that serves
alcohol. The bill stipulates that while a CCW holder
may bring their concealed firearm into a restaurant or bar, they are prohibited from drinking
while there. Moreover, establishments that serve alcohol are given the choice of whether
they want to allow patrons to carry on their premises in the first place. They can ban
concealed carry by simply posting signs that say “No guns allowed.”
When Haley was asked what she would do if she owned a bar or restaurant she replied: Haley’s spokesman Doug Mayer, said “Governor
Haley has and will always be a supporter of open-carry laws, and will sign any bill that
doesn’t restrict the rights of gun owners.” A Michigan woman whose husband is currently
serving in Afghanistan was able to defend her home and two young children from an armed,
masked intruder — by aiming her firearm at the man.
Around 1 a.m., a man in a ski mask came to her front porch carrying both a shotgun and
a machete, and used the machete to scratch the window of the door.
Michigan’s News 8 has the woman’s full account of the event. Police were able to capture the suspect, who turned
out to be a 15 year old teenager. This is an example of the most common type of defensive
gun use — one where no shots were fired and no one was harmed — but where yet another
gun saved lives. An Oregon startup company called RevMedX has
developed, with funding from the Army, a fairly innovative method for stopping blood loss
due to a gunshot wound in a mere 15 seconds. The new battlefield gadget is called X-STAT,
and it uses a novel twist on simple science, offering a different way to treat deep gun
shot wounds that have plagued military medics for years. XStat works by applying a group of small,
rapidly-expanding sponges into a wound cavity using a lightweight applicator. In the wound,
the Xstat sponges expand and create a barrier to blood flow, present a large surface area
for clotting, and provide gentle pressure. No direct manual pressure is required. Xstat
has shown statistically significant improvement in hemostasis and survival 60 minutes after
injury with a large reduction in blood loss. I know many people who carry tampons in their
range bags for this very purpose but if these work as well as described these could be useful
in home or car first aid kits to buy more time for someone suffering from a gunshot
wound. That’s all for this week’s news. I’m Kendall
Montgomery, thank you for watching and we’ll see you next week.

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