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TVJ Midday News: Road Traffic Controversy | Brazen Gun Attack – August 27 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spots
the controversy surrounding the police’s decision not to charge a motorist
captured on camera doing stunts on a road in the corporate area was discussed
at cabinet yesterday the cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Andrew Holness met
with police commissioner Major General Anthony Anderson and head of the public
safety and traffic enforcement branch Assistant Commissioner of Police dr.
bishop dr. Gary Welsh a statement from the office of the Prime Minister this
morning said cabinet discussed the importance of equal and consistent
enforcement of road traffic laws cabinet reminded the police of the importance of
governments zero tolerance approach policy cabinet was also concerned about
the maintenance of a public order and discipline on the roads the
mercedes-benz motor car was seen spinning around several times on Don
Rock Robyn Avenue before being driven off at
high speed some members of the public have expressed outrage following last
week’s meeting between ACP Welsh and the motorist reportedly seen in the video
and the head of the public safety and security branch says come September 1
motorists will be feeling the full brunt of the law if they disobey the road code
he was speaking on Monday at the inaugural international symposium on
traffic crash investigation and black box analysis at the Caribbean maritime
university when you come and you see that you have number 50 and we are now
serving customer number three you can complain all you want we are here to
serve you you might want to ask somebody ahead of you to exchange places and
that’s quite okay if you violate expect to be served
ACP Welsh also pointed out as he said that motorists will no longer be stopped
and ticketed along the roadways he says starting next month offenders of the
road code will be taken as he pointed out earlier to a customer service center
immediately after being caught he says that new approach will help to reduce
repeat offenders who fail to either pay or go to court one woman is dead
following a brazen gun attack this morning TVJ News understands that the
woman who was driving a blue Honda Motors car that’s a CRV was shot
multiple times along Patrick Drive in Saint Andrew about nine o’clock it’s
unclear what led to the shooting investigations continue and of course
we’ll have more on that story as details become available the government is
moving to have more developments on the eastern end of the island that’s the
word from prime minister Andrew Holness speaking on Monday mr. Horner said the
government will be investing in housing in that section of Jamaica following the
south coast highway improvement project once we have put that down all the lands
in that area become viable for development so the government is going
to be moving with the nhd and the National Housing Agency to start
developments on lands that we own there are of intentions on and we call on
developers to start looking no to the east to develop the lands that are no
made viable pnp vice-president Daymond Crawford has
taken the government to task about a recent bill which was brought to the
Senate he was speaking at a recent PNP meeting in Clarendon the bill forward
yester that you are going to be able to invest fifty billion dollars but not for
the pensioner that mean business people will be able to borrow fifty billion
dollars I mean I’m not against business people but who you carry a pension bill
and the target is not a pensioner the target is the business you should I
carry a business bill and so we want to make money available to businesses on
one ways to make pension funds can invest the Senate recently suspended
debate on the tourism were pension workers pensions we that’s a choice in
workers pensions bill which seeks to establish a defined contribution pension
scheme for tourism workers and now the menacing storm is on track to slam the
cabin including Puerto Rico which is still grappling with the devastation
from Hurricane Maria tropical storm durian has intensified in the Atlantic
Ocean with a 60 miles per hour winds details from the CNN tropical storm
durian really doesn’t look all that impressive it’s a rather small tropical
system that lies just to the east of the Lesser Antilles but once it pushes
through the Lesser Antilles into the Caribbean we anticipate it’s going to
encounter more favorable conditions and actually increase in intensity and as it
does by about Wednesday evening it will be approaching Berto Rico now let’s go
back two years September 20th 2017 and it was Hurricane Maria a category four
system that just devastated Puerto Rico from which they are still recovering
well this is expected to be a category one in the vicinity of Puerto Rico
meanwhile the National Hurricane Center has issued a hurricane watch and a
tropical storm warning for Puerto Rico as tropical storm durian
moved through the windward islands a hurricane watch has also been issued for
the Dominican Republic and the governor on the government and some parts of the
island and a tropical storm watch for portions of its north and south coasts
and it’s time for a break here on the midday news but stay with us more
stories right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news raft men in berry del Portland home of the Rio Grande are lamenting the
decline in business there are concerns that things may get worse even with the
winter tourist season just three months away
TV Jays janella pursues reports a handful of tourists make their way down
to the Rio Grande Valley it’s a fraction of what obtained a few years ago when
business was booming had the portland attraction in fact rafting on the rio
grande was one of the selling points of the parish but now it appears to be
fading this is some peak time from July – no we haven’t seen no farmer business
right now we also have like around captain – like 90 per week you lure some
money by do a 5k power you know find July – no you have someone doing the
cheetah – is until no and it’s not just to the rafters residents living in
Barrie Dale are also feeling it in their pockets I’m ELISA craftsmen buy right
now mechanic Adela my liquor chapters the retinas of the kindnesses where I
live yeah so what has led to the drop in tourists some believe it’s a promotional
issue business very slow and ok seem like a market a business hunting like so
I’m a teller dad I eat dog trust me right now others argue that it’s because
of poor roads you know deplorable condition right now you know how we are
not getting the business because of that disagreement on the source but the
people are united in their calls for officials in the Ministry of Tourism to
intervene general press use TV G news residents of Mason Hall st. Mary are
slated to benefit from a major water infrastructure project which is
scheduled to begin this year T V J’s ashamed masters has more it’s a daily
Trek to the river for residents of Mason Hall st. Mary to carry out some of their
normal home duties why the lack of water in their community
