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Turkish Shotguns, Justice Prevails, Remington Death Spiral? – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, a turkish delight,
a good guy saves a cop, and the downward spiral of Remington. Sharps Brothers offers some of the most unique
and well built AR15 and AR10 recievers around. With models like the Warthog, the Jack, the
Hellbreaker or even the classic looking Meanstreak, you will be sure to sure to find something
to fit your build. To learn more, head over to Welcome back to TGC News, the only gun news
show that covers things you actually care about, My name is Jon Patton. Before we get cracking, I have an announcement. This is going to be difficult for me to say…
but… screw it i’m totally kidding this is awesome. THE TGC Q&A PANEL at NRA Annual Meeting is
happening! Haha. Last year was the first time anything like
it had ever been done and we learned an enormous amount… this year, the freaking NRA is getting
behind the event and letting us have it right in the convention center. This will be happening April 29th at 1pm… I’m still waiting for hard confirmation
on which room we will be in but guys this will be epic. Last year we gave away a mountain of stuff,
and this year its only getting better… theres even going to be a bunch of guns being given
away. YUP. You do not want to miss this. But hey if you can’t be there in person,
we will be live streaming the event all over facebook so do not fret. We will be taking questions from the audience
as well as the livestream audience. Panelists include, myself, adam kraut, Eric
and Chad from IV8888, Tim from Military Arms Channel, 22 Plinkster, Mr Guns n Gear, We
like shooting, Jeremy from TTAG, and whitey from FourGuysGuns. Quick note, Eric and Chad did mention this
in their video the other day, and said something about tickets. There was a slight miscommunication about
that, you do not need a ticket to get in the door. Just show up, ask us absolutely anything,
and come win some epic prizes. Again thats Saturday April 29th at 1pm at
the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Now this week’s first story is about a turkish
gun. More specifically, the shotguns made by Typhoon
Defense Industries. You know I’ve seen a bunch of variations
on the 12 gauge semi auto, and for some odd reason a bunch of them have come from Turkey. Must be shotgun wads in the water or something. The long and short of this is that it is an
AR15 style box magazine fed semi auto 12 gauge with some of the coolest styling I’ve seen
since the Origin 12 from Fostech. Now, theres no word if these will actually
make it to the states because quite honestly, I couldn’t find any real info on these besides
some vague facebook posts. There is a video on Typhoon’s youtube channel
showing someone test firing a bunch of rounds and the recoil… unlike most turkish shotguns,
doesnt look too bad. They make a lot, but they don’t make them
refined, the turks. Now heres the interesting thing… I had previously seen a gun called the Akdal
MKA 1919… a VERY similar concept of a box fed 12 gauge. I would be shocked if this wasnt the same
damn gun with a new logo and some different furniture. Either way, its still cool looking and with
no more info than that, I think all we can do is hope that it makes it to the states
and is actually affordable. What do you guys think of shotguns like this? Would you grab this to defend your home or
would you rather a Saiga or even an Origin 12? And in the death spiral of Remington news,
last week we talked about the big R laying off over 120 people in their Ilion New York
Facility… If you haven’t seen that, theres a link
somewhere on the screen to watch that… they’re hurting… dealing with the “normalization”
of the gun industry… and the gigantic lawsuit against them regarding their model 700 rifles
firing without having the trigger pulled. A federal Judge has just approved a very big
settlement where remington would have to attempt to fix over 7 million rifles. To be honest with you I’m nto sure what
the other option was, I guess something monetary but this is significant for Remington. And on top of that, they just fired 34 more
people including the directors of Remington Defense, Product Management and the Senior
VP of product development, among others. Its almost a little sad to see the company
shrinking like this but as they said in a statement, they are not immune to the changing
market. But here’s what stood out to me… they’re
starting to axe the right people. The executives of the company have been running
it into the ground with poor decisions for products, and this shows us that they might
finally be realizing they have to change. I think most of us don’t really want to
see companies like Remington and Colt fail… we want them to get their butts kicked to
the point where they shape up. Now for our good guy with a gun story for
the week… it was November 14th of 2016, in Lee County Florida, officers were responding
to a crash and one of the officers noticed a man driving by wrecklessly and decided to
get in his car and give chase. It was soon after that, that Sherrifs Deputy
Dean Bardes was overcome by the suspect and getting beaten into the ground. There is cell phone video depicting the scene
and it did not look good for the officer… that was until Ashad Russell decided to be
the good samaritan. He walked up with his gun drawn, verbally
warned the suspect and when all options were exhausted, he shot the man beating the officer
and saved the cops life. The suspect later died as a result of being
shot in the shoulder and neck area. Now as you and I both know… this type of
thing was bound to go to court but now Russell has been cleared of any wrong doing in this
case. With all of the video evidence it was pretty
clear what happened in this case and I think this goes to show you that good guys do win
sometimes. Ive been asking you guys for your opinions
on these good guy with a gun stories and it seems you would all agree that this guy did
the right thing. Now be sure to stick around until AFTER the
break for the return of Friendly Fire! This week’s friendly fire question is from
Nate McCord on the TGC Facebook page and he asks “what is the most you would pay for
a single firearm” Thats a fun question… The answer to that is a little more complex
though… If I had the money, I wouldnt mind paying
the 6 digits for a mini gun. Or the 5 digits for most machine guns… but
in the realm of normal stuff… the most I’ve paid for a gun that I currently own is around
$4,000 for my lever action 500 magnum. That gun is extremely special to me and I
worked hard to earn the cash to get there… and before someone gets butt hurt and says
its because of TGC, I bought that rifle back in 2013 when I was making $11/hour. Now my friendly fire question to you guys
this week is do you keep bulk ammo on hand or do you just go to the store and buy ammo
before you go out to the range? I’m curious to see if you guys are like
me and stack it deep whenever possible. Let me know in the comments and If you want
your question answered right here on the show, you head over to and
go to the friendlyfire page to send me your questions! And that is it for this week’s show, if
you enjoy this episode be sure to hit that like button and share it with your friends,
if you didn’t , let me know in the comments below. If you havent yet, get subscribed and If you
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video for all the relevant links and as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see you

