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Tutorial: How to model a revolver cylinder in Autodesk 3Ds Max

Hi guys my name’s Alex in this tutorial
I’m going to try to explain to you how I created this gun barrel – revolver barrel that can be used for game purposes or for just preview of your models. Let’s get started. Top view I’m going to Create/Geometry/Plane 2 Lengths and 4 Width segments Convert to Editable Poly Select edges and Connect them Hold Shift and click on Connect to get this opened and and I’m going to push it to the side and going to click Apply and continue and I’m going to select this edges and
set minus in front of value. Select this Edges hold Shift and click on Connect right click on arrows to set the value to 0 Vertex selection – right click on object and select Target Weld Target Weld this vertices together. Select this polygons Shift + Inset Delete this polygons. Select vertices press S on keyboard to turn Snap Toogle On Move the vertices until they snap to the selected vertices. Select this polygons and Bevel them. hold Shift and click on Bevel Bevel in the negative value Select this polygons and Delete them. Top view and select vertices and move them until they snap. and Affect Pivot only and push the Pivot to the side until it snaps to the side vertex. Hold Shift and push it through the side and snap it
to this vertex. Make 5 copies click on Attach list select everything and ok. Check for overlapping vertices by going to View /xView/Overlapping vertices select all vertices hold Shift and click on Weld. Bend modifier 360 degrees on X axis Collaps to select all vertices and Weld Right click on Overlapping vertices and uncheck it on the list to hide it. Front view press Z Reposition Pivot to the center of Object and rotate it have Snap on Reset X form – Reset Selected collapse to now I’m going to go to splines create shapes/Ngons 8 sides Alt – A and click on the object you want to align it to only on X axes Affect Pivot only. Alt – A click on border and align on Y and X axis Tools / Array Rotate Z axis 360° 6 Copies press OK Convert to Editable Poly Attach list and select all Ngons Select Edge and click on Bridge and click on Edges you want to bridge select Border and Cap it Select this Edges and Connect them 1 Vertex selection Cut Turn Snapping On Cut as shown Reposition it to the edge, making sure you have Snapping turned On Hold Shift and duplicate it to the other side Select all the polygons and Flip them. Turn Snapp Toggle OFF Attach everything together. Front view Select this polygons and delete them Delete this one because we have to make some additional cuts. Element selection Shift and drag Copy to the Element Flip the polygons again Select Edge and Bridge and Bridge the edges as shown. Select holes and Cap them. Avoid Ngons Connect as show to make traingles or quads out of Ngons Cut as shown Select all Polgyons go to Selection and click on Non quads it will show all non quads Make appropriate changes. Front view select this edge Symmetry modifier and collapse it select this Edge Symmetry modifier on Z axis collapse again Select all Vertices and Weld them together to get rid of overlapping vertices. Select this polygons on both sides. Inset Bridge We can delete some edges to get rid of some triangles. Ctrl + Backspace when deleting edges so the vertices of them will be deleted to. Apply addition edges so you get crisp edge after applying Turbosmooth modifier. This is it for this tutorial Subscribe to my channel, share this video. Bye.

10 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to model a revolver cylinder in Autodesk 3Ds Max

  1. Wouldn't modeling this with a proboolean modifier be much easier? I realize it is more flexible to edit the mesh but it would save you 20 min.

  2. Well easier maybe, but not really usable for aditional editing.
    Try applying Turbosmooth modifier to models created with ProBoolean. Its a mess.
    Plus, its always wise to think ahead, for what you can use your models for. If you do them right the first time, you can use them over and over again in different projects – with minor adjustments.

  3. Is there a tutorial for the rest of the gun? This is an honest question as I have a project requiring a gun and I just can't figure it out myself.

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