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Tyler, The Creator’s “A BOY IS A GUN*” Video Explained | Song Stories

DELISA: Keeping the momentum rolling for his
impressive album ‘Igor,’ Tyler The Creator delivers fresh new visuals for his lovelorn
track, “A Boy is a Gun.*” DELISA: The song first made headlines for
its play on a popular feminist idiom “a girl is a gun,” which is described as… DELISA: Exchanging the “girl” for a “boy,”
the track seems to be another chapter in addressing the artist’s sexuality. DELISA: Fans think the track and video are
a direct reference to Tyler’s relationship history, but in an interview with Genius News,
the video’s director of photography Luis Panch Perez explained that Tyler simply wanted
to display that dynamic, saying quote, DELISA: The track, produced by Tyler himself,
features a sample of the Ponderosa Twins Plus One 1971 track “Bound.” DELISA: Tyler co-produced a track with the
same sample for friend and collaborator Kanye West back in 2013. The track was never released but eventually
Ye released his standout hit, “Bound 2.” DELISA: The song serves a series of contradictions. In the first verse, he pleads with his partner
to be their true self and give him clarity on their relationship. DELISA: The second verse is the emotional
climax of the song. He uses a play on Japanese streetwear brand
Comme Des Garcon, which translates to “like boys” in French, to express his feelings
for his lover… DELISA: But follows it up with surprise, contempt
and jealousy. DELISA: He rounds out the track with a final
blow of contradicting feelings and a slight nod to his Kali Uchis-assisted cut, “SEE
YOU AGAIN.” DELISA: The video, directed by Tyler’s alias
Wolf Haley with help from Perez, maps an end to a relationship. DELISA: Tyler and Perez are frequent collaborators
and have worked together on a number of projects like his Golf Le Fleur campaigns as well as
the “SEE YOU AGAIN” and “Yonkers” videos just to name a few. DELISA: After the clip’s release, fans quickly
drew comparisons between the music video and the highly stylized visuals of director Wes
Anderson, as well as some possible references to 2017’s Call Me By Your Name. DELISA: But fans are going to have to dig
a bit deeper to catch Wolf Haley’s inspiration with Perez dismissing the theories saying
quote, DELISA: The video for “A Boy Is A Gun”
hit 2 million views in just under 24 hours. With ‘Igor’ earning a no.1 placement on
the Billboard 200 and a sold out tour for Tyler, it’s clear fans are here for his
latest creation. DELISA: I’m Delisa with Genius News bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

100 thoughts on “Tyler, The Creator’s “A BOY IS A GUN*” Video Explained | Song Stories

  1. Not even here to watch the video, if you need to watch this to understand it you don’t deserve to understand it. Simple as that

  2. I haven’t watched the video yet let me guess the video is about a guy fighting with the one he’s with over issues they are having

    Edit: I was right

  3. The location where the video was filmed was also used for Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, most notably the front of the house and the bathtub, hence why Tyler wearing the wig is much better in this.

  4. Thanks for the video. Well produced with depth. I also do really like the presenter, however, it was just a little fast, especially as analysing Tyler output typically demands relative concentration in comparison to the usual drek. But thank you and good luck.

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