100 thoughts on “Turkish Shotguns, Justice Prevails, Remington Death Spiral? – TGC News!

  1. Hey Remington! I just shot your R51…. I hope you go out of business and you stub your toe on your way to bed…

  2. The Remington story demise was inevitable with the lousy management decisions over the last 40 years. It had to change and I hope it really has. Unfortunately they ruined the reputation of several other companies when they purchased them over the years. Marlin being one of them. Marlin was a wonderful company and had great products but after the Remington take over it went by the way of the do do bird.

  3. NRA meeting in Atlanta? Looks like you have a panel of fucking snowflake social justice warrior fucktard's. Only one on that panel that makes sense is that lawyer guy otherwise the rest of you are bunch of fucking retards in your on your little fucking fake ass Jew book. I can see why politicians want to take my guns away with retarded fucking faggots like you talking asinine about Guns! Like I said YouTube is full of a bunch of people that don't know a fucking thing but have a mouth the spot it out , people like you should shut the fuck up and go hide in your goddamn corner faggots !!!

  4. Yeah when you snowflake start Cryan go to your safe space This may be harmful to Weak minded individuals like you with insecure inferiority complex, but I hope you enjoy your blindfolded medicated euphoria. People in 1776 then stand up and die for fucktard's like you

  5. I usually keep a big ammo can of misc. ammo for my projects and such, but I dont really bulk buy. The most i've got is a couple hundred 12g at a time. I've got plenty if I need it, but I dont have to dedicate much storage space. All I really need is enough shotgun shells for the remington to get me from A to B, and any more than 100 shells on my person would be ridiculous.

