100 thoughts on “Turning Weapons Into Instruments | Pedro Reyes ‘Disarm’

  1. It happened at Waco, it happened at ruby ridge. It's happened a lot in history.

    Around the world governments have had plenty of coups. First order of business is taking guns. Why would a government attack it's people? It wouldn't unless there was civil war.

    martial law is real. If something major happened and this country became fucked having a rifle would be a good thing.

    The most important reason why people should own AR 15s is because our military uses them and we are the militia.

  2. What you are saying is ignorant. acog scope an tactical light? Why would you even mention those?

    What you are saying is ignorant. Rifles are used in 5% of all deaths, including suicides. ARs, AKs, are usd in 1.5% of all deaths. So why ban the most popular rifles which is used in competition, hunting, and home defense when it will have hardly any reduction in crime. An Acr is just a rifle that can hold a magazine. An acog makes shooting longer ranges easier and a flash light helps you see.

  3. There is no reason why a civilian should not be able to own an AR or other rifles. No i don't know what you mean. You sound like someone who has played call of duty and thinks he know what he is talking about.
    Assault weapons ban had zero effect on crime reduction. the murder rate has been declining in this country as has mass shootings.. It has nothing to do with banning firearms. There is no logical reason to ban what you call assault rifles.

  4. ban what you call assault rifles. Why? Steven Hawkins and Albert Einstein don't know shit about firearms. Why should i listen to them.
    I know a lot about firearms, and the debate. I know a lot more than you. I bet you have never fired a rifle before. Nothing you have said has made any sense as to why we should ban the most popular rifle in the USA. You don't know the crime or murder statistics, nor how many people own ARs, nor what civilians use them for.

  5. You just continue to show how dumb you are… Will you stop making shit up and use facts… Research history before guns existed, see how well chaos was controlled… and 70% of the world is not anti-gun idiot, once again stop making your shit up and do your actual research. I thought morons like you didn't exist anymore, apparently they do.Anti-Gun people are ignorant, because i can guarantee you don't own pistols or rifles, you're not educated in self defense, which means you're ignorant.

  6. well you don't know what you are talking about yet again. what AR rifles have you seen that cost 300 bucks? cheapest AR is about 500.
    Where have i been? right here. Looking at statistics. mass shootings have decreased since the 80s. Anyways mass shootings account for a small fraction of all murders.
    criminals use pistols because they are concealable yes, also because they are cheap and can be tossed.
    You don't know much about this subject. Everyone can see that. You are wrong.

  7. Ok honestly what do you consider an assault rifle. That is not a used term by people who are educated about firearms. That was used in the 1940's by the military and doesn't apply anymore. The military calls any service weapon a rifle.

    the Anti gun idiots use the term assault rifle because it is not clear cut was is a assault rifle. What assault rifles have you seen that are cheaper than a pistol.

  8. 07:21 "Technology is neither good nor bad. It all depends on how you use it." Well said, brother! Your people (private citizens) should be armed to protect themselves from all the extremely violent crime from street gangs and drug cartels. You trust law abiding citizens to carry guns, don't you? Socialism says power to the people, so let them have guns! The politicians and police are no "better" than people. Everyone's equal! (ly armed)

  9. "Assault Rifle", "Rifle", they're both the same… I don't get why people complain about the way I call them. Video games call them "Assault Rifle", and they get information from ACTUAL soldiers, especially Medal of Honor in which they got information from actual seals to help create their game..

  10. "Tyrannical Government"? Really? You can't tell me that you actually believe you'll need to protect yourself against a corrupt government. You're just scared the government if going to take your firearms away.

  11. This is a horrible argument. The statement is ridiculously outdated and irrelevant in this modern world. And trust me, I'm a self proclaimed red neck living in South Carolina, and I'd gladly give up my assault rifles if the government asked, if it meant ensuring the safety of my fellow Americans. There is no physical reason to high powered, high rate of fire magazine weapon in a household. Not one legitimate reason. Semi-auto weapons are for people who can't aim anyway, bolt-action is legit.

