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U.S. Marine and Australian Snipers Shoot Together | Rim of the Pacific

What I love about being a sniper is actually the challenges of the shot and the challenges of the job itself. It’s normally a pretty long haul to get in to the job, then once you do get there it sort of doesn’t
end until once you’ve taken the shots. There’s a lot of arms, so you make your calculations and taking your different variables, so it’s a it’s a pretty good challenge. So, finding vegetation to blend in with and wearing the proper equipment to get
comfortable in the rocks and find that perfect shot. That’s exactly my favorite
part about being a sniper— is that personal camouflage aspect. I love being able to sneak up on people and them not knowing I’m there and their life is in my hands. Professionally, it’s the training of skills, so obviously we have some different things we’ve picked up, and they’ve picked up some different things. Then also, and also verifying things you could both do the same so you know so you know they’re optimal. Then personally, it’s just hanging out with the guys, you know. The US Marine Corps is very similar to the Royal Australian regiment— the way they sort of carry themselves. So it’s always good to get together with the Marines The big one for me is that we can operate together For me, the big eye opening thing in
the last three months has been that Australian forces and American forces can operate on the battlefield side by side without any sort of issues. I’m corporal Isaac Morgan and I’m a sniper team leader with the second Battalion Royal Australian regiment. I’m Sergeant Hurley, scout sniper team leader attached to second Battalion, Royal Australian regiment.

15 thoughts on “U.S. Marine and Australian Snipers Shoot Together | Rim of the Pacific

  1. enjoy it, aussie snipers before your government takes your guns and you will have to engage the enemy with boomerangs

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  4. I had the pleasure of working with the Aussie Engineers in Baidoa, Somalia back in 93'. Great bunch of guys, God Bless them all.

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