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Type 25 – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the sixth
episode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we’re covering the Type 25. The first fictional weapon we’re covering,
the Type 25 is a descendant of the Type 95 seen in Modern Warfare 3. It’s a fully automatic weapon this time around,
lacking the deadly 3-round burst of its previous incarnation. The Type 25 is a Chinese weapon, and as its
designation implies – was likely introduced in the year 2025. Save for a few aesthetic differences, the
Type 25 is of the same configuration as the QBZ-95: a bullpup design, with the magazine
behind the trigger. It fires a Chinese cartridge similar to the
5.56mm NATO round: the 5.8-by-42 millimetre DBP 87 round. Presumably in the 30 years between the QBZ-95
and Type 25, there would be some iterative improvements: the QBZ had a few ergonomic
issues, so it’s fair to assume in the later rifle design these may have been ironed out. Any other suggestion of technical changes
would, of course, be entirely speculative. The Type 25 is a low damage weapon: It requires
4 shots to the body to kill, or 3 shots where one is a headshot. Ranged damage is relatively consistent, with
the weapon never needing more than 5 shots to kill at a distance. The Type 25’s key strength is its rate of
fire: at approximately 940 rounds per minute, the Type 25’s fire rate is higher than all
other automatic assault rifles – and is on par with some of the SMGs. This makes the weapon better suited to close-range
combat, with the higher rate of fire making for more forgiving performance. Hipfire spread is on par with most other assault
rifles – slightly better when prone, in fact. The higher rate of output also helps make
for perhaps the most consistent performance from the hip within the assault rifle category. Recoil is moderate, exacerbated by this higher
rate of fire – to retain accuracy at longer distances you should burst-fire your weapon. Such fire control is essential for effective
ranged use: otherwise, you’ll miss most of your shots and potentially deplete your magazine
before securing the kill. Aim time is standard for the assault rifles,
at 250 milliseconds – and your movement speed is as expected too, at 95% of the maximum
base speed. Magazine capacity is on par with most others
in its class, at 30 rounds by default or 40 with the extended clip attachment. With the fast rate of fire, reloads are frequent
– but they don’t take too long to complete, at 2.34 seconds for a tactical reload. Our build with the Type 25 is one geared towards
aggressive use: as this weapon fares best in close to mid range encounters, you’ll be
at home in the thick of it – with a blend of resistivity, speed, and close-range offensive
ability. One of the key problems with the Type 25 is
its rate of ammunition consumption, and the Fast Mag attachment is our first choice as
a result. This will speed up your reloads by about 35%,
reducing the odds that you’ll be caught unready with an empty magazine. The Type 25’s rate of fire means tackling
multiple opponents at once can be challenging – engaging more than two foes together will
likely leave your mag dry before the third is slain. Our second attachment will help to avoid overwhelming
attention when operating within a particularly action-packed envelope. The Suppressor will keep you off the mini-map
while firing – and is a good fit for the Type 25, with its relatively flat damage and fast
rate of fire. It will also help keep you alive for longer
– you will attract less attention when you fire, and can pick off unsuspecting foes as
they pass you by. The suppressor also has the benefit of removing
the muzzle flash when you fire, keeping your iron sights clearer – and permitting more
accurate shots. Our first perk choice is the ever-useful Flak
Jacket: this will protect you from explosive damage, and, as with the suppressor, will
help you to live longer and attain the higher scorestreaks. Next, we’ll be taking two perks from the second
tier, making use of the Perk 2 Greed Wildcard. First up is Scavenger – the Type 25 has a
voracious appetite, and will rapidly chew through your starting supply. If we’re to attain long streaks with this
