100 thoughts on “Turkish “Enfauser” – Mauser/Enfield Hybrid Rifle

  1. What I can't understand is why they got rid of the box magazine from the Enfield. Wouldn't it have been simpler to just pin the magazines at five round?

  2. I'm a big fan of both the Mauser and the Enfield rifles and variants and this was a super interesting video. Thanks Ian!

  3. I have heard only 37 were imported. In any case I've always wanted one and know of only 1 person on all of the forums who has one. I'm 27 and started collecting at 15 when Turk mausers were still 90 dollar rifles.

  4. I'd have said that a Lee Enfield in 8×57 would be dangerous, but I'd still love to take it out and shoot it! Wonder if it kept it's speed of function, I know the ishapor 1a s are stiffer than traditional Lee Enfield. Definitely a gun to look out for.

  5. IM sorry, Professor McCollum, I keep zoning the hell out during your lectures and at this point I know I'm gonna fail so Ill just drop out, kay?

  6. The fast action of the Enfield, combined with the cannon, the sights and the cartridge of the Mauser … seems a superrifle!!!!

  7. Did poorly in captivity. Kind of an understatement isn't it. Like it was their fault and no blame ascribable to the Turks.

  8. Such a cool piece with great history, I have several C&R rifles that I wish could speak and tell their horrific story.

  9. I wonder how many Lithgow MK 3 Lee Enfields from Gallipoli got converted. We left a bunch of drip can delayed firing rifles to trick the Turks when we evacuated not to mention ones captured.

  10. I would like to hear more about the strength of the modified action using turkish 8×57 ammo which fully loaded to max velocity. When will see this being fired at the range if ever. I take it they put a new barrel on it and did not rebore the original ~.311 out to 7.92 mauser or to what ever it needed to be.

  11. I saw a commission rifle converted my the turks last week. Didn't know of how it came about but i guess you learn something every day.

  12. it was probably easier to build new rifles and sell the surplus,but it might be due to the poor facilities in Turkey at the time they probably had few arms manufactures

  13. Ian, do you know if it is possible to find the Volley fire sights for an Enfield rifle or a P14? How much do they usually cost if they are available?

  14. seems an inefficient and costly upgrade to make. why not just buy 303 ammo or sell the Enfields to another group and buy the Mausers you need?

  15. That seems a hell of a lot of tinkering to change a rifle's caliber.. Awfully lot of pitting on the bare metal surfaces of that rifle.. Btw. every single time you, Ian, make one of these mil-surp rifle videos, especially some sort of Mausers you always seem to cause me thinking of buying one particular 110-year old warhorse Mauser in 7×57 in pristine metal condition.. 😀

  16. The Enfauser — Wasn't that the name of a Clint Eastwood movie? Pre-spaghetti western era when he was doing makarna-westerns in Turkey?

  17. Not the Germans or British would even think about made such a gun, but anyway the Germans had the better guns in both World Wars

  18. Très bonne video , j en ai appris beaucoup, merci pour votre travail, en espérant que cette chaîne perdure . Un français qui regarde vos vidéos

  19. I need to start a collection of weapons and firearms used to fight the many campaigns in the middle east. It would be quite the collection ranging from swords from the crusades to black powder jezails to Vickers machine guns all the way to modern M-4s.

  20. Why not just rebarrel the enfield? I mean im sure they musta captured bayonets too…as for a name, how about albert n victoria rifle..german and british !

  21. Hello Ian, I'm a big fan of your program. In particular, I like how you explain the technical details and functions of individual weapons. However, what I miss is, that you do not use ammunition (dummies) for more detailed illustrations when discussing detailed explanations of how to feed the bolt and eject the cartridge cases. I am convinced that you can then make a much more accurate picture of the breech, the shooting, repeating process and the cartridge case ejection. My request, please use dummies or practice ammunition in the future, in order to better visualize the described technical processes.
    Greetings from Germany by Bruno Nickert

  22. meanings of the turkish markings:

    T.C.——–> Republic of Turkey
    AS FA—–> Military Factory
    ANKARA-> City where the rifle manufactured, and also capital city of Turkey.