the residents say that for years they have been pleading for
on water supply as the frequency of water in their community of mason Hall
was not adequate to meet their daily demands the residents told TVJ news that
they pee as much as $500 Werdum of water but that is not sufficient Titian Powell
says a pump house was established in the community some time ago but she claims
that is ineffective Miss Powell says while your conditions are affecting the
island the water situation in her community has always been dire but this
makeshift pipe is one way in which the community receives water but it soon
will be no more with this as Member of Parliament for Weston since Mary Robert
Montague has promised a much improved delivery system mr. Montague who toured
the communities on the weekend was accompanied by representatives of the
rural water supply and Water Resources Authority the West sent Mary MPs as a
water infrastructure project is expected to cost five hundred million dollars of
that sum he says two hundred and seventy million dollars have been approved in
this year’s budget for the project is a major project which also involves the
upgrading of the sources White River bog and passenger springs so it is not
something that is going to happen overnight neither will it take a week or
two what the important thing is that the project will start this financial year
and it will bring relief to the people in the dismount and Barry for Leary
he’ll miss Nell grant stone went work mr. Montague says the design for the
project is already completed and a tender is now out for a supplier to
provide the pipes for the project or Shane masters TVJ news
Mika and other regional states are being urged to pay close attention to issues
of surrounding FAR’s which have been destroying the Amazon forest in South
America coordinator of the Institute for sustainable development at the UW Mona
dr. David Smith cautions that the Amazon forest is extremely important for carbon
dioxide reduction and rainfall the Amazon rainforest has been on fire for
the past three weeks with hundreds of acres being destroyed the Amazon forest
which spans eight countries produces about 20% of the world’s oxygen and
plays an essential part in the fight against climate change in a 48-hour
period leading up to Thursday there are more than 2,500 active fires in the
Brazilian rainforest dr. Smith says continued destruction will have an
impact on Jamaica and there are concerns oxygen and water vapor those of us in
the Caribbean a lot of our rain is generated by the rain forest a lot of
material for things like soil and so on are generated and then transported
through the rivers and the seas to the Caribbean so we would be concerned as
people living in the Caribbean for those reasons president of the National Association of
Dean’s of disciplines Samuel Smalling is be mourning the lack of resources to
deal with children mrs. mourning was speaking to TVJ news at a capacity
building workshop in Mandeville on the weekend in my time when we went to
school they were only maybe challenges in terms of fistfights and so on
but today our students come to us from varying backgrounds virion therein
challenges so no we deal with fear in number of issues from weapons from even
gone sometimes Dean’s of discipline have to contend with in all the earth there
depends on where which community the schools are in mr. Smalling pointed to
another trend where children are hurting themselves he’s calling on the Education
Ministry to provide more training to deal with mental cases as we part
with guidance consoles and administration the tasks is even getting
more difficult as you know we carry out our duties from time to time we have
students who try to hurt themselves and as Dean’s we have to get involved so I
would want to say to the Minister of Education
sometimes the resources that Dean’s of discipline are given to do the tasks are
not sufficient we think that all Dean’s of discipline guidance courses etc
should be given some form of training in how to deal with these kinds of issues
when they occur in our school and in sports strike a quarry Berg who missed
the CONCACAF Gold Cup in the USA is in line for a return to the national team
after being included in a local based training squad for Jamaica’s CONCACAF
Nations League match against Guyana in Montego Bay on September 9 visa problem
has prevented quirk representing the Riga boys in the United States but with
Jamaica’s the three upcoming games in the nations League to be played in the
Caribbean the striker has been included in court Theodore Whitmore as a squad
according to Whitmore it’s tough leaving Burke on the sidelines if he’s fit Bryza
he’s a Jamaican easier he’s doing some work again he’s
uncle fitting for us to bring in to see what condition is in because we need we
need every player you know not just Cobra we need everybody to represent you
know we need the services of our core work so again it’s only fitting to see
what condition is it and with the lack of goals in the national team it makes
it easy for Wittwer to call up Burke we can’t question on Quora Burke’s ability
we know what we can do we know where Burke can put the ball in the back of
the net no no question about that as for the man himself it’s a proud
feeling being back that was good to put that in a snack or you know you know
after woke up I know I’m back for animation club
hopefully it shall get my business up and you know a coach Phillip me in the
final quote for the games coming up Burke also sank two national champions
Portmore United for helping him to stay fit
I think is the best club in the country and for me it’s a good thing for me to
be pitching with boom United which I’m still chillin with them at this moment
and now I’m here in camp with the national team so I’m allowed to keep my
fitness up as I said before he says it’s frustrating for him being on the
sidelines every time I see my team according to playing well you know I
can’t stomach to watch again so he and while he gets ready to represent the
national team Burke still has to wait for an overseas contract to resume his
club career there was a few teen that was interested in me and because of the
B ratio the there’s no interest no more so I mean waiting for for the for the
next move I my agent which I contact him earlier before teen and he said he’s
waiting on some some club that the contact to finalize few papers
Jamaica are drawn in Group C alongside Guyana Aruba and Antigua and Barbuda
Dennis Walter’s for TVJ sports and that’s the
midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm do remember to join us at 7:00 for the
prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and production teams good

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    Where is the wife and husband families of the Government? I thought Portland would get everything they need after they got rid of the politician.

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    Bereavement, poverty, lone parent taking care of children and young people can cause mental health problems. Obviously suicide rate will increase.

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