  6. I love my ARs and I love shotguns with AR ergonomics, but I'd like to see one in 20 gauge. I just plain don't like 12 gauge shotguns. As for Remington and Colt especially, Colt hasn't made a quality gun since the mid1980s at best. Pythons that were rifled twice, Mustangs that failed to feed and fire, even 1911s that were complete crap.

  7. The F12's are available here in Canada, here's a thread on one of our forums talking about them.

  8. The reason for so many different shotgun types is because it is not allowed to manufacture rifles for the citizens. Or else we would nail it. 🙂

  9. I try to stack it deep during the cold winter months, but lately the cold winter months have been not cold enough to keep me from the range these last few winters, so oops shot my load. I now have been buying a bit extra when shooting just to keep the mags full for the next range trip. The most I have ever spent on a firearm was a bit over $700 dollars for a Henery Lever action 357 big boy steel but had issues with it it & sold it.

  10. I don't think there is anything wrong with prepping or buying a $10,000+ firearm but if your type of individual that's gun safe is full, and retirement and emergency funds empty that kinda makes one a dumb ass and a poor prepper even if you have a year of dried food and ammo for a platoon.

  11. Buy it cheap and stack it deep, real deep, so deep my wife asks why I need so much. I smile and say, "For the war."

  12. Hi from Turkey! About your question. Cos legally we can't get semi auto or auto rifles. Alternatively Turkish manufacturers makes AR, AK and many more style 36- 20-12 guage shotguns. Although I'm not into these kind of shotguns I will try to get more info about typhoon.

    There are boxes, then, there are are boxes. Not all boxes are the same, but this box is mine.

  14. Not a happy camper if I have to go spend extra money on overpriced store bought ammo. Unless its on clearance Ill pass on store bought. Online purchases seem to be the way to go or ammo warehouses. Yes they exist. Yes they make you buy shit in 1000 round+ quantities and yes it saves you a ton of money.

  15. Enter right here yourself at youtube for "home built shotgun" to appreciate how kids make their canons from Home Depot black pipes for under $20…. Turkey or China can't do pipes?? C'mon, Remington, Ruger & Mossberg, you have the guts to make 90% profit out of some fuck'n stone edge machinery fabrication. Drop dead!

  16. Extra green = extra lead, as much as I can get my hands on! Who needs milk and bread when you can feed 'em lead!!

  17. Hi, Turks made various shotguns because we can get only shoyguns, easily. 🙁 We made rifles for world market and ARMIES but we citizens, can't get rifles. Actually riches can get rifles. You have to rich about both MONEY and TIME 😉 But even Richi Riches can buy ONLY bolt and lever action rifles. Semi autos forbidden. And for buying a rifle you have go I.R.S., take " no tax dept to government paper ", also you have to take hunting education and hunting papers, also FULL MEDICAL INSPECTION ( inc. eye, nerve, psycho, hear etc) and you have to take permission from governer. Then you can pay for a rifle which is price tag is minimum third times compare to US market, and rifle gun licence tax is 1750$ for first 5 year. 5 years later you have to pay an other 1750$ for next 5 years FOR EVERY RIFLE YOU HAVE. If you forget pay that tax in time; goverment impound your gun.. And you won't take it back.. By the way, after bought your rifle you have to find permited RIFLE GUN HUNTS ( big games) or you can watch it on the wall? .. deers, bears, goats are limited and controlled by government. any way we can shoot hogs with shotguns..

  18. I said by, to stores long ago. I reload! But with 22LR, I still have NOT and will NOT buy 22LR at current prices. Consumers control the prices of firearms and ammo. If prices are to go back down, then stop buying or buy very little until the prices drop, and they will.

  19. the same ammo BUT the rest is somting els…Typhoon Defence F12 Halvauto Cal 12/76 its made of steel an alu , the 1919 is made of a lot of plast beside steal. . . . Plus the Typhoon can you get with a drum magazine with 20Shots 😉

  20. I stack it deep! I reload all of my own and keep plenty of components on hand. Except for 22 Long rifle which I keep plenty of Justin case of the zombie apocalypse.