  23. I have a Turkish Mauser in 8mm. It's still accurate and I use it for hunting. It's got a long barrel on it. I was going to cut the barrel, but I decided against it. I love that rifle a lot. I just replaced the stock because I didn't want to tap the rifle for a scope. The stock came with a scope rail molded on it. It was an ATI mauser stock.

  24. its a really unique one dude. thanks for info. i wondered how did you get it ? i mean my granfather was an officer in turkish gendarmee and they used gewehr 98 variations until mid 1950's. since mid 50's they used american garand rifles but this hybrid riffle is definetely unique one. probably this one maded in old riffle depots called ''baruthane'' in ankara. but probably asfa means ''ankara silah fabrikası a.k.a, ''gun factory of ankara'' nice video dude

  25. I feel like getting rid of the box magazine in its entirety just seems like a downgrade. One of the advantages of an Enfield over a Mauser is that you get more shots before needing to pull out your next clip to reload. If you were combining the two, wouldn’t you want to take the best of both rifles? I get re-chambering the barrel for 8mm Mauser in the interest of standardizing ammunition for logistics purposes. I get a lot of the modifications that would make it more familiar to soldiers that were more used to Mauser rifles. Getting rid of the 10 round box magazine though just seems stupid. Even if they had to creat a new one to properly fit 8mm Mauser rounds, they basically have to do that anyway by creating the internal 5 round magazine.

  26. The most unusual Lee Enfield you can find? 8mm mauser lee Enfield wonder about the pressure? I know they had trouble converting the original Lee Enfield into 7.62 NATO because the breach wasn't designed for that high pressure,8mm mauser is a higher end on pressure for military cartridges.

  27. "SCHmorgasboard"…Smørgasbord isn't a yiddish/German word bro…it is Swedish/Scandinavian…..but nice schpeel all the same.
    btw, You could still trip over our grandads bones on Galipolli until recently….but the guns are all gone….speaks volumes about Turks.

  28. I have a HUGE Turkish Mauser stock made to fit several types of Mauser and Commission Rifles. All in one stock…. equally poorly.

  29. Why is the conversion date in the Gregorian calendar and not the Islamic one? Surely it should read 1354? Genuine question.

  30. Wait wait wait why didn’t they just use the guns in their normal configuration? Why did they combine them??? What’s the point?

  31. Did the Turks ever try to convert a Lee-Enfield to their original World War One rifle cartridge, the 7.65x54mm Mauser? It seems to me that it would be a way easier conversion. The 7.65mm cartridge is closer in length to the .303 and in chamber pressure.
    Thus less work on the chamber's internal dimensions.

    I know the Turks went over to the 8x57mm Mauser due to German resupply later in the war but it just seems to make sense to me. Particularly if you're supplying these to your second line or irregular troops.

  32. Holy shit, Wyatt is my name! I'm not the one that loaned Ian this gun (I wish I was) but still, that's pretty cool.

  33. Ian. I have a 1945 dated m38 turkish k kale mauser with a rusted out barrel and was wondering if its possible to fit a no4 enfield barrel to it by cutting and rethreading, my only concern is barrel thickness around the chamber area, what are your thoughts on this?

  34. How can any one go dig deep about it history very brilliant of you. The 103 maratha light infantry was captured at siege of kut.

  35. God! I want one! Please, please, please let me get what I want this time. What a procreation. The spawn of two gods of battle rifles. Dionysus in rifle form. I fear I shall never set my eyes on one of these in the flesh!😰

  36. If most were based on MLE's then they were probably captured rifles from Gallipoli from NZ soldiers. Because Britain, Indian and Australian forces there used SMLE's exclusively. NZ was still armed with Mk1's or MLE's. A proportion of the Mk3's were probably made with Lithgow actions.

  37. Given how much of the rifle got changed, I have to wonder at what point it would have been easier to just sell these and buy more Mausers…

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