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The U.S. Army could soon have a cannon that
can fire much further than any gun in the world. As per, General John “Mike”
Murray, the head of the Army’s Futures Command has told Congress that the work is ongoing
on developing a new cannon named as The Strategic Long Range Cannon (SLRC). The cannon is being developed to have a range
of 1,150 miles or 1850 km. This will be uncharted territory for artillery
guns and if it comes to fruition, the cannon will one of a kind with no match. In this video Defense Updates analyses why
the U.S Army’s Strategic Long Range Cannon (SLRC) will be a nightmare for Russia & China? Let’s gets started. Currently, U.S Army is dependent on U.S Navy
and especially the U.S Air Force for long-range strike. This is how the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq,
and Syria have been conducted. Air strikes were made available on demand
for U.S Army. But going forwards this tactic will be harder
and harder to implement since American rivals like Russia & China are developing long-range
air defense systems. For instances, the Russian S 400 air defense
system can strike airborne targets at ranges up to 400 km. This technically means the U.S Army’s artillery
fire will have to take the lead. At present U.S artillery platforms are not
in good shape since they have long been neglected as most of the heavy lifting was done by Air
Force’s ‘close in ground strike’ missions. In 2016, former National Security Advisor
H.R. McMaster told Congress that US field artillery is “outranged and outgunned”
by its Russian and Chinese counterparts . Viewers may note that keeping this view, in
2017, the Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, officially made Long-Range Precision Fires
(LRPF) the US Army’s No. 1 priority. LRPF is an umbrella program of which Strategic
Long Range Cannon is a part. 1,150 miles or 1850 km range for a cannon
is enormous, to say the least. At present U.S Army’s largest gun are M109A7
Paladin self-propelled howitzer and the M777 towed howitzer. Both of these are 155 mm guns and have a range
of 18.6 miles or 30 km. The Long Range Land Attack Projectile, a shell
especially developed for the Zumwalt-class of destroyers which was ultimately canceled
due to high cost has a range of 85 miles or 135 km. To give the viewer a perspective, it is to
be noted that even the massive 16-inch guns of the Iowa-class battleships had a range
of only 23 miles or 37 km. In the 1960s, Canadian artillery engineer
Gerald Bull developed the High Altitude Research Project or HARP. HARP was designed as a satellite launch vehicle
so that it could propel projectiles up to 111 miles into space. HARP was created by end to end joining of
16-inch naval gun barrels and had a weight of 100 tons. The gun never saw operation, as it was canceled
in 1967. In the 1980s, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein
roped in Gerald Bull. He wanted to have a massive cannon, so that
shells could be lobbed at Iran & other rivals. The prototype was named “Baby Babylon”
and was intended to be a test bed. It had a bore diameter of 330 mm and was 100
feet long. It is estimated that the gun could fire shells
unto a range of 400 miles or around 640 km. The actual gun was named Big Babylon and was
to be far massive in structure to the prototype. It had a bore diameter of 914 millimeters
and was expected to launch a 1,322 pound shell to a distance of 528 miles or 850 km. Gerald Bull was killed by suspected Israel
agents and the gun was never completed. The supercannon will basically be a supersized
version of current guns and in all probability use a traditional explosive charge to hurl
the shells. In Oct 2018 Col. John Raffert told reporters,
“I don’t want to oversimplify, (but) it’s a bigger one of those. We’re scaling up things that we’re already
doing” The shells in all probability will be much
smaller than that of the 1,322 pound shell of proposed Big Babylon, gun so that it can
attain greater range. The shells will most likely be GPS enabled
so that they have high precision. According to Secretary of the Army Mark Esper,
who says the fantastical weapon would “open the door” for the other services, blasting
enemy defenses before they have a chance to open fire on U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Marine
Corps forces converging on the region. Esper was quoted in Task & Purpose having
said that the gun could sit in a “gun pit” on the edge of the South China Sea. As per him, the gun could destroy Chinese
warships and military targets on islands across the South China Sea, destroying air defense
sites, radar installations, anti-ship missiles, and even air bases. A supergun deployed in Philippine archipelago
on the eastern edge of the South China Sea could hit Chinese military installations in
both the Spratly and Paracel Island chains, including air bases on Subi Reef and Fiery
Cross Reef. This could severely degrade Chinese defense
and enable U.S forces to mount offensive. The gun could be handy against Russian too. A gun like this based in southern Germany
could potentially hit Russian military assets in western parts of Russia.


  1. What's coming soon os the M1299 Extended Range Self Propelled Artillery. It will have a range of 70 Km with possibly 100km with rocket assisted shells. That with Ratheyons new m270 deep strike with a 500km range will enable taking out heavy armor and SAM systems like s300 and s400 from long distances.

  2. What are these weapons are made for? America don't want to invade any land or country , is it NATO ? Russia? China? I'm confused is NATO the aggression or Russia? Either one of those two definitely need to find peace. China needs to pretend like they own all of Asia and should stop conning poor country's that can't pay back your loans that's made of fake yuan , stop printing more of what is not backed up by. It's obvious your intention are fueled by greed and domination, the world is awake and it's 2019 so stop being so primitive you need to wake up.
    Jan 11 2020 something big is about to happen and I'm not sure if it's good or bad but according to the stars I hope there will be changes for humanity and maybe in a good way, maybe humanity has gone too far and lost its way with nature and more so the carring for mother earth. Well… If this is the end of humanity it's probably because we deserve it.

  3. China’s development of its Super missiles which put America’s Super carriers in jeopardy increases the likelihood of a pre emptive nuclear strike. Why chance taking out individual weapon systems when you can eliminate them all in one strike of a hundred nuclear explosions. That of course leads to a counter strike of equal or greater magnitude. Which leads to the Rodney King strategy. “Why can’t we all just get along?”

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