  21. At around ~3:55 in the video you pose the question: "Would you prefer this Turkish shotgun or would you rather have a Saiga"?

    Here's my response:

    Most people do not know where Turkey is located. After all, most of them are still in shock from learning that

    someone would name their country after a bird we in America eat two special occasions a year.

    In either case, here's a few facts about Turkey … Turkey is a third-world country that sits on the west of the Asian

    Continent, bordering Europe. Though bordering Europe and the European countries of Greece and Bulgaria Turkey (at least

    today) is closer to Asia and the Middle East. Since the 1990's Islamism has been the prevailing mentality (much to the

    chagrin of it's founder Ataturk, who was a staunch secularist).

    Turkey is perhaps best known for perpetrating the Armenian Genocide (and of course the far lesser advertised Greek,

    Pontian (Greek), Assyrian / Syriac / Chaldean and Kurdish Genocides (basically anybody who's not Muslim or not Turkish.

    All of these were perpetrated thanks to German-made weapons (which today Turkey builds under license).

    Turkey is in the process of procuring Russia's famous S-400 defense missiles (they recently decided to opt-out of

    purchasing the American equivalents). Turkey invents nothing on it's own, but it does under license produce and

    manufacture various goods and machinery from other nations, for instance SIG weapons, under German license, Fiat

    automobiles, under Italian license, (Dodge) Desoto vehicles, under US licensing, Mitsubishi vehicles, under Japanese

    licensing, etc. etc. As you can see they are very good at manufacturing what others have already produced, under

    the original (foreign) manufacturer's license(s). Again, they produce nothing of their own.

    As mentioned before Turkey is in the process of purchasing Russian S-400 defense missile systems. If they could

    produce their own would they do that? Hardly. So, allow me to toss your question right back to yourself after

    I've provided you with this extra bit of information on Turkey: "Would you rather purchase a firearm from a third-

    world country that is unable to produce anything on it's own and that invents nothing or would you rather have a

    weapon from a first-world country like Russia that has a long-line and array of war-proven and established weapons"?

    And I hope for goodness' sake that you are able to make the better decision after this! 😉

    –Tactickle Shtooper

  22. Allow me to toss your question right back at you: "Would you rather purchase a firearm from a third-world country that is unable to produce anything on it's own and that invents nothing or would you rather have a weapon from a first-world country like Russia that has a long-line and array of war-proven and established weapons (like the Saiga which is based on the AK)"?
    –Tactickle Shtooper

  23. I know this vid is 7mo old, but just recently we had another two round layoff and i was hit with the second part sep. 09. Company wide 205 employees and out of those 205, 56 of us from the ilion plant. Being a contractual employee i can not state specifics but i will say all management needs to go as well as ROC needs to be purchased by another manufacturer i.e ruger or savage. Why so i say this? Because the lack of compatentcy within the company from engineers to the current holder of ROC-an investment firm know ZERO about what it is we do or the fact Remington USE TO BE a firearm all others wanted to be….its time we get back to that

  24. Remington, doesn't seem to have any problems the 10/22 and 870's are classics, always in demand. Don't they make ammo too? I think remingtons death spiral is BS. I had a double barrel turkish shot gun, biggest POS I ever owned . I gave the turkish shot gun away for free.

  25. i got pissed off with american resellers selling turkish shotguns… seriously these shot guns are sold to resellers at ridicously low prices but by the time they reach us the price has swollen to probably 5 times the original price… a good example of this is the hatfield single shots.. 99.00 out the door.. but then you see the ss12 advertised for 70 with a composite stock… i cant speak for yall but that speaks volumes about what these shotguns are really worth… note the ss12 hatfield and warrior shotguns are all the same internals but have different barrel lengths and stock configuratuon…. i wont over pay again for a turkish shotgun…

  26. We can only get shotguns and pistols in Turkey rifles are damn hard to get and automatic guns are illegal as hell

  27. My father encountered Turks in Korea, he said they were the most ruthless MFer's… other than……. Americans.
    Turks just simply gave zero phuocs as they have no value in life. Americans were the worst … because they simply wanted to go home.