weapon, additional supplies are essential – and as a close-range, mobile class, we should
have no such supply issues with Scavenger. We’ll also have the added benefit of restocking
our lethal equipment, and as such our second perk in tier 2 will help make such ordinance
more effective within aggressive use. Fast Hands will speed up weapon swap times
and equipment usage – two very useful traits for when you’re close to the enemy. This reduces your weapon’s downtime, and will
help to ensure you’re nearly always ready to fire at an incoming opponent – once again,
helping to preserve any streak you might have going on. Our final perk is a perfect resistive complement
to Flak Jacket, and ideal for our build: Tactical Mask will render enemy shock charges, stuns
and flashbangs all but useless against you. This will serve you well when facing flash-happy
opponents, or in those cases where your enemy resorts to their tactical grenades in an attempt
to exact revenge upon you: in any case, Tac Mask will keep your sights clear in anticipation
of their arrival. For your equipment, C4 is a deadly explosive
choice that can turn the tables on larger groups of enemies hoping to rush you – the
Type 25’s magazine capacity might let you down against groups of enemies, but a single
C4 can take out multiple foes in a single blast. C4 works extremely well with fast hands and
scavenger in tandem – you’ll have a near-limitless supply of fast-throwing and deadly explosives. Double tap your reload button, or the ‘use’
key on PC, for a super-fast detonation – just be aware that this will start the Type 25’s
reload process if your magazine isn’t already full. Finally, our last point is spent on a secondary
of your choice – with Fast Hands any handgun will offer a lightning-quick backup in those
cases when you need one. If you’re confident enough to scavenge a weapon
from the battlefield, Fast Hands will also permit rapid switching to a second primary:
you could then forgo a pistol in favour of a tactical grenade of your choice, but until
you find a spare weapon you’ll have naught but your knife in reserve. That’s our build – a balanced set of abilities
that lend themselves well to aggressive play with the assault rifles. Unlike the SMGs, assault rifles don’t fare
so well in frantic fast-paced rush gameplay – instead you’re better off being slightly
more cautious in your approach with the Type 25. You can compete up close, but it’s best to
let your enemy wander into your sights, instead of forcing direct engagements. Position yourself near to hotly contested
areas or high-traffic chokepoints, and adjust your placement to suit your circumstance:
when the enemy’s assault slackens off, push forward – and when things get too hot, fall
back and lie in wait. With a careful blend of caution and aggression,
you can stay close to the fight – yet preserve your scorestreaks: punish your enemy’s mistakes
and lure them to their demise. The Type 25 is an assault rifle geared for
aggression: its key advantage a high rate of fire. With such lead output the weapon is able to
compete relatively well against SMG users and shotguns – while the flatter damage profile
means you retain decent lethality at a middle range, too. Paired with moderately good handling traits,
you’ve got a weapon that performs adequately at close range, and out to middle distances:
the Type 25 bridges the gap between an assault rifle and SMG. However, at a very long range the moderate
recoil and low damage may foul your chances at securing a kill: and despite the Type 25’s
suitability for close-quarter combat, the SMGs will still have an edge against you. Nevertheless, if you enter gunfights from
a position of preparedness you can maintain your advantage – and won’t suffer a range
penalty at a mid range like most SMGs. A torrent of lead will be your opponent’s
eternal reward: this Chinese rifle offers unrelenting force in a versatile package. With such balanced traits, a resistive loadout,
and reliable close-range performance, in critical moments the Type 25… …will help keep you alive. Thanks for watching, this has been XboxAhoy. Join me next week, when I’ll be covering the
second SMG: the PDW-57. Until then, farewell.