  12. You're calling me ignorant yet you didn't even read my other comments.. I didn't say we should ban ALL guns, I said we should ban Assault Rifles. If you wan't to know more of why I believe so, read my other comments.. You're just as ignorant as the other guy.

  13. Oh, so you're trying to argue about irrelevant topics than…? Is that what you're trying to say? And "If you actually look at statistics, gun crime is still decreasing overall and has been for some time.", there is no true evidence of that, it's actually more of your opinion. In my opinion, it's increasing, and yes I've done research on it.

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  15. Oh and to clear up the argument about the assault rifle, it is any rifle that is designed to repeatedly fire rounds into a human target. Same goes for any assault weapon, any weapon with a high cap mag or high rate of fire designed to attack a human target.

  16. weapons are meant to do harm/ kill. when you're using it to protect yourself from a "tyrannical government" you are using it to kill the people associated w/ said government. or the other way around, the government would be using weapons themselves to harm you in that particular situation.
    in this project, the weapons represent these negative instincts of mankind to harm each other, thus leading one to in turn harm the other in order to protect themselves. i don't see what's so confusing.

  17. I think this is not about being anti-gun and more about being anti-violence. At the end he sums it up saying its not about the instrument its about how you use it.

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    The person who says he knows what he thinks but cannot express it usually does not know what he thinks.

  19. hey check it out, its people like you who are destroying this country by trusting you're government. you're a fucking sheep dude..
    come take my guns, I'll meet you at the front door with a fully loaded fire arm, i will die to defend my rights as a human being.
    you sound like a lay down push over type of cat, you sound like a good little slave.

  20. If you don't trust this government, why do you live here? If you don't like the safety, democracy, and freedom of speech of the USA, then go ahead and leave. Go to some other country where you have no rights + 0 say in the government. But if you want safety, then you have to trust the government at some point and at some level. Just stop being a little bitch about firearms, you guys sound like little kids whining to your parents about a toy. Just grow up and get a real job.

  21. why not? its easier to kill more people in a time space with semi automatic because you can aim properly and dont use as much ammo, full auto really only seems like alot of fun or a disadvantage

  22. You lost me at "There is no physical reason to high powered, high rate of fire magazine weapon in a household"

    Have you seen what a few CIA funded rebels and well thought out propaganda has done to foreign countries in South America and now the middle east. If you think guns don't have a place in civilian hands then you might as well go and behead some of your brothers and feed you imperialist scumdog messiah OBONGO.

  23. For all the arguments over guns I just want to say a couple of things.

    1. Why does anyone need to won a gun? – For use of self defense without having to train a martial art

    2. If so, why does anyone need to own an ar-15? – This is an invalid question, why does anyone need to own more than one house? Why does anyone need to make over 100k per year? Simple because we can.

  24. Mexico gun laws sure have resulted in a more peaceful and verdant society. NOT! Idealistic fools like this should be laughed out of the academy.

  25. lol omg…its important for everyone to have a gun…u guys are going to feel sooooo stupid when u need a weapon to defend yourselves but only have a stick.

  26. but though, in america weapons are legal, and the crimes commited with guns are far higher than in germany, where it's also by far not that east to own a gun

  27. It's nice to see the positive side of Mexico and not just the cartel beheadings. As a Chicano, I sometimes feel like the media only focuses on the bad parts of my heritage, forcing me to believe that all human progress is the result of European cultures.

  28. A gun is a tool it doesnt kill people people kill people even with out guns in the world the Murder rate would still be the same know why when people have the urge to kill anything is a weapon so your telling me since i shouldnt be aloud to have a weapon should i cut my hands off? and my legs, and take my own brain out for that is the only sure way to have piece in the world is to make everyone fucking vegitable so shut up u dum hippie

  29. hey you know even without guns their would still be Murder, the romans killed millions not a single gun was used, the crusades millions died not a single gun was used, i can go on and on guns are not killing anyone people are killing people dont blame the weapon blame the person

  30. Your statement is so stupid.. WWI/WWII/Any other war since guns were invented.. Millions of people were killed by guns.

    People with guns kill people.