  28. Update: I bought a Typhoon F12, I love it! It can shoot the light competition loads as well as hot buckshot loads. Cheapo semi-auto's sometimes have issues with competition loads, but this bad boy hehe, I have been holding it with one hand while recording with the other – dumping mags, the gas system is great, the trigger is great. Overall experience – 10/10

  29. Will remington have nother big sell off of pistols. LuV 2 git a RP45 pistol! I'm a DAV w/lil 2 no $$ 4 gun budget so needa awesome buy or rebate fm them, hopefully! What say U ?? TY

  30. When the NRA actually brings guys like MAC, Mr Guns n Gear and the Hank Strange crew in, and actually IMPLEMENTS THEIR SUGGESTIONS, I'll start considering them an ally. I have an MKA and Atlantic says the mags and MAYBE the new (flimsy looking) drum are supposed to work in the older guns. Have run 800 rds of various shells through mine without a burp

  31. I just bought an panzer arms ar12 semiautomatic shotgun and it's badass. But does anyone know if you can get an 25rd or 50rd drum magazine for the ar12 and where can I get one? Thanks

  32. Turkish gun industry has been around since the 1300's, they make some of the best quality underated weapons going around, continually smashing NATO test records

  33. 2:20 You know what it might be Turkish but those people are trying to do something better out of shotguns than the old one by one shell feed crap that the American companies keep pushing down on us. Nobody wants to feed any gun one bullet at the time and the Kel Tec one might be a Bullpup but is the same crap and don't even get me started on the new IWI Starwars looking coffee table shotgun…

    I don't know why they keep making this heavy and massively retarded looking shotguns that you have to reload like in the early 1900s and to add insult to injury the brutally overprice them. That kind of thinking is dooming this industry so I really do hope this Turkish lightweight cool ar15 looking ("MAG/DRUM FEED") shotguns make it to the US… Btw do your own personal research but I saw somewhere that they were around $900 so if true that makes them even more attractive to me.

  34. Why turks make so many shotguns? Because there are a lot of hunters and there are only two types of guns that you can buy in turkey: Pistols and shotguns(and also some hunting rifles but you won't see people with assault rifles or submachine guns etc) You can only buy them though if you are a hunter or a farmer etc mostly people that might need some self defence or people that like to hunt.

  35. It is almost impossible to have a rifle registered in Turkey if you don't spend huge amount of money for someone helping you, or you really need them because of safety concerns. But we are men and we love rifles, and shotguns are the easiest to get registered here in Turkey because they are commonly used in rural areas and forests for hunting. Thats why we make epic shotguns, they are the only thing we can play without breaking the bank and getting into trouble with cops.

  36. If you research Turkey's war with isis you can easily learn Turkey is the one country who really fought with isis. Please research Islam and Turkey..In islam you can not kill anyone who dont attacks you..Your deep goverments create terrorist organisations and come these lands for petrol..And you all believe think they fight with terrorists 😁

  37. Just picked up a Typhoon Defence Industries XII shotgun for exactly five bills. It’s the best shotgun I’ve ever fired, honestly. I couldn’t be happier with it.

  38. I just purchased a Turkish Silver Eagle 122 TAC shotgun but it only came with a 5 and 2 rounds magazines which are okay but not worthy of this awesome firearm.

    With that said if you can offer any help with purchasing functional magazines and drums, please post where they can be purchased, please.

  39. Just bought me one of these Rock Island imported VR-80 from Derya Arms. A very similar variation of the Derya Arms MK-12. Super cool and awesome looking AR looking shotgun. It's officially here now.

  40. Loving that Typhoon shotgun. Looks pretty similar to the Derya MK12, also made in Turkey! But I am yet to find anything on owning these shotguns in the USA.

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