100 thoughts on “Type 25 – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

  1. I don't understand how some people can go nuts with AN-94 and somesuch. However this thing is like a piece of heaven for nuclear on my case…

  2. My setup:
    Type 25
    Stock (Fast Mag if you haven't unlocked it)

    Flak Jacket
    Tactical Mask and Extreme Conditioning

    Primary Gunfighter
    Perk 3 Greed

  3. my set up is basicaly an smg with reach if you ask it. i use fast mags, laser, and gunfighter it with a grip for longer range, because i find the recoil pretty heavy.

  4. I prefer, using the quick-draw. I like being able to draw onto my sights super fast. ^^ over the silencer, or mag's. Although anything works well for this gun.

  5. My setup:
    Type 25

    Fast Mag
    Reflex Sight
    FMJ (if I want)


    Perk 1: Flak Jacket
    Perk 2: Toughness, Fast Hands
    Perk 3: Nothing

  6. Type:
    Fast Mags

    Five Seven/ Tac-45


    Concussion/ Flashbang
    Primary Gunfighter

  7. My setup :
    Type 25 attachments : suporrser + stock + fast mag
    Secondary : kap-40
    Kap attachments : nothing
    Perks: ghost . scavenger . Extreme conditioning.
    And the last thing lethal and tacitals :
    c4 only
    Don't forget primary gunfighter

  8. let me get this straight ……..

    you said that type 25 is a low damage weapon 

    then how it could be a low damage weapon while it has a high rate of fire ?

    can u explain furthermore ?

  9. Type 25 : You get a 1.1x movement inscrease – 937 rpm – consistent 4 shot kills. With 4 shots from the Type 25 , you will kill your opponent in roughly .257 seconds if all shots are accurate.

    Mtar shoots at 750 rpm and will kill with 3 shots up close. So the Mtar will normally kill between .240 – .320 seconds if all shots are accurate.

    So the Type 25 has more consistent damage output.

    If you compare it to the An-94 , the first 2 shots are fired at 937 but every shot after that shoots at 625 rpm. At medium ranges you can kill your opponent 3 shots or .225 seconds but can be cut down to .193 if you time the 2 shot burst fire perfectly.

    FAL 515 rpm (2 shot) .236 (3 shot) .354

    chicom 1250 rpm (4 shots) .288 (6 shots) .294
    chicom 1893 rpm (4 shots).127 (6 shots) .190

  10. I can't use AR without stock, you are so easy target if you're moving that slow, while strafing. So the best with this gun for me is stock, extended mags and suppressor. It is stealth build. Do this with Ghost, Scavenger Cold Blooded and Dextirity, and you hardly get killed! : )

  11. T25 w/ fast mags and suppressor, Ghost, Scavenger, and Dexterity and Engineer, one C4 and one EMP nade is my favorite setup.

  12. I'm sad from the fact that he didn't say " With great performance and with maximum lead dispensation at your disposal, the Type-25

    … Just might be your type of gun."

  13. I find it odd they chose the route of making the type 25 and it's lmg brother have really fast fire rates. In real life they are extremely low. Yes they are fictional but it would be strange to have the tables turned like that.

  14. Flash happy opponents… me.

    My Type-25 was cherry blossom with a red dot sight with pink heart reticle with quickdraw and a suppressor, with a stealth perk set up, paired with akimbo kap 40's. I was a knob I know.

  15. Primary: Type 25 w/ Laser Sight, Suppressor, Fast Mag (Wildcard Used)
    Perks: Hardline, Scavenger, Extreme Conditioning
    Equipment: C4 (Lethal), Flashbang (Tactical)
    Personal class… No offensiveness come from this text…

  16. My favourite gun in BO2 I remember the mutikills and SnD clutches i did with thus gun. Assault rifle with the fire rate of a SMG

  17. this is my favorite weapon in bo2. oddly enough, the m4 from mw2 had nearly identical iron sights, they are unbareable, but on the type 25, it is amazing

  18. I've never lived long enough in any CoD to need Scavenger. I've never needed to reload a belt fed LMG either except when going for wallbang kills.

  19. what is a better gun for early prestige; MTAR or Type 25? Also am I the only one who pronounces it like M-TAR instead of M-T-A-R. I made this before I watched the whole video btw.

  20. My setup:

    Vector K10

    Laser sight




    Tac Mask and Dexterity

    Concussion grenade

    Perk 3 Greed.

  21. Spoiler: PLA( Chinese Army ) may start to replace type 95 with a more “conventional” weapon. So we may not see type 25 in the real life😢

  22. Ok, now this is a gun I like, the sound, the look, the reload, and the fire rate, this gun is a beauty just like the smr, I run this gun with quickdraw and fast mags. So overall I love this gun, it’s amazing with every camo you throw on it.

  23. This is my favourite "SMG"

    My build:

    -Type 25 (Primary Gunfighter)
    Supressor or MMS

    -Perk 1:

    -Perk 2:

    -Perk 3:
    Tactical Mask or Extreme Conditioning

    Tactical: EMP Grenade (x2)

  24. I gotta say, treyarch somehow got a glimpse of the future as this weapon does look like some variants of type 95 😂

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