  31. Beautiful work! I would like to see more music videos about this project, hearing the music and watching this mechanisms move at the same time is mesmerizing.

  32. Saw this piece live at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, and got to hear it play. Absolutely mind-blowing experience. Weirdest part is it's not immediately apparent upon first sight that all the instruments are composed almost completely of weapons. This man is brilliant!

  33. So everybody is getting upset that the danger in weapons is not in the weapon itself but in the use. I get that, but the people that made this project are in and from Mexico. Here we have gone through an awful lot of killing in recent years, and it's the symbolism that we made these weapons, that we are truly afraid of here, into something as wonderful as instruments. Americans may never get it but as a Mexican, it's really an awesome thing to see.

  34. These weapons were confiscated from crime rings, not legal owners. And anyways, most rape situations do not allow an opportunity to reach for the gun. Your sensationalism is really a cheap way to get attention.

  35. Will you for f***ks sake stop hating about the weapons and what theyre used for and appreciate one man's effort to turn these merchants of death into an unlikely merchant of music…. jeez the comments of some ppl are jus so ludicrous…

  36. The weapons themselves are not harmful until a person behind that weapon pulls the trigger on a living being. Weapons are used for several things other than harming people. In the past weapons of all types were used to kill animals for food so if your portraying guns in particular being a harmful weapons then where are the baseball bats, knifes, ect… I bet at least one the shovels you made out of those weapons have been used to commit a crime by someone. 

  37. there are thoughts that stupid and no brain enough to comment just for envious asstubes….. 

    beautiful art (komentaryo)

  38. Hope there wasn't anything really nice in that collection.  Hate to see a piece of history that should be a museum end up ruined.

  39. A wonderful piece of art that resonates on many levels.

    I would also like to say to all gun enthusiasts saying that guns are just a tool and guns don't kill people people kill people yes OK this is true but the sole purpose and design function of a gun is to kill and lets face it it is a lot easier to kill with a gun.
    If you had knife or bare hands there is no way you could kill with the efficiency
    of a gun.
    You also only have to look at the stats in the USA to see where high gun ownership leads. You have death rate equivalent to a small continuos war and the guns are very rarely used for the intended purpose of self defence and almost half of all fatalities are self inflicted or another significant amount are used in domestic violence.
    Your right to bare arms you always bang on about was intended for a time in your history where you needed an armed civilian population to be able to form militias to defend your country not for deranged or deluded gun obsessives to buy automatic battlefield weapons which have no place in any civilian peace time population.

  40. Impressed with the engineering of the instruments; but the message it sends is so wrong and so stereotypical of the Globalist agenda is scary.  The gun is not something to ever be feared. Be afraid of bad and evil men/women who would do harm to others, but the gun is a tool.  It is used for sporting, food gathering, self defense and preservation of freedom.  You can go ahead and dream these Utopian societies up all day long, but it would never work.  There will always be evil in this world and it will always take brave men and women to put a stop to it.  But you don't want to be the one with a hostile person in your house when the police are six minutes away. Each and every person has the natural right to defend themselves, others, and their property.

  41. Tools are tools. The actor decides how he uses the tool.
    If you wont to make music with a tool, it is possible, even when it was a gun.
    If you want to murder with a tool, it is possible, even when it was a trumpet.

    People like to bring happiness to other people, not tools.
    People kill people, not tools,

    Think about this…

  42. I grew up around music and have played jazz on trumpet for 21 years.  I also grew up around guns, and have handled guns for 26 years.  If we can disarm the criminals and terrorists only, I'm all for it.  Nobody will take my firearms, ammo, or magazines from me, or any of the other 90 million law-abiding gun owners in the U.S.A.

  43. funny how mexico is so anti gun yet they still have high murder rates …..goes to show gun control works

  44. That's really awesome.. But as a collector I can't help but feel bad that they didn't wind up on display somewhere. But I think this is much better in a few respects.

  45. This beat is the hardest beat. This is the hardest beat anybody heard, it's made out of gun shots. Gunshots are the beat!

    What you ever hear harder